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Due to the concern regarding tap water, the sale of bottled water has exploded. Supermarket aisles have expanded their selection and space devoted to bottled water. New brands are appearing all the time, and some supermarkets are also offering machines that filter and refill water bottles and jugs. Unfortunately, bottled water has its own problems with purity, consistency, and fewer standards that regulate it. In addition, bottled water is also more costly per gallon than what is produced by quality drinking water filtration systems.

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Many Americans have become concerned about the quality of their tap water and have turned to bottled water as a solution. Studies have shown, however, that bottled water is not necessarily cleaner or safer than tap water, and that bottled water actually has fewer standards regulating it.

Some of the problems with bottled water include: the inconvenience of having to buy and carry water; the questionable and inconsistent quality of the water; the expense; and the environmental effect of the manufacture and disposal of all those plastic bottles.

Microbes, pesticides, and solvents have been detected throughout groundwater supplies, and have subsequently found their way into bottles, regardless of disinfection.

A third of the 103 bottled water brands tested in a four-year scientific study by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) contained such contaminants in at least some samples, at levels that exceed state or industry standards.

Chemicals typically used to disinfect water may react unpredictably with substances, adding their own potentially dangerous element as well. says the March/April 2001 issue of emagazine.

The World Wide Fund for Nature commissioned a 26 page study called Bottled Water: Understanding a social phenomenon, in which it reveals:

Advantages of Quality Point of Use Drinking Water Systems over Bottled Water

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