How Love and Laughter Heal

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Posted by Rusty Morgan on March 15, 1999 at 13:01:39:

Our emotions create different patterns
on molecules called neuropeptides.
These neuropeptides, are signaling molecules, and
when they carry a pattern set down by fear or anger emotions they prepare us to withdraw
from other parts of the living universe.
The body is ready to run away or to turn and do battle. It is preparing to react to threat.
The body, in reacting to this threat is preparing us,
for running hard, for hard physical exertion. Blood cell production ceases, the cardiovascular system is tightened up, blood pressure rises, clotting factors are injected into the blood to prevent bleeding in battle. Our sensitivity to pain is decreased.
In the male, the seat of masculinity, the prostate
gland, shrinks back and the tiny vessels and ducts connected to it tighten.

This has survival value for it by passes the thought process and readies us for instant reaction to threat. However this condition is very detrimental to our health in the long run as, digestion slows down and reduces the absorption of vital elements.
Circulation, healing, and the immune system responses are put on hold.
With poor assimilation , we are vulnerable to diseases,
digestive troubles, slower recovery from illness,
lower blood cell count, less oxygen is delivered to our organs, stiffness and a sense of malaise and fatigue set in and if that weren't enough, biochemicals are injected into the bloodstream that are designed to help you fight or flee. If these chemicals are not used up (through muscular activity) they eventually breakdown into more toxic substances which the body then has to deal with.
This destructive condition of your body is of your own
It is not the outside stimulus that created this condition, it was YOUR REACTION to it.
However,when you run to life embracing emotions you do the opposite to your body.
The neuropeptides that are formed have patterns that signal the body to embrace the living universe.
Blood cell production resumes.
The cardiovascular system relaxes and blood pressure returns to normal. The blood flows more freely,
and oxygen is delivered to your organs and toxins removed. Digestion and assimilation of life giving matter and energy returns to normal.
Your immune system functions normally with macrophage
cells continuously scanning the body for toxins and free radicals and eliminating cancerous cells and foreign invaders.Cell production stabilizes and the meridians clear allowing life giving energies to flow though the system. This, you also do to yourself when you run the emotion of Love.

This is the wonderful paradox about love.

Give it away and You get more back.

If you give someone a compliment or an encouraging glance,

you create all these wonderful healing and pleasure molecules
in your own body.

Try it, You'll like it.

There is one more wonderful thing that happens and that is the electromagnetic
field that envelopes the body may strengthen itís pattern and the health and
enlightenment of the body will follow.For a more complete explanation read the:
Operation Manual For Human Being

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