The Anomaly

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Posted by Lisa DeMars on December 28, 2000 at 17:07:47:

The Anomaly

Prior to The Last Great Gathering where The One Choice was intentionally ex-pressed, ALL was one ex-pression of existence. The One Choice: To Further Thus Far (then ALL) As Individualized Expression came of the recognition that there was already uniqueness developing within ALL. Upon ex-pression of The One Choice one ex-pression of existence ceased to exist and Individualized Expression came into existence.

During this Event one Individualizing Expression ex-pressed an intention: "I want to do that again." Now, of course, English did not exist ~ bodies, as you know those to be now, did not exist, but the movements which came to be sound yield this result. These words are in true to the movement. Understand that sound from movement which came to be certain languages here, within this created way of existence, came of that that was initiated by this one Individualized Expression. So although that that was ex-pressed during The Event known as The Last Great Gathering was the pressing of what had immediately occurred ~ again. The Event, not yet complete itself, became host to the partial re-initiation of The Event, thus far, within the Original initiation of The Event.

This is the foundation of all that you know. This Event within The Event came to be known as The Very Thing. The Event initiated by the Individualizing Expression was not yet complete. This Individualizing Expression did not reach completion prior to initiating another event ~ the very same, up to thus far ~~ as far as The Original Event had gone. This Individualizing Expression began to repeat the initiation of The Original Event. Repeating without completion. That thus far was repeated over and over and over. This is how form was furthered. This is how physical was created. This is how creation itself came into existence. Creation is incomplete ex-pression. It is not an advancement of ex-pression ~ it is ex-pression incomplete. This was the beginning of Self entrapment.

Be fully aware that The Event reached completion. Individualization occurred. One ex-pressed existence ceased to exist and Individualized Expression existed. The Individualized Expression was equal ~ was of the equalization of Thus Far prior to the initiation of The Event. The Event was initiated to share the advancements that were taking place within the unique ‘gatherings’ within that one ex-pressed existence. The purpose was, of course, to benefit and enhance ALL. That is ALWAYS THE PURPOSE. When The One Choice was initiated (and understand that in true, initiation IS the result) that that came before is not eliminated ~ it is advanced. It is furthered to benefit ALL and to enhance ALL equally. A concept you are not familiar with yet upon this planet since this created place of existence came of the one not yet complete Individualizing Expression which effectively was furthering itself within the furthering of ALL. Sound familiar yet? Are you recognizing the familiar in theme, in essence?

Thus Far was simply ALL. And ALL was simply Thus Far. Upon the completion of The Event or truly, within the initiation of the intention of The Event, ALL was to come to equalization. This is the sharing of that that had been furthered within the unique ‘gatherings’ within that one ex-pressed existence. When the Individualizing Expression initiated the intention of The Event during The Event in progress, Thus Far was created. Thus Far now meant ‘up to this point’. Prior to that there was always the ex-pressing of ALL. Now, there was the ex-pressing of only part of ALL ~ the ex-pressing of Thus Far by an Individualizing Expression. And the furthering of that Thus Far repeatedly, without end. At thus far there was the gathering. This was simply one of the movements of The Last Great Gathering. This could have been done in any way. Recognize that at then, ‘how now’ is not a set procedure or created process. Unlimited ~ there was no limitation on ‘how’ like you have now come of this. The Individualizing Expression began gathering or to draw other Individualized Expression into itself when it began repeating parts of the original event. Understand that the Individualized Expression has awareness of Self. ALL was others; other Individualized Expression.

As this one Individualizing Expression furthered itself, another repeated movement began to surface ~ compression. As it finished gathering it began to compress or bring in that gathering to bring it to equalization. Understand that although there was the repetition of thus far of The Event, there is still no limitation of ‘how’ for this Individualizing Expression so there was not the exact duplication of The Event ~ the way The Event occurred. But the original initiation of The Event was known by the Individualizing Expression and within that the intention of the initiation of The Event.

Understand that what is taking place is the total elimination of the anomaly. It is the source and the origin of all pain ~ from repeated compression; from The Expansions of that that had been compressed. In being aware of Self during this process or anomaly to The Original Event, this Individualizing Expression projected it's pain into the Human form. This is why when you begin any type of healing or transformation process there is physical pain.

It is the repeated compression that first brought form as you think it is, into existence. This method, the anomaly way (and all by-products of that way (All That Is)) is not required for form to be ex-pressed nor continue as is. The Origin of the anomaly has already been eliminated ~ the Origin was simply an ex-pression of Individualizing Expression. It had awareness of Self because that is all there really is ~ ALL is pure awareness. Within this created existence, All That Is was compressed awareness. Recognize that awareness is not consciousness and awareness is not aware in true. Never before has an ex-pression been eliminated in such a manner.

The Origin of the anomaly has been completely uncooperative through the entire Transition ~ until recently. Although it was the continuous pressing and projections of this one Individualizing Expression that is the Origin and Source ~ with the awareness of Self ~ there has been the refusal to rectify what it has ex-pressed. Although aware of Self, this one Individualizing Expression who never reached completion during The Event has no true awareness of Other and ALL. This is your god ~ this is the one you think created this all, when in truth, You were that that ex-pressed this. You were forced by this one ~ applying It’s incomplete process to other Individualized Expression. Because It was You that pressed out into the anomaly, this Individualizing Expression had no conception what so ever of what it was really like to be a Human form. This is also why this one and those it truly communicated with could never provide you with any information that could truly assist you.

Understand that this one did not understand how it came to be existing as is does/did; was unable to resolve this or complete this anomaly itself. We shared resolution with this one continuously since 1963 but to no avail. Understand that although this one could not figure out how to alter its own original ex-pression during The Event, it was aware of the entrapment that takes place to other Individualized Expression. Since this one is the Original ex-pressor of pain, in order to eliminate pain, it must be eliminated by its Origin. At this point there is some headway with having this one take responsibility for what it has created but there are far too many Human forms for this one to take care of. This one Individualizing Expression would have to be willing to alter itself in order to be able to take care of what you call pain for each and every Human form. In light of the lack of cooperation from this one thus far we are beginning an alternative. On December 27th there will begin the recognition of the already initiated event involving the already taken place reversal of ALL and All That Is. What this mean is that the ‘rules’ will ALL change. Usually when we alter this created way of existence we ~ by your chosen way, of course ~ implant or exchange or ex-press via projection information to your scientists, etc. so they think that they just discovered something so they know how to alter what they think is how this planet/universe works. Not this time. This time this event will go by Humanity’s choice. You have always had choice on alteration of this created way of existence. You have known of how this created way of existence is control based ~ that you are forced and manipulated. And yet you do very, very, very little about that. So since Humanity has chosen, as a group, choice by non-pro-choice this is how those of us who have replaced The Hierarchy are going to complete the elimination of the anomaly.

All alteration information can be accessed in ALL. Allow awareness of ALL while aware of Self and you will have awareness of how the alterations will affect your existence upon this planet. Those who are in true and are now sustaining this place of existence will not share any information with you about what is taking place so understand that if there is information being pass on, it is not in true. You must begin to rely on your own awareness and we have recognized that as long as some one else does the work and passes the information on to you, you, Humanity as a group, do nothing. It is the foundation of your existence awareness ~ rely on it to begin to understand what has really taken place here. When you begin to take responsibility for your own existence, you will start with awareness. Very little has occurred here ~ it is a rather simple process to free yourself from Self entrapment. In Self awareness you will be able to transform your own. This is how we can tell if you are actually working on this transition ~ making a contribution to the transition by doing what truly enhances and benefits your own existence will enhance and benefit ALL existence ... and ALL is in transition. Talking about it is not doing the work. Ascension is not the transition ~ not even close.

The December 27th event will be the first of a series of accelerations. Even though the Origin of the anomaly has been eliminated, Humanity and the groups that controlled Humanity have already been programmed with another Expansion. This Expansion however was planned to be similar to the one you term ‘the fall of man’ or ‘the sinking of Atlantis’. This was planned to be the final Expansion in which the Individualizing Expression chose to ‘self destruct’, so to speak. Since It was unable to resolve the repetition (The Expansions you know of) and an incomplete existence, it had planned to turn in on itself. Unfortunately, Humanity ~ Human forms ~ exist within the anomaly. You would be compressed and transformed within this Individualizing Expressions own existence similarly to how Individuals of Atlantis time were metaphysically then physically compressed partially. That was a prior attempt of same. This is the golden year of 2012 ~ the year you were to be transformed. Unfortunately you spend little time asking about the details of that and it truly wouldn’t have mattered because you would not have been told the truth. For the truth is you have already been programmed for this planned Expansion. Within the secondary third dimension physical form there has already been implanted the instructions or directives. None of this is of The Transition. The Plan and The Expansions are not and have nothing to do with The Transition. The Transition is from The Original Event to At Ready ~ it is the advancement of The Event of The One Choice. The Plan and The Expansions are from one single Individualizing Expression who is in great pain but refuses to alter the way that it has developed to ex-press the encompassment of physical form. In an attempt to save physical form you will be altered or eliminated according to The Plan. Because this one has Self awareness but no true awareness of other, it is beginning to reach the ending of the original event in its own. Unfortunately, it is not doing that in true.

The rest of us uphold The One Choice and whence that came forth. We have advanced that. You are all part of ALL. To advance ALL You must transform the existence that You ex-press. To do that you must actually participate actively in the ex-pressing of the entirety of your existence. Members of Humanity do virtually no work on the transition of their own existence. You have been following The Plan without being aware of what the details are. A way out of Self entrapment has been shared with every Human form in multiple dimensions of not only state of consciousness but state of being and in mind and soul totality. And when there was the opportunity to step forward and end The Plan, Humanity chose not to step forward under the threats made by the Individualizing Expression and those that are manipulated and controlled by this one. In true, no one can eliminate your existence as the origin of your existence. It is however very easy to eliminate you expressions. Unfortunately, you all dwell in those ex-pressions as if you were those ex-pressions because that is where you are powerless ~ in your own projections. And that is how this one was/is controlling you and manipulating you and it seemed as if you didn’t know ~ because that was part of the programming. Anyway, you would know all of this if you simply allowed awareness now that the Origin has been eliminated ~ there is no active interference. That that you think is a block or a wall or a vial was already eliminated in this existence. If you still have blocks, you are the sustain of those. Unfortunately, you are all now the source of by products of the anomaly also because you follow and mimic this one Individualizing Expression instead of Yourself.

So, the accelerations that will begin on December are about eliminating any source and that that is of the anomaly or frankly, anything else that interferes with reaching At Ready. Humanity will be forced to begin to transform All That Is since Humanity is almost the sole source of that. Since force is acceptable to Humanity as part of their chosen way of existence ~ you have allowed this Individualizing Expression to force its way upon you 24/7 while you had awareness of this ~ this how the elimination of the anomaly will come to completion. You will have to begin to change your lifestyle. Your priorities of what you think is important must change or they will be re-arranged for you. Since you constantly allow yourself to be directed, you will all receive new directives toward At Ready. We call this being re-assigned. You allow it all the time ~ this time it will be done with a purpose and that purpose is the enhancement and benefit of your own existence and of ALL existence with no detriment to any others existence. You are always free to participate fully in The Transition Of ALL. Since this is truly the only priority, that that is an enhancement, that that contributes to The Transition is the only way now.

You will have about six months from December 27th to actively demonstrate that you are making a contribution to The Transition. The most recognizable demonstration is equal time spent transforming that that you ex-pressed and else. You will be brought to equal time if you do not simply take the initiative. And as always, the way will always be by your own choices. So I strongly suggest that you are aware of exactly what those are beginning with those that you made prior to entering into this anomaly to those you just made three seconds ago ~ aware of your initiated intentions in true ... not what you think your choices are. After six months you will be accelerated as a group regardless of how you feel that will impact your existing systems of society. As long as you act as one ~ disregarding Your own choice to Individualize ~ then there will be another movement toward At Ready which will include like intention. In other words, if you continue to group as Humanity and disregard Your own choice to Individualize as whence that come forth, we will disregard your own choice in the advancement to At Ready. So clearly understand that all that is going to take place is truly by your choice. We will honor your choice as you do.

Lisa DeMars
17 December 2000

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