A "Healing " At Sea

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Posted by andrea martone on February 27, 2000 at 07:50:47:


We are a women owned and operated business, Intuitive Vision Network (the nation's only holistic and metaphysical pr/special events firm).

We have a concept that we are trying to promote (Nowage 2000 "Healing" At Sea concept.

Anything you can do to spread the word about this concept will help us.

Visit us at: www.Nowage2000.com or www.IntuitiveVision.com.

God Bless, Andrea Martone, 212 455 8015

Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body & Spirit Through

A "Spirited" Adventure At Sea

THIS truly unique cruise - one powered by Psychic Energy - will give passengers a glimpse into higher metaphysical realms and the world of the afterlife. Keynote speaker Suzane Northrop, a nationally known medium and author, "Sťances: Healing Messages From Beyond," will be joined by America's well known Intuitives and "energy healers who are all experts in psychic phenomena. Called, Now Age 2000, this unprecedented "self-healing" experience will positively change your lives, while simultaneously offering the luxury and beauty sailing at sea and visiting exotic ports of call. The enlightening and gripping weeklong cruise onboard Holland America's newest ship, the msZaandam, will include fascinating "hands-on" workshops and seminars on many spiritual, holistic and metaphysical topics: including:

Connecting with the afterlife to resolve issues of grief and abandonment

Psychic Energy and demonstrations


Safe past-life regressions

Identifying and listening to your angels

"Reiki Energy Healing" and Acupuncture treatments

Personal Tarot, Numerology and Astrological readings on love, career, family and health

"Empowerment" Workshops: How to rid yourself of other people's negativity

"Self-Healings" and Emergency Cleansings

This is NOT a cruise for the bereaved. It is open to all who seek "inner harmony" through meditation, connecting with nature and your higher self, by tapping into nature's orderliness within you, to enliven good health. NowAge 2000 will offer passengers a process of remembrance, not only of things past, but also of things unshakable and eternal - of your own healthiness. And this is the sweetest medicine, which teaches your body to remember what glorious health feels like, your mind to recall what unbounded wisdom feels like, and your heart to remember the joy of the constancy of tender love.

It is truly a "Healing" cruise for the mind, body and soul - that will invigorate and motivate you to live more productive and emotionally stable lives.

For more information, visit Nowage2000.com website or call to book the cruise: 800-942-2287.

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