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Posted by www.globalthink.com on February 28, 1999 at 15:48:42:

The Energy Center Cyber Village
Join us in our Coffee House ...
for LIVELY Discussions and LEARNING Breakthroughs :)

Imagine if there was a place that combined everything you love to do in life in one convenient location.


That's exactly what the Energy Center can offer you.

First we created a model in cyber-space so you can see what your life could look like if you had powerful resources, supportive people and opportunities to grow at your fingertips.

We call this model the Cyber Village. You can access it 24 HOURS A DAY through the Internet.

To help you succeed in bringing YOUR DREAMS to life we invite you to join us in our Coffee House to engage in LIVELY DISCUSSIONS and LEARNING BREAKTHROUGHS.

You may even decide to exit the JOB rat race :)

Most people today experience living the life they want only on the weekends. Then Mon. - Fri. they go back to work and do the opposite of what they love.


This is an example of living a fragmented life. It produces stress, frustration and eventually sickness and death. Not good.

Now you have an alternative by living the Energy Center lifestyle, or more simply, a lifestyle that nourishes your body, mind and spirit, supports your continual growth and learning and fills your day with all the people that you love to be with.

Sounds exciting doesn't it!

To learn more go to http://www.globalthink.com and become a member (it's free) so you can discover exactly how you can live the lifestyle of your choice 7 days a week.

You can easily do this when you learn the strategies and principles that create inner and outer balance, harmony, longevity, focus, financial/ spiritual abundance, and prosperity (just to name a few).

Your ability to integrate each day with these
success concepts and principles of the Energy Center will yield great rewards in all areas of your mental, physical, financial and spiritual life.

Your choices and the results you want to experience are only limited by your imagination. So have fun. And join the Energy Center in celebration, community and empowerment today.

You are just one click away ...

The Energy Center Cyber Village

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