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Ancient Healing For A Transforming World

by Rev.Thea Lipp

From February 1998 Publication

The forms of vibrational medicine are as ancient as humankind itself -- drumming, rattles, chanting, toning, Reiki, dance, wizardry, prayer, meditation and contemplation. To these are now added the electronic gadgetry/technology for healing with sound, color and light.

Beyond all of these is full spectrum healing, a hands-on and long distance modality working with the vibration of all of the colors contained in the white light of pure spirit and unconditional love.

The facilitator, opening the self as a channel for healing, is in direct connection with the spiritual essence of the client and with the totality of the vibration of unconditional love.

No other form of healing is as quickly transformational and no other form of healing completely opens both healer and client to all levels of being, wisdom, understanding and knowledge. For this reason, the full spectrum healer must (themselves) have gone through tremendous self-transformation before entering into practice.

Most individuals now exploring alternative healing are currently seeking herbalists, homeopaths and body workers. They are slowly working their way to understanding non-invasive, chemical-free techniques through other, more physical modalities that serve as introductions to this level of healing.

Most individuals consider vibrational healing a lot of hokum. At the same time, they show fear concerning its power to open them to the issues and blockages they are holding to themselves as though these issues were personal and monstrous sacred cows. This fear of fear -- of re-experiencing the depths of emotional reaction to trauma, holds individuals away from dealing directly with their issues and unhealed states.

And yet, in order to heal, we must all be willing to go back to the moment when we were so fully traumatized that we closed down and stopped maturing in that part of ourselves. To not do so is to remain in a state of trauma, reenacting that pattern and lesson in all relationships and relatedness, over and over until we, finally, work through our issues at all levels of our beings.

In the knowledge that full spectrum healing is the fast track to self-transformation and spiritual integration, the avoidance of such deep work comes from this fear of exposure of the deepest parts of the unhealed lower self, for so many of the traumatic experiences are accompanied by guilt and shame -- learned responses to the application of negative focus and intent by others upon us.

Unlike other modalities, full spectrum healing, also called healing-in-hands and spiritual hands-on healing, transpires through the application of unconditional love and only unconditional love, with guidance from an individual's own guides, the individual's own spirit, and aided by the facilitator's own guides. In the presence of unconditional love, there is no judgment; merely understanding for the human condition as it is in the present world and how it effects each individual.

Some individuals are reticent or unable to be forthcoming, or go into a state of deep denial or even attack during a session. They later discover, in interim periods of sometimes weeks or months, that what they denied was, in fact, the very issue with which they needed to deal at the time. Considering the Source from which all information flows in session and long distance, there is never any mistake about the process that is taking place and that it is the perfect interaction for that session.


The human energy system, which includes the deep physical body -- for everything of form is merely energy -- is the focus of full spectrum healing. This total system and its ability to interact with the universal energy system, is a blueprint for the evolution of consciousness.

The total system includes the deep body, the aura, or level of personality where our memory, emotions and beliefs are stored, the system of the soul and the center of the spirit as it is focused into one incarnated form. From this point of view, there is no separation between spirit and incarnation, and there can be no unworthiness to be a spiritual being, since spirit is the essential living part of us.

The path for our growth is there within and about us, contained at the level of our DNA and in the energy envelope that surrounds us. If we are willing to seek Truth, it is there for us, spelled out in the most capitalized letters possible.

Each energy center, or Chakra -- wheel of light, from the Sanskrit -- contains twelve levels of awareness...a level of one center connected and meant to interact with all other centers, where energy is able to flow unimpeded from level to level and center to center. Each energy center also holds its own perspectives and mandates about the nature of the incarnate experience at both unevolved and evolved levels.


In healing the issues contained in each center, and each level of each center, we are learning the lessons on the path of All Life. At the present time, most of humanity is following this blueprint on a pathway of self-discovery through the perspectives and mandates of the lower three centers.... those of survival/safety./trust/pleasure principle; lower emotions and unhealed states; and lower mental capacity. In a state of unconsciousness, most of humanity does not now even recognize that all of life is merely lessons, and so bumbles along in the belief that form and matter are the only realities.

Through self-transformation, upon reaching and opening to the fourth center, the center of the heart, there is a sudden point of awareness where we know ourselves as self-created, compassionate and unique individuals who can become unconditionally loving, self-realized, enlightened and empowered awareness, even while in the dense vibration of incarnation.

The entire collective consciousness is now receiving high dosages of unconditional love in the form of changes in planetary frequencies. Many individuals find themselves in states of total confusion now, hanging on to their old ways and beliefs, turning away from the possibility of growth with all of their lower will. Transformation is in the very air that we breathe, and yet there are few leaders who have the wisdom, knowledge and understanding to explain what is happening.


The work of the full spectrum healer is to facilitate the opening of the individual to the flow of energy throughout his/her being. Each vibration of light is specific for healing dis-ease; working with inner child issues; raising vibratory levels; psychic surgery; restructuring and balancing the energy system; for cleansing the roots of the chakras and transforming them into their higher qualities; for the movement of consciousness out of fear and into love; and even for the removal of extraterrestrial implants; exorcism and psychic defense through unconditional love.

Rev.Thea Lipp, CSH is a Spiritual Hands-on Healer, teacher, speaker and meditation group leader in a private practice in Toms River, NJ. She has written numerous articles published in magazines across the country and is the author of five books, the first to be released later next year. She can be reached at (732) 244-1743.




by Joseph Hu Dalconzo

From June 1998 Publication

I first learned about the power of affirmations and visualization techniques over 20 years ago. These processes of creation are based on the following precepts: Thoughts create feelings, feelings (vibrational frequencies of energy) create actions, actions create habits, habits create beliefs, and your beliefs create your reality!

Based on this theory I spent a great deal of time, effort and money learning about everything that promised to teach, improve or enhance my understanding of how to create the reality I wanted! The majority of these self improvement courses, books, tapes and intensives taught various methods of how to visualize and affirm what you want while in an alpha state of consciousness, and why forgiveness, faith and belief were so important.

Being a tenacious Cancerian I affirmed, visualized, and sub-modified hundreds of positive affirmations daily. I listened to hours upon hours of my voice affirming what I wanted on an endless loop tape. I did mirror affirmations three times a day. I made saying a negative sentence in my household worse then getting caught saying a four-letter word. Only to spend 20 years of my life taking one step forward, followed by one step back! I knew that AFFIRMATIONS SHOULD WORK, but why weren't they consistently working? It became painfully evident that affirmations "ALONE" were disappointedly ineffective at creating the reality I wanted.


The affirmation ONLY precept ASSUMES that a person has had a holistically, healthy life with functional role models and that your past was devoid of physical, sexual or verbal abuse. It also ASSUMES that your MIND is a clean slate, free of past pain, loss and dysfunctional experiences. The theory is that a11 you have to do is "Pile on " positive thoughts, on top of positive thoughts and you'll get what you want. Again, this theory ASSUMES that you can "Pile on " positive affirmations on top of a dysfunctional past and still create what you want. WRONG!


The problem is that the more you have practiced and sought change by doing affirmations, and FAILED, the dirtier the slate of your MIND becomes. The average person's MIND is cluttered with contradictory information, pain and losses. This inhibits the inputting of positive new affirmations into the MIND. There is a LAW of the Universe that states; "Nothing changes till IT becomes what is!" And because of this law nothing will change in your life, even if you're doing massive amounts of positive affirmations, till you clean the slate of your MIND!


Tabula Raza is a Latin term that in English means... clean slate. The term "Tabula Raza" stems from ancient Greece where, in the 4th century BC, Aristotle stated "The MIND is a clean tablet upon which experience writes. " That statement is true at birth, however life experiences have their say. Every experience, whether negative or positive, inscribes on the slate of your MIND! Unless the slate of your MIND is periodically cleaned, it eventually becomes so layered and muddied with contradictory information that a basic LAW of physics takes hold: "No two things can occupy the same space at the same time! " For example, when two cars attempt to occupy the same space at the same time what you end up with is two mangled cars. When two contradictory thoughts attempt to occupy your MIND at the same time what you end up with is anxiety, fear and confusion. This totally nullifies the positive intentions that doing affirmations ALONE are trying to accomplish.


Since no two objects can occupy the same space at the same time, and if your intention is to create the reality you want, you'll have to clean the slate of your MIND and learn how to dis-create (stop creating) negative beliefs before affirmations will work for you! For example, if you owned a house that was erected on a valuable piece of property and it was mostly destroyed by fire, you would have to clear away the old debris before you could build a new house. The same thing is true when you want to create the reality you want by doing affirmations. First you'll have to clean the slate of your MIND and secondly you'll have to dis-create (stop creating) your old negative beliefs before your affirmations will work! You could say affirmations till your tongue falls out, but if your MIND is cluttered with old opposing negative beliefs, you will at best receive temporary success.

Psychologists have proven that you produce between 50,000 to 75,000 thoughts a day and that 80% of your thoughts are negative. Therefore, by age 40 you have had 730,000,000 million thoughts! If 80% of your thoughts were negative thoughts then the slate of your MIND is layered with 584,000,000 (a half billion) negative thoughts! That means even if you were to do 500 positive affirmations a day trying to reprogram your MIND to the positive, your mind would be sub-vocalizing 40,000 negative thoughts to the contrary! That is like trying to bail out a sinking boat with a thimble!

AFFIRMATIONS ALONE DON'T WORK! You must first clean the slate of your MIND and secondly dis-create your old negative beliefs before your affirmations will create the reality you desire!

Joseph Hu Dalconzo is the founder of Holistic Learning Centers, Inc., an organization dedicated to assisting those seeking empowerment. He also taught and coached Emotionally Handicapped people for 8 years in New York City, and developed and teaches the L.I.F.E. (Love-Integrity-Freedom-Esteem) training course. Joseph Hu facilitates workshops throughout the area and can be reached at (609) 693-7897.




Dr. Michael Jonas Kahn Ph.D..

From June 1998 Publication

I received a letter from a woman who was about age 40. She said she was taking thyroid pills and anti-depressants because that's what her doctor recommended. She said she was always tired despite a life that was full and interesting. But at the same time, she also was not sleeping well. The point of all this being, she wasn't feeling good or getting any better in spite of thyroid and anti-depressant pills.

I then had her fill out a diet and symptomatic questionnaire. It revealed, among other things, a current eating pattern of once a day at dinnertime, with a cup of "decaf" in the morning, and an occasional snack now and then.

Let's see -- One big meal at night, and nothing to eat all day long. Yes, I'm sure the body really likes that routine. To starve itself all day long does wonders for the blood sugar levels---usually bottoming out around 2 p.m. as the body enters into a fasting state.

"Oh, but don't worry, body. I will gorge myself at night to make up for my lack of attention to you during the day. I will make my blood stream as thick as maple syrup. So thick with undigested and partially digested proteins, fats, etc., that when I wake up in the morning it feels like trying to climb out of a pool of wet cement."

Is it any wonder that most heart attacks take place late at night? Either the old pump fails, or the pressure cracks the pipes (arteries).

Get a clue. Starving yourself all day and eating at night is not a life. Nor can it be corrected by thyroid and anti-depressant drugs in the long run, as this type of a diet leads to its disastrous results.

First, you need to eat at least three meals a day of a high fibre, low-fat diet. Then when you've done that for a week or two, you need to see how you feel. Maybe even cut back on the thyroid and anti-depressants to see if you really need them---after checking with your physician of course. But then, why didn't you try this in the first place. And did your physician suggest this?

As far as thyroid pills are concerned, if your body runs out of elements it needs to produce thyroid hormone (namely iodine), of course you will feel more tired. At one meal a day you're hardly going to be getting enough of any mineral, let alone iodine.

A supplement to try in this case, only if you're eating three times a day, would be Norwegian Kelp, which not only has a good amount of iodine, but a wealth of other minerals you are no doubt deficient in.

The point is, before I would start a person on all these pills and turned them into another drug dependent, quick-fix, continue along the same ridiculous life-style addict, wouldn't it be better to start at a more basic level of treatment? A treatment level that deals with the causes behind the symptoms, and not just the symptoms themselves---which will only become worse over time as the body becomes more and more dependent, deficient and less immune.

Let's get real. If your eating habits are so awry, and have been that way for years, what do you expect will happen? And do you think some magic capsule is going to fix the situation?

Your body operates from the fuel you supply it with, just like your car. Could you imagine running your car on bad gasoline, and not changing the oil? Of course not. It's YOUR CAR! And heaven knows you couldn't get along without it!!

Try getting along without your body.

Michael Jonas Kahn is a Holistic Doctor with a Ph.D. in Nutritional Science and twenty-five years experience in the study, teaching and practice of natural healing. His self-evaluative health and diet education program has helped countless people over the years to take an objective look at their health, and also provides them with a simple common sense nutritional approach to bring themselves back into body chemistry balance, ...and optimum health. He can be reached by email at and also has a website that can be visited at




by Peter Montague

From June 1998 Publication

A study of U.S. women published May 9 in the LANCET links insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) with breast cancer.[1,2] Earlier this year a study linked IGF-1 to prostate cancer.[3] (See REHW #593.) Prostate and breast cancers are major killers of men and women in the U.S. and in other industrialized countries. IGF-1 levels are now being artificially increased in much of the cows' milk being sold throughout the U.S. These new cancer studies raise serious questions about the wisdom of allowing IGF-1 levels to be raised in milk.

The latest study[1] found a 7-fold increased risk of breast cancer among pre-menopausal women younger than age 51 with the highest levels of IGF-1 in their blood. The prostate cancer study published in SCIENCE in January, 1998, found a 4-fold increase in risk of prostate cancer among men with the highest levels of IGF-1 in their blood.[3] Thus IGF-1 in blood is associated with larger relative risks for common cancers than any other factor yet discovered.[2]

It is not clear from these studies whether IGF-1 causes these cancers, or whether elevated IGF-1 accompanies some other factor that causes these cancers. At the very least, researchers are hoping that measurements of IGF-1 will identify individuals at high risk of getting these cancers, so that surveillance might be increased.[2] (However, it would be common practice in the U.S. for people under such surveillance to find their health insurance canceled, which tends to discourage participation in surveillance programs.)

IGF-1 is a powerful naturally-occurring growth hormone found in the blood of humans. Dairy cows injected with genetically-engineered bovine growth hormone (rBGH) give milk containing elevated levels of IGF-1, and the IGF-1 in milk can pass into the blood stream of milk consumers. Cows' IGF-1 is chemically identical to that in humans. Ingested IGF-1 would ordinarily be broken down in the stomach, but the presence of casein in milk prevents such breakdown.[4,5,6,7,8] (See REHW #454.) Thus these latest cancer findings raise important public health questions about the safety of milk from cows treated with bovine growth hormone (rBGH).

rBGH is injected into cows to extend by several weeks their period of lactation, and thus to force them to produce more milk. rBGH is not needed in any way because U.S. dairy cows already produce such an excess of milk that the U.S. government spends more than $200 million each year purchasing surplus milk, a subsidy to the milk industry. (See REHW #381, #384.) Because rBGH injections can cause numerous ill effects in cows, veterinarians in Germany have refused to administer rBGH to cows on grounds that it violates their professional code of ethics, which forbids intentional harm to animals. (See REHW #483.) U.S. veterinarians have not taken a similar stand.

The latest study of IGF-1 and cancer, reported this week in the LANCET --approximately the British equivalent of the JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION --examined 397 women with breast cancer, and 620 carefully-matched controls. Their blood had been drawn before any of the women were diagnosed with breast cancer, so this was a prospective study --the most convincing kind there is. (The prostate cancer study reported in January was also a prospective study.[3])

The study found no relationship between IGF-1 in blood and breast cancers among the entire group, or among the post-menopausal group. However among pre-menopausal women increasing levels of IGF-1 in blood were strongly associated with increasing risk of breast cancer in a consistent dose-response relationship. Adjusting for other known breast cancer factors (age at which menstruation began; age at birth of first child; number of children; family history of breast cancer; and weight in relation to height) did not change the results.

Two previous studies had reported a relationship between IGF-1 levels in blood and breast cancer.[9,10] However those were "retrospective" studies in which the IGF-1 levels in blood were measured AFTER the diagnosis of breast cancer, so it was possible that the cancers caused the IGF-1 increases instead of the IGF-1 increases causing the cancers. This latest study minimizes the likelihood that IGF-1 levels are raised by breast cancers.

The authors of the latest study say there is "substantial indirect evidence of a relation between IGF-1 and risk of breast cancer." They point to experiments showing that IGF-1 enhances the growth of cancerous breast cells in mice, and growth of healthy breast cells in rhesus monkeys. In humans, very-low-calorie diets protect against breast cancer and they also reduce blood levels of IGF-1. Low birth weight is protective against breast cancer and low birth weight also leads to low levels of IGF-1. Tall women tend to have an increased likelihood of breast cancer and they also tend to have increased levels of IGF-1. Tamoxifen, a chemical now being used to prevent breast cancer, is known to reduce IGF-1 levels in the blood. Several other chemicals thought to protect against breast cancer --such as vitamins A and D --may also lower blood levels of IGF-1.[11]

It will be difficult for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to acknowledge that milk from rBGH-treated cows might be implicated in common cancers. Historically, FDA has maintained a very close relationship with Monsanto, the chemical company that spent a billion dollars developing rBGH. FDA approved rBGH for cows in 1993 and issued regulations that made it appear to be illegal to label milk rBGH-produced or rBGH-free. Some of the FDA officials who approved rBGH and who established the regulations discouraging labeling had previously worked for Monsanto. (See REHW #381.) In 1994, Monsanto sued two grocery stores that labeled milk rBGH-free, because the chemical giant feared that, given a choice, consumers would reject rBGH-produced milk. FDA's anti-labeling regulations --signed into law by a former Monsanto official --were clearly intended to help Monsanto succeed in this marketing ploy. Eleven separate surveys have shown that Americans strongly prefer to have rBGH-treated milk labeled as such. (See REHW #381.)

Monsanto officials say their rBGH product has been so successful among dairy farmers that they are building a new factory in Augusta, Georgia to produce a lot more of it. They say they intend to market the product world-wide.[12] However in Canada and the European Union, rBGH has so far not been approved for use, partly because of unanswered health questions. The new studies linking IGF-1 to breast and prostate cancers are unlikely to help rBGH gain approval in Canada or Europe.

Because of FDA's and Monsanto's aggressive steps to prevent labeling of rBGH-produced milk, U.S. consumers of milk, chocolate milk, buttermilk, cream, whipped cream, ice cream, iced milk, cheese, cottage cheese, cream cheese, yogurt, frozen yogurt, custards --and perhaps many baked goods as well --are very likely ingesting increased quantities of IGF-1 today. (See REHW #383, #454, #483.)

The milk industry --a powerful lobby in the U.S. --is currently conducting a campaign to increase milk consumption and top U.S. health officials are participating in the campaign. Recent advertisements show Donna Shalala, the U.S. secretary of health and human services, with a glass of milk in her hand and a "milk mustache" on her upper lip.[13] Ms. Shalala oversees the U.S. FDA, among other agencies.

A few bold companies --such as Ben and Jerry's, makers of gourmet ice cream --now label their products as rBGH-free. However, other companies, such as Whole Foods, Inc. --an "organic" grocery chain that owns Fresh Fields stores --claim to sell no dairy products containing rBGH. Yet the Annapolis, Maryland Whole Foods outlet sells cheeses from Cabot Dairies in Vermont and Cabot readily acknowledges that it uses some milk from rBGH-treated cows. Thus rBGH may be even more widespread than advertisements and store policy statements would lead consumers to believe. In the U.S., it is legal for merchants to mislead consumers in this way.

Dr. Samuel S. Epstein at the University of Illinois in Chicago in 1996 published a paper arguing that IGF-1 from rBGH-treated cows may well promote cancer of the breast and of the colon in humans who drink such milk. Epstein pulled no punches: "In short," he wrote, "with the active complicity of the FDA, the entire nation is currently being subjected to an experiment involving large-scale adulteration of an age-old dietary staple by a poorly characterized and unlabeled biotechnology product [rBGH, which is genetically engineered by Monsanto]. Disturbingly, this experiment benefits only a very small segment of the agrichemical industry while providing no matching benefits to consumers. Even more disturbingly, it poses major potential public health risks for the entire U.S. population," Dr. Epstein wrote.[14]

Monsanto has bet the company's future on genetically-engineered products, and rBGH is the first such product to be marketed. Therefore, it seems unlikely that Monsanto will voluntarily terminate the uncontrolled IGF-1 experiment being conducted now on the American people. This is a company that plays hard ball. As we saw in REHW #593, Monsanto lawyers frightened Fox TV executives into killing an investigative series that raised questions about rBGH and cancer. Just last month Monsanto wrote a threatening letter to Vital Health Publishing in Bloomingdale, Illinois over the proposed publication of AGAINST THE GRAIN, a book by Marc Lappe and Britt Bailey. Monsanto said the new book would libel its best-selling product, the herbicide Roundup (glyphosate). Lappe is an established medical writer and an acknowledged health policy expert. His earlier books include TOXIC DECEPTION (1991), BREAKOUT --THE EVOLUTION OF DRUG RESISTANT DISEASE (1995), and THE TAO OF IMMUNOLOGY (1997). Lappe and Bailey run the Center for Ethics and Toxics in Gualala, California (telephone 707-884-1700). After receiving Monsanto's threats, Vital Health Publishing abandoned its plans to publish AGAINST THE GRAIN --even though the book had already been printed --for fear of a Monsanto lawsuit, which might put them out of business even if Monsanto lost in court. Happily, Common Courage Press (Monroe, Maine; telephone 800-497-3207) will publish AGAINST THE GRAIN in September. AGAINST THE GRAIN is a detailed account of the perils of the new genetic technologies in agriculture. Monsanto's rBGH represents the tip of a very dangerous iceberg.
--Peter Montague
(National Writers Union, UAW Local 1981/AFL-CIO)

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[13] One of Ms. Shalala's milk ads was reprinted in the BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL Vol. 316 (February 14, 1998), pg. 498. The caption reads, "Donna Shalala, the United States secretary of health and human services, has been criticised for her promotion of milk. The milk industry is a powerful lobby in the US and critics say the endorsement could be the first step on a slippery slope."

[14] Samuel S. Epstein, "Unlabeled Milk from Cows Treated with Biosynthetic Growth Hormones: A Case of Regulatory Abdication," INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HEALTH SERVICES Vol. 26, No. 1 (1996), pgs. 173-185.


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