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Why I Became A Distributor

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Why I Became A Distributor
by Jan Rosenstreich

 Picture of Jan I first became concerned with the quality of the drinking water in 1990. Due to a course of study I was pursuing, holistic health and healing, I became more aware of what I was putting into my body. My wife and I had already made many changes to our eating program and I started to notice how bad the water tasted. I purchased a flow through pitcher device which improved the taste of the water. I was replacing filters all the time (which was getting expensive) and the constant wear and tear of the frequent changes was more than the housing could handle. When it broke, I looked around and bought a sturdier unit (large cylinder shaped) that was rated for 5000 gallons. I was under the impression, due to its size, it removed large amounts of contaminates.

I was satisfied with this filter until shortly after my daughter was born. At this time, the news media was doing reports about water safety, especially about the large concentrations of lead in the water. That concerned me since lead is known to cause permanent learning disabilities in young children. A Consumers Reports article about water filters gave me more reason for concern. The filter I was using did not reduce lead or any other harmful substances. It only removed chlorine and particulate matter (sand, stones, etc.). I started buying bottled water and put up with the high cost and inconvenience.

While participating at a Holistic Health Fair, I met a distributor. We talked for awhile and she took my name and phone number. Each time we talked, I asked many questions and requested more and more information about the product so I could research it thoroughly. She sent me performance data sheets, 3rd party articles, newspaper clippings, company literature, and more. About a year and a half later, finally convinced that the company had a quality product, I called her, ordered a unit, and became a distributor. It was a pleasure to give up bottled water and know that this drinking water system will protect me and my family now and in the future. The confidence and trust I have in this company and its products makes it easy to market the products with a clear conscience and integrity.

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