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Please Note: This page is Part 3 of Previous Published Articles and works with Part 1. "Top of Page" will bring you to the Top of Part 1, where you can view the contents of the archive.



by Geoffrey Gordon

From October 1994 publication

It has long been my contention that in order "To be a whole person, one needs a whole foods eating program". Such a program helps to balance one on the PEMS planes - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Food is one of many energies that affect us on all four energy planes and it is the cornerstone of any major healthy healing lifestyle. It's also the one physical energy that we have the most control over. However, I've been on both sides of the health spectrum and know that when there is a choice between pineapple macadamia cheesecake or a bowl of fresh fruit dessert - a few years ago I definitely would have caved in and chosen the cheesecake. My body-mind complex hadn't evolved yet to the point where I refused to consume any substance that I knowingly knew would act like a drug and poison my body. Now, if I desire dessert, it's no choice. I always choose fresh fruit, or in certain restaurants, choose desserts made of whole grain flour and more complex carbohydrates like brown rice syrup. Your choice here, however, has ramification on a more subtle global effect besides your own individual body. Food retailers and restaurants are constantly surveying what items "sell" and which ones "just don't sell". When you order or buy the cheesecake, you are subtlety and ultimately supporting the dairy, sugar, and processed food industries besides eating a product that drains energy and causes havoc in the body. The restaurant owner may decide to stop offering the fresh fruit dessert because "it just doesn't sell" and may offer more processed, fragmented, and sugary desserts because "I'm only supplying the public with what it wants". (The law of supply and demand).

Our food choices mirror our life and ultimately mirror the state of the world. Our eating programs have only changed to a more denatured, fragmented and processed foods plan during the last 50 years with more emphasis on meats, dairy, and high protein animal foods. During these years, crime and dis-ease have increased proportionately. Is this coincidental? Is the state of the nation and world related to the state of society's eating program? In my opinion, the answer is yes.

Throughout my healing journey, I have always been fascinated by the powerful effect that food choices have on the body and mind-spirit of an individual, and a society. I have found, I can basically get a pretty clear picture of a person's personality by studying a week's sampling of daily menus. Food is a mirror and if one looks at what they are eating, they will see a reflection of what one is and what one will be. It's not only "you are what you eat" but also true is the corollary "you eat what you are". Food can cause physical symptoms such as hives, rashes, pimples, sneezing, bloat, etc. But it can also cause emotional-mind and more subtle effects such as fear, crying, joys, anxiety, depression, irrational anger, and even spiritual depression such as loss of sense of wholeness & self, loss of self esteem, loss of focus & direction, and ultimately a loss of purpose here on this planet.

If you really want to see how food effects you, try this 5 day breakfast experiment. On the first day, eat either fresh fruit, a salad, or steamed vegetables; Day 2, eat some oatmeal (plain, no milk or anything else) or cream of wheat; Day 3, eat some sausage, cheese, blintzes or other favorite breakfast food; Day 4, eat some eggs; Day 5, eat some brown rice or other whole grain. Note how different foods affect your well-being and your moods. You may notice some interesting effects and some unwanted symptoms in your body. It's fascinating to note that we all have the power within our grasp to control whether we are focused and/or scattered, joyful or joyless, anxious or calm. Part of this power lies in our decision at mealtimes.

In conclusion, food is an important aspect in healing and recovery. But what we are talking about here is a "recovery of the sense of wholeness, of relatedness to one another and to our common creator". Once established, everything and anything is possible. Just remember, your food choices will mirror your life choices - so choose your foods wisely.





by Geoffrey Gordon

From February 1995 publication

"I just don't have the energy". Common expression these days. It seems wherever you look, there are signs of fatigue, tiredness, and lack of energy on lots of people's faces. The dis-eases of the 80's and 90's include all the immune system diseases like candida, hypoglycemia, chronic fatigue syndrome, malabsorption syndrome, allergies, environmental diseases, etc., etc., etc. What do all of these dis-eases (out of easiness) have in common? The individual hosting these dis-eases will almost always have a significant lack of energy. The modern world is so far removed from the natural foods, natural surroundings, natural cookware, natural light, and just plain nature that our ancestors grew up with that we have created dis-eases of the modern age--never before seen because the circumstances weren't ripe enough to allow them to flourish. If people would only stop and listen to their bodies they would hear their bodies talking to them through the body aches, pains, muscular fatigue and tensions, etc. that they are experiencing. If one finds that he/she is too tight and contracted, he/she needs to gently expand by eating more expansive foods, thinking more expansively, doing exercises like yoga or stretching exercises that will relieve the tension in the body.

So why am I beginning an article on herbs by discussing the plight of our modern society. Because, again, there is a common link amongst all of these concepts. The concept that people need to grasp is that we are all comprised of energy on four different levels. These levels comprise the physical, the emotional, the mental, and the spiritual (PEMS). In order to live in harmony and peace in this world, we need to balance the four energy fields within us in a way that is unique for each of our bodies. When we achieve this, we support our bodies, our energy field, our immune system, and we feel alive, energetic, and worthwhile. Our lives also run much more smoothly like the gentle flow of a river. When there are imbalances in any of these four fields, we undermine our immune systems and we feel tired, fatigued, and worthless. And if an imbalance isn't corrected within a reasonable amount of time, the imbalance becomes deeper and wider and we feel extremes of behavior, attitude, and emotion. Again, the emphasis here is on the energy of everything that comes into our energy field. This may include food, herbs, beverages, thoughts, colors, aromas, emotions, physical affection, lack of exercise, close relationships, etc.

Which brings us around to food. Each food has an energy field that reacts with our energy field on all four PEMS levels. We can either support or undermine our health by eating the foods that are appropriate or inappropriate for our energy fields. Each food has an inherent energy field that can be altered by cooking style (boiling, frying, steaming, microwaving, etc.) eating them raw or cooked, buying fresh or frozen, shredding or juicing, etc. And every herb has another side to it beyond the properties that have been traditionally associated with it. This is the focus of this article--THE ENERGETICS OF HERBS.

As a food consultant, my whole concept of food (including herbs) has dramatically changed from a physical level of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fats, carbohydrates, and proteins to a more subtle level of expansive-contractive, warming-cooling, acid-alkaline, etc. and the spiritual qualities that each food and herb can affect such as beliefs, attitudes, trust, security, etc. Many people focus only on the symptoms and complaints and look for herbs that will alleviate the problem without considering the more subtle effects of the particular herb. Each herb has energetic properties of its own and if overused or underused can undermine our health. Quantity is an essential property when using herbs to heal or to spice our foods. The right amount will support, openness, lightness, and expansion while an incorrect amount may undermine us by making us overly expansive, lightheaded, spacey, etc. Most herbs are expansive but there are a number that can be classified as contractive. Overly spiced dishes (like Mexican foods) can open us up if we are too contractive and we may sometimes instinctively overspice our foods and add more herbs to our meals in an unconscious effort to expand our energies when we are imbalanced. Our bodies have an innate knowledge --that higher self inside that knows what is needed to balance the body. In my opinion, most (but not all) cravings and binges are due to the body being in imbalance. The cravings act as a signal that we are out of balance and our body needs something to rebalance. The key is in reading the signals appropriately. Sometimes, it is more appropriate to ignore a craving than it is to give in to it.

Herbs have the distinction of belonging to two worlds: the world of medicine and that of cooking. Either way, they can produce very healing effects in the energies of a person. Herbs are usually used in small amounts and help in the digestion of food. They can help in the assimilation of vitamins and minerals, aid in protein and carbohydrate metabolism and according to Ayurveda tradition, by adding the correct herb and/or spice to a dish, one can completely change the character of a meal, making it more digestible or indigestible according to the herb and the quantity being used. Again, the appropriateness or inappropriateness of an herb depends upon its energetic qualities and the energetic qualities of the other food items in the meal. Many factors need to be accounted for when preparing food and using herbs to achieve a desired effect.

Herbs have many different qualities and can produce many different effects in the energies of an individual. When consuming food (herbs, beverages, etc.) the person eating extracts the energies that are inherent in the herb. Therefore, it is appropriate for an extremely expansive person to bypass most herbs as well as other expansive foods. Whereby, a contractive person may need a fair amount of expansive herbs to attain balance. Once balance is achieved, if this person continues to eat lots of herbs, he/she may find himself/herself swinging in the opposite direction and becoming too expansive. For a given person, there is a right amount of any herb (which can be none) that will keep him/her in balance, on-course, and focused.

Some herbs are cooling to the body. These herbs are good to use for conditions of inner heat such as anger, irritability, and feeling overly hot sensations in the body. Other herbs warm the body. These herbs are good to use in conditions of inner cold including trembling, fear, and anxiety. Some herbs and spices that cool the body are curry, dill, parsley, turmeric, and coriander. Ones that warm the body are garlic, ginger, cumin, caraway, basil, thyme, bay leaf, cinnamon, and cloves.

The following is a sampling of some common herbs and spices with their energetic qualities. Most of the observations made are culled from modern research on the energetics of food, as well as my own personal experience. You may disagree with me on the qualities of these herbs. That is all right. Individual circumstances always apply to the use of herbs. The quantity used is left up to the individual and his/her needs, particular constitution and circumstances. Factors that need to be accounted for are the nature of the herb (Does it warm or cool the body? Is it neutral?), the flavor of the herb (sour, bitter, sweet, hot and spicy, salty), the color of the herb (green, red, yellow, orange, gray, white, black, etc.) and the energy of the herb (Does it tonify the body? Does it disperse energy? Does it gather or consolidate the energies? Which organs does the herb affect? Which chakras? Is it expansive or contractive?)

Of course, cooking can get to be a very involved process if we were to always ask the above questions. However, when one is in a dis-ease process, everything put into the mouth should be observed carefully for its energetic effects.

When using the herbs mentioned in the sampling, please try them in small amounts and note how they affect you on the PEMS levels. If you experience effects other than those listed, please remember that herb energetics is not an exact science. Other factors may be transforming the effects you are feeling. Understand the validity of the concept of herbal energy as you learn to work with it. This can open up whole new worlds of understanding life, nature, spirit, etc.

Other herbs that lift, lighten, and expand heavier meals are dill, chervil, peppermint, spearmint, thyme, and marjoram. Herbs that are contractive and heavier are asafoetida, juniper berries, turmeric, and coriander. Seeds that help in carbohydrate digestion are coriander, caraway, fennel, anise, and asafoetida.





by Geoffrey Gordon

From June 1995 publication

"Some people are born too sensitive." These were the words from a little old lady, aged 85-90, who at least 150 people had gathered to hear ruminate on energy and life during the 1990 labor day weekend retreat I attended. When I heard these words, I knew in my heart, that Dora Kunz was talking to me. I had always felt different - too sensitive - out of the mainstream - out of the ordinary, etc., etc. I used to despise my sensitivity. My feelings were always out there on my sleeve - there for everyone to see, feel, and to manipulate. And here was this little old lady taking about the benefits of therapeutic touch and sensitive people. Dora went on to explain that some people feel everything and are too, too sensitive. "This is a real gift once you learn how to manage it and use it," she said, "but because many children and adults don't understand their sensitivity, it becomes more of a hindrance and an anchor (weighing one down) instead of the powerful blessing that it is meant to be."

After the weekend, I began finding books on the subject of sensitivity. I also began meeting people who were "sensitives," "psychics" and "intuitives". I found out that all people are sensitive to some degree. However, some are ultra-sensitive and when this sensitivity is denied expression, suppressed, and forced inward, it can create a syndrome known as PS2 or Profound Sensitivity Syndrome. This syndrome is more commonly referred to as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and includes such ailments as candidiasis, environmental illness, fibromyalgia, epstein-Barr, etc. The host literally is sensitive to everything he/she eats, thinks, feels, believes, smells, etc.

There are three main types of ultra-sensitivity. According to Marcy Calhoun, author of Are You Really Too Sensitive?, (1987 Blue Dolphin Publishing Co., Nevada City, CA 95959), "Emotional ultra-sensitivity is the ability to feel what other people are feeling as if those feelings were your very own. Physical ultra-sensitivity is the ability to feel in your body what someone else is feeling. Intuitive ultra-sensitivity is the ability to experience visions, prophetic information, spaces and dimensions that are not yet recognized by science. Healing is also included in intuitive ultra-sensitivity because the healer can read/feel/experience the present condition of the body." The healer gives information or suggestions on how to alter one's behavior or patterns to manifest and create stronger health, happiness, career, etc.

Ultra-sensitives (US) very easily can help others and understand the people who come into their lives. However, they usually have a challenge when helping themselves. They are consistently bothered by a yearning deep inside to be doing something else - something important, "That they have a destiny to follow" which is unfortunately out of reach. US's frequently are overwhelmed by feelings of fear and sometimes they reach a point where they become immobile (e.g., agoraphobia). Once they begin to understand that there is a purpose for their feelings and that they are on this planet at this time for a specific purpose, they can then begin to bring their lives back into balance and to achieve the elusive peace and harmony within.

Their sensitivity is a gift and up to this point, it has been used in an inappropriate manner because the sensitive "didn't know any better". Everybody does the best they can with the knowledge they had at the time. When they know better, they do better. Education dispels illusions and enlightens the dark areas of our being. It's not about blame - it's about learning to respond appropriately (responsibility). In her Book, Marcy Calhoun illustrates some techniques to channel this sensitivity:

  1. Listen to your words; they are creating your life.
  2. Trust yourself and trust what you feel/know/see.
  3. Make a commitment to be seen and visible.
  4. Be who you are.
  5. Ask for what you want.
  6. Respect other ultra-sensitives - even if they have not achieved as much as you have.
  7. Refrain from judging yourself or others.

As for food, the (US) must eat food that is compatible with the body. This entails listening to the body because it tells us though burping, gas, noises, aches, pains and sensations, etc., which foods are affecting us negatively. Fruits are good to eat when one wants energy and vitality. Salads help keep one's thinking clear, while heavy animal proteins act as a sedative and literally slow us down, making us feel heavy and literally drowning out our emotions. Vegetables are eaten for energy and endurance without putting a strain on our bodies and our energies. Grains help us feel in touch with the earth and it's cycles. Beans keep us grounded and allow us to plug into our reality and stay centered without the fat, cholesterol and toxic uric acids that are by-products of the meats most people eat. However, these are just generalities and may not be applicable to everyone's individual circumstances. Be sensitive and listen to your body.





by Geoffrey Gordon

From October 1995 publication

In the last issue, I talked about being an ultra-sensitive. I truly believe that the psychic/spiritual energies are manifesting rapidly now, and it is time for all ultra-sensitives to heal their negative lifestyles and live the life that the Universe has meant them to live. Have faith and TRUST! The Universe will support you if you trust and know that it will. This means really knowing that it will support you. It doesn't mean feeling or thinking it will or doing affirmations and faking it until you make it. It means knowing in your heart that you are always being supported. I'll always remember a healer named Ellen who once told me "If you choose to go for the healing, the money will be there somehow, someway." And so far (in my case) she's been correct. The synchronicity and "coincidences" that have happened to me have been part of the higher divine plan that I knew nothing about.

For instance, before I delved into the spiritual/psychic and energy realms (which if someone had told me that I would be doing this ten years ago, I would have said "You're crazy!") I was dealing mostly on the physical and emotional planes. Someone had shown me Louise Hays' book You Can Heal Your Life a year earlier. Suddenly, I knew that I had to buy this book. It was a gnawing obsession until I finally bought the book. From this simple acquisition, a whole chain of unforeseen events occurred. Two days after buying the book, I got an intuitive thought to turn on Geraldo. Now, I never-ever watch Geraldo but the feeling grew and I finally listened to my higher self speaking. I found that the topic of the day was healing and that among Geraldo's guests were Barbara Brennan and Louise Hay. I was totally dumbfounded! I listened and watched with fascination as Louise spoke to me (indirectly). I hardly paid attention to her associates, that she introduced, who were seated in the audience.

That weekend was Labor Day (1989). A friend invited me to go to the Village to see an art show and afterwards we went to dinner at a macrobiotic restaurant, Angelica's Kitchen. The table next to us was unoccupied but within 15 minutes two gentlemen were seated there. My friend knew them and introduced me. When I looked at them, I realized I was talking to Louise Hay's associates from Geraldo's audience. I found out that these two men co-facilitated the New York Healing Circle and my friend went there on Tuesday nights. Knowing that I was being shown the way, I went to the Healing Circle the next night and joined up to 300 people, of various backgrounds, who were gathering in an attempt to experience healing in their lives.

Other events happened after this whereupon workshops and healers seemed to "come to me", give their gifts and leave. If I hadn't been the one to experience it, I never would have believed it just because someone wrote about it. But it's true and it happened! My questions were always being answered--maybe not immediately, but in perfect accord with the Universal timing.

So why do I relate the above events? To demonstrate that everyone has this ability at their fingertips. I was a very resistant individual (and still can be), very grounded in logic, theory and scientific dogma. I knew other realms existed but I still needed proof, and fear would keep me stuck where I was. Because of these events and others, I began to see the Universe as a friendly place where "accidental meetings" and "coincidences" are normal. I truly believe that we are all psychic if we can just eliminate enough of the blockages that prevent us from living in this intuitive state.

I would like to impart a simple self-healing technique that I learned from "The Psychic Healing Book" by Amy Wallace and Bill Henkin.

  1. Sit in a chair, feet flat on the floor. Keep arms and legs uncrossed, hands on your thighs, palms up. Avoid chewing gum, smoking, playing the radio, T.V., and other distractions.
  2. Close your eyes, relax, clear your mind and turn your attention inwards.
  3. Ground Yourself. See a cord running from the base of your spine (or from between your ovaries) to the Center of the Earth.
  4. Starting from your head, imagine your aura. Follow your aura down from your head, along your neck, shoulders, arms, torso, legs and feet. If you see, feel or sense coldness or cool parts, the energy isn't flowing properly here. Send orange-colored light into these areas. If you sense heat, thickness or density, too much energy has accumulated here and you need only imagine that you are pulling out the excess heat (use your hands to physically make it real to you, if necessary).
  5. When the energy is flowing properly, visualize a clear, clean, neutral, light golden energy washing over your entire body.
  6. Starting from your head and working down to your feet, imagine your own hand smoothing out your aura.
  7. Open your eyes, clasp your hands, sit quietly for a moment. Then bend over and put your head between your legs. Stand up, stretch. If you feel strange, spaced out or out of sorts, walk around for a couple of minutes before reentering the world.

This exercise is very useful for simple healings. For other healings and activities for developing your psychic healing abilities, please consider taking the class, "The Psychic Healing Experience" offered in this brochure. Until next time, happy healing.





by Geoffrey Gordon

From February 1996 publication

The American Heritage Dictionary tells us that balance is "a stable state characterized by cancellation of all forces by equal opposing forces". It is the achievement of stability between opposites. For example, at either end of the poles are aggressive, violent behavior and submissive, meek, cowering nonviolent behavior. Either pole is an extreme behavior and wouldn't serve us as human beings. Somewhere in between these two extremes is a middle zone--a centered zone--where the appropriate amount of assertiveness, effort, and a compromise of the best of the two extreme poles keeps us heading straight forward in peace, harmony, and bliss. This middle, centered zone is different for each person. It is what makes us unique individuals. It's also what connects us on some level to each other and the Universal Divine Energy. Stuart Wilde says that "Balance is natural. Whenever you have to force something to happen, you come off balance to do so. How much do you exist in the flow and how much do you have to push?" In other words, there is quite a distinction being made between struggling to make things happen and putting forth some effort to make it happen. There is quite a difference.

To illustrate the concept of balance, I like to make the analogy of the playground seesaw. Think of the perfectly balanced seesaw. Both people are exerting the appropriate energy to allow the seesaw to hover and rest in the center--neither too high nor too low. The swing at this point is in the center--very narrow with a very small upward and downward movement. Because the swing is so minor it is very easy to remain centered and balanced. Now whatever happens to the left side of the seesaw elicits a corresponding opposite movement on the right side. So when the person on the right side adds more weight to his side, the seesaw begins to move downward causing a corresponding upward movement on the left side. What you do to the right will not only affect the right side but the left side too. Now the person on the right side adds more weight causing his side to go down to the ground with a corresponding upward movement on the left side. Think about this position. It is an imbalanced position to be in for both people. The left side is too expansive (yin) and too much in the heavens--very ungrounded. The right side is the opposite--too grounded, too contracted (yang), too tense and tight. Since the natural law of the Universe is balance, one cannot hold this position for long and the seesaw again will swing up and into center, up and down, into center, etc., until it locates its center and remains there or as close to it as possible. The more we hover in our center, the more balanced the seesaw is and the more balanced are our lives. Dis-ease is a process of losing our center, our connection to everything. The swing has gotten too far from the source--our heart (which is the center of our bodies). If you think of your body as a seesaw, you can readily see how a structural or musculoskeletal imbalance, etc., can cause ramifications throughout the whole body (both sides are affected).

Keeping the seesaw analogy in mind, it is easy to see if our lives are balanced or not. Many forces can throw us out of our center--mainly our jobs, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, spiritual influences, diet, exercise, lifestyle, etc. If you feel spacey, dreamy, confused, forgetful, worried, sad, overly sensitive, no will power, silly, helpless, scared, etc., you are probably too expanded. If you feel impatient, frustrated, stubborn, resentful, heavy, stuck, insensitive, compulsive, driven, controlling, angry, violent, etc., you are probably too contractive. Most out of balance people, vacillate between the two extremes, like the seesaw, searching for and almost always missing the elusive balance point. This is what healing is all about; finding out what balances us and finding balance--our center. It is the space inside of us where our body relaxes and we can say, AHHHHH!!!! Home at last!!! Bliss, peace, and harmony emanate from this space and our moods and emotions stabilize. Little things no longer bother us. We begin to respond instead of react. We feel connected to the earth, the Universe, and to each other. Fear, worry, anger, and all extreme emotions and behavior disappear because they cannot exist in a balanced body.

A healthy balanced individual has his/her seesaw swing in/or hovering around the center so that the seesaw neither hits the ground nor the sky. How do you know you're there? YOU JUST KNOW!!!! When in your Center--in balance--you come from that knowing spot within you. Physically, you may feel assertive, determined, easy to focus and concentrate, rational, independent, relaxed, open-minded, gentle, patient, creative, intuitive, cooperative, sensitive, and sympathetic. You may start thinking more globally instead of ego based in the "I".

Nutritionally, let me emphasize that there isn't any one diet that will work for everyone all of the time; diet is only one of many factors that needs to be balanced in our lives in order for us to balance our bodies. Too many people who try to achieve balance and revolve their healing programs around their diets are quite dismayed with their results. Food can help heal us but it must be part of a total healing program that includes many other modalities and lifestyle changes in order for us to reach balance. Another factor that is important is the concept of change. Stuart Wilde says, "By resisting, by not adapting to change, you stagnate". So remember: WHAT YOU RESIST, PERSISTS!!!! As you heal, your body changes and your nutritional plan must also change or you may wind up stuck and out of balance again. To illustrate this concept, let's say Jack ate a diet filled with lots of sweets and fats and has a severe candida infection. Being on a diet that made Jack highly expansive, Jack may need to balance his past eating patterns with a diet low in sweets and fats. He also needs to add more protein foods which are more contractive and have little carbohydrates. Once Jack achieves balance (the seesaw is centered) he can now begin to add in more carbohydrates like grains and beans. If he chooses to remain on his higher protein diet for too long, the healing regime will actually throw him out of balance as he will become too tense and contracted from the excess animal foods.

A nutritional program loses its ability to center us if we remain grounded and obstinate with theory (and what "the authorities" say), and ignore what our bodies are telling us. Begin to listen to your intuition and think for yourself. Yes, there are nutritional guidelines and certain whole foods are more nutritionally balanced than others and need to be incorporated into a lifestyle-healthstyle program. But what's the sense in eating grains and beans because we're told they're good for us if our body is unbalanced and refuses to accept and digest these foods. Any food that we cannot digest will turn into poison in our systems. As the body becomes more balanced it may be able to digest these foods and maybe it won't. We are all individuals and that's what makes us unique. Who says that everyone must be vegetarians? It just doesn't work for everyone. If it did, my job would be easy. Here's the diet--read it and follow it; Not so, my friends, not so.

So what foods are the most balanced. Well, unfortunately, it's not the chocolate bar or frozen ice cream. They taste good but in reality they are a nutritional waste and an energy drainer. The most balanced foods contain all the vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, enzymes, trace minerals, and water that we need to bathe and nourish our cells, blood, organs, tissues, etc. They include grains, beans, vegetable, fruits, fish, poultry, eggs, organic meat, nuts, and seeds. Foods that are more expansive or contractive may be needed for balance according to your constitution and your internal environment. Remember: All natural foods are healthy. Our internal environments may cause us to react to the healthy foods and consider it a bad food. When the internal environment changes, that food may now be classified as a good food. One man's meat is another man's poison and vice-versa. There are no absolutes in this science of balance. What works for the individual is the key. My job as a nutritional and wellness counselor is to act as a guide (someone acted as a guide for me previously) and help you find balance.

If you are interested in learning more about balance and food, please consider taking the class Balance, Behavior and Food or if you desire a private consultation, please feel free to call me. Let us explore balance together.





by Geoffrey Gordon

From June 1996 Publication

WE CHALLENGE YOU!!!! Yes, that's right. We the directors, facilitators, healing practitioners, and writers at Mystic Gateway challenge all of our readers (and anyone else) to demonstrate how much they really know about the field of healing and health. So, get ready to accept our challenge and show how much you know about the field of healing.

Complete rules and regulations are simple and appear here but a complete list can be obtained by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to Mystic Gateway Challenge--Rules and Regulations, P.O. Box 1318, Edison, N.J. 08818-1318. Entries are due by September 30, 1996 and must be legibly handwritten or typed. Include your name, address and phone number. In case of a tie, the postmark of the envelope will be the determining factor--so get in your entry (one per family) ASAP.

Questions have been culled from all aspects of healing--from nutrition to massage therapy, from Reflexology to Jin Shin Jyutsu, from energy modalities to Chinese Medicine, etc. This challenge is very eclectic. SO get involved and interact by entering our first challenge.

This challenge is open to all adults over the age of 18. All prizes are of equal value and are awarded to each winner in order of prize winner. Each prize winner gets to choose the prize they would like from the pool of prizes. We are offering a wide range of prizes and anywhere from five to ten prizes will be awarded depending upon the number of practitioners volunteering their services for this challenge.

Some prizes already known are: 1) A Wellness, Nutritional, Spiritual, and Energy Evaluation Session with Geoffrey Gordon, 2) A Reiki Healing Session with Reiki Master Joan Weiss, 3) A choice of NLP, Reflexology, or an Energy Balancing session with Jan Rosenstreich, 4) A Reiki II, or Reflexology healing session with Debra Rosenstreich, 5) An Energy Balancing Massage with Devorah Connon, Harmonic Body Balancing, 217 Glenridge Ave, Montclair, N.J. 07042, (201) 655-1177), 6) A Colon Hydrotherapy, or Polarity session with Ursula Szypryt and, 7) ???

All prizes will be awarded and announced in the Feb-May 1997 issue and must be arranged with the practitioner within 6 months of the award. Claimant must be willing to travel to the designated office space of the practitioner. Send all entries to Mystic Gateway Challenge (at address listed above). Sorry, all Internet entries must also be by U.S. mail for this challenge. Any additional sessions with the practitioner are optional and no obligation is implied, but these services are available with fees determined by each individual practitioner.


  1. What is the name of the massage technique that uses deep, firm kneading of the muscle area and is used to break up specific tensions in the muscles?
  2. In Jin Shin Jyutsu, which finger do you hold to calm feelings of worry?
  3. Which one of these foods do not leave an alkaline ash when burned: tofu, apples, cranberries, beets, white potatoes, sweet potatoes.
  4. What is considered to be the most emotionally soothing color?
  5. Dr. Randolph Stone developed a therapy that is reputed to align the energy fields of the body. Name the therapy.
  6. TRUE or FALSE. The smallest muscle in the body, the stamedius, contracts to partially immobilize one of the bones in the middle ear during sustained loud noises. This helps prevent hearing loss.
  7. Children's eating habits are usually fairly established by what age? a) 2 years b) 4 years c) 5 years d) 7 years e) 10 years.
  8. How many million Americans visit a doctor each day? a) 1/2 million b) 1 million c) 2 million d) 4 million e) 5 million.
  9. Which gland in the human brain is considered the remnant of the third eye?
  10. Emotions and the way one thinks affect two bodily systems that are very important for cancer prevention. Name them.
  11. Chinese Medicine uses the pulses to diagnose harmony or imbalance in the body. There are ___ different pulses as identified by Chinese doctors.
  12. Swami Paramahansa Yogananda wrote a well-known book that brought some understanding of the East to the West. Name the book.
  13. What is the name of the Japanese technique of using finger pressure and certain mental concentrations to balance the body?
  14. In Chinese medicine, all process is seen in terms of 2 dualistic or opposing forces. Name them.
  15. In the Five Element Theory, what two organs are associated with the Wood element?
  16. A rheumatic disorder that is generally associated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and is characterized by 18 tender points located throughout the body is called _____.
  17. What herb is the most widely used for the prevention and/or treatment of the cold and/or flu?
  18. Name the high protein staple of Mayan and Aztec Indians that today is making a comeback.
  19. What part of the body is often called "the mirror of the soul"? Name the science that use the study of this body part to evaluate the condition of the body.
  20. Among all of the physical activities or sports most enjoyed by Americans, what is the favorite?
  21. Which vitamin may help promote dream recall?
  22. A deficiency of which mineral will give you a goiter?
  23. Which amino acid may help inhibit the growth of herpes?
  24. Aspirin is manufactured chemically. What is the plant source and/or name of the natural herb product for this pain-killing drug?
  25. Can eating 2 eggs a day double your blood cholesterol levels? Yes or No.

Now, we have another challenge for you. If you have any questions about health, healing, spiritual awareness or wellness, send your questions to Ask Mystic Gateway (address listed above). I will try to answer as many questions as is possible in future issues or use the questions as a springboard for future articles. Questions cannot be answered by mail or telephone and this service is only intended for educational purposes and is not a substitute for proper medical care. If you have a medical problem, please consult a physician.







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