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Posted by Pat Turner on May 24, 2000 at 08:41:28:

Well, if you haven't heard it then you'll think this is waaay out there! But, if you know anything about this continual sound/s or know someone who reports hearing it, then you will be more open to what I have to say. This is not the famed Taos-hum, which is a deeper pitched shake your teeth and rattle the bed kind of vibration, but another, equally annoying higher pitched whiney, sometimes multiple sounding noise that varies in intensity and is heard all over the country. Rule out tinnitus, delusion, living next to a factory, etc. This is something that gets so intense it vibrates the body and has had me praying that it would pass through me without harm. I have a list of 26 possible sources, most of which are totally out there in a realm of possibilities I do not at this time know how to deal with. Vitamins, minerals, herbs, energy work, prayer, meditation, affirmations...I have not found the solution yet.
If someone has any idea or knows someone who could help me deal with this or "fix it" let me know!!
I would appreciate any feed-back, I would appreciate whatever you pick up about it...I am looking for answers.
Thank you for caring.

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