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Posted by Charles on December 15, 1999 at 10:08:09:

In Reply to: Alternative Health posted by Kate Chesshyre on December 14, 1999 at 04:59:16:

Just one or two quick references of my experiences with modern doctors I had extreme kidney pains almost every night of my life growing up and when my parents would take me into the hospital or emergency room they would take me in ask me some questions give me a ultrasound on occasion ( I think it is called an ultrasound ). Basicly look at my kidneys and surrounding areas. They would tell me I was fine, tell my parents I was having growing pains and/or making it up and send me home to experience it again the next night. Then when I was 17 playing Lacrosse I was hit in the side and was urinating a small amount of blood. I went to our new doctor to check it out and he breifly asked me about kidney history. After a breif explanation on my part, he told me the rest and why I experienced it. My uriter would kink and my Kidney would swell up causing extreme pain and it would be a simple procedure. It wasn't. They gave me to much anastesia, I almost died, I was in the hospital with "complications", on Morfene for the pain and when they did send me home with tubes sticking out of my side so I could give my uriter a rest and the urine could drain into a bag they gave me the wrong bag and attachments. I had to put pillows under my hips and shoulders and sleep balancing on my side with a bowl under the tubes to catch the urine. What a night. We ended up going to a different hospital and begging the people there to "pull some strings" to get me a bag to catch the urine that was leaking out of the one I was holding to my side with my hand. And that is just the general story there were even more little things that could have been handled better. One other quick story, My grandfather was living with us a few years back and one day started experienceing chest pain we rushed him to the emergency room they told us it was a heart attack and wanted to treat him for it, then when I questioned them on it and gave them more information they did not ask for they said it was his gallbladder and they were going to operate so on that note I said just stop... My mom showed up, we called in our family doctor who happens to be the head of Cardiology in a major hospital and whos wifes mother was a shaman in mexico. He had met and spent extensive time with her whole family, as a result he is very knowledgeable in Eastern thought through is inspired studies and when a patient asks or seems interested he seems to peak their interest while still staying very western in his approach. Very wonderfulll guy. Back to the story, he shows up spends time talking with my grandfather because he knows him well from spending the time to get to know him previously, talks with the doctors for a while, they run some tests, he starts to feel better, they send us home saying he must have been imagineing the pain. Oh yea and when he came to live with us he could hardly walk across the room, and after a change in diet, some herbs and a few other minor things he at 80 with emphasema and poor circulation in his legs would leave our house on top of a big hill in the morning and return in the afternoon having walked many miles to take a shower and go out into the garden and work for a while. What a guy. I hope these few accounts of my life shows how things could be improved... If I broke my arm, the Emergency room would be the first place I would go. But as I am about to complete my Holistic Health education at the School of Healing Arts and am presently looking into attending a Medical School I do have faith things can be improved and would like to help do something about it. Oh yes the uriter surgury did help but I do occasionally get pains which my accupuncturist greatly helps with. Best of luck with your study. If you have any further questions please feel free to E-Mail me. Thank You.

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