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Posted by T. Shawn Johnson on January 11, 2000 at 17:04:06:

In Reply to: Lymphadema posted by Connie on August 26, 1999 at 01:26:00:

: Has anyone heard of lymphadema? A friend of mine has this and is having trouble finding treatment because it's so rare. Any suggestions??


I found this link very useful:

I have. I recently discovered I have the condition, due to a cellulitis infection. This late August, I contracted cellulitis a third time, much to the confusion and distress of my doctor.

The first time I had cellulitis my previous doctor said "oh, thats rare.. I wonder why you got that" and left it at that. He did not see me while i had the infection, as I had gone to an after hours clinic, and the whole thing was cleared up after a week of oral pennicilin.

The second time (now with my current doctor) I had to go the hospital, at which time i was placed on intravenous antibiotic, and then on home care with the same for a week ... followed by a week or so more of oral anitbiotic. My current doctor said "thats odd that you got it a second time", and that was that.

This time, everyone was in a fuss. My doctor was very confused. Due to my lifestyle, he thought I should have another HIV test, despite the periodic tests I undergo for prudence sake. Test - negative, as I suspected. Well ladies and gentlemen, this is my advice: Check the internet! WHy didn't my doctor(s)!? I told my doctor about lymphadema, and he was interested. he then went on vacation, and I was under the care of a different doctor while continuing on intervenous antibiotic on home care. He diagnosed me with lymphadema. Even the pharmacist, who has lymphadema, thinks I have it.

The cellulitis infection was cleared up, but I have yet to hear from my internalist regarding an ultrasound i had to diagnose me properly. It's January and I STILL don't have a formal diagnosis.

Don't take lymphdema lightly .. it can lead to cellulitis and other infections no matter how you got the condition originally. Don't let your doctors take it lightly. While it can't be cured, it can be managed with proper care so that it doesnt get worse. Read up on how it can get worse. It's not nice. Will yourself to live a healthy, happy lifestyle, keeping the swelling down, getting the proper exercise, taking care of your skim meticulously.

-T. Shawn Johnson.

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