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Posted by Diane Marsh Linda McGregor on March 18, 1999 at 12:49:12:

Our names are Diane Marsh and Linda McGregor. We would like to share our story and our experience with a gift we have found and are very grateful that it has come into our lives. We feel this has come to us at this time in history for a perfect reason. We hope you enjoy this post and that you are as curious as we were.
One year ago I was losing my eyesight and the only thing, the doctors said, that would save it was corneal transplants. I had No insurance and my bank balance didn't reflect the funds to cover the cost of the surgery. I was so terribly lost.

I received a call from a friend who knew what I was going through and she told me about a gentleman who she had just talked to, who had formulated some modalities that carried a universal energy that worked to balance the body and let the body do what it was designed to, heal itself. Well I thought she was crazy and I told her so. But she was a good friend. She didn't listen to me. The next day she took me to Portland, Oregon and a gentleman was there with this "stuff."
I put a dab of this gel on each eyelid and on each temple. Within seconds my eyes were ice cold. In a couple of minutes I was able to move my eyes without pain. In a few more minutes I was able to open my eyes, in a sunny room and not experience excruciating pain. I couldn't believe what was happening.

I went to my doctor the next day and he took pictures of the corneas and they were healing. What had been impossible the day before was taking place before his very eyes.

Needless to say at this point I was a believer and so were the others who witnessed what had happened to me. We talked to the formulator about getting this out to the people in need. To this point he had just been doing it himself as best as he could. Some of us had had business experience, in one form or another and we knew that all things considered the best way to begin marketing this would be through networking. So we got together with a gentleman we knew and we began a company to market Intrasound in March of 1998. The results have been remarkable. We are seeing people heal both physically as well as financially.

Diane and I have been using Intrasound for over a year now. Diane is no longer on medication for an ulcer. She is no longer on medication for what was diagnosed as arthritis. She had knee surgery in 87 and because of family history, she was aware she would need knee replacement surgery for one or both knees. She is no longer suffering with a lower back problems or chronic joint pain. She is also free of all cysts in her breasts. This has been a problem for Diane over the last twenty years. Her mother had breast cancer, so the concern was heightened. She has experienced many retracings.

I am symptom and medication free with my ulcerative colitis, I was diagnosed at age 18 and have suffered for 30 years. Twelve years ago I was placed on anti-anxiety and anti-depression medication, because my doctor just couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. Even after I had been on these medications I was still symptomatic. So in 95 they did a complete hysterectomy. That didn't help either. Within two months of using the Intrasound I was off all medications. The depression was gone. The joint pain was gone. My energy level had increased greatly. In January of this year I went to see my doctor for a physical. He was amazed. We went over my chart and I was amazed. In 95, I had been on antibiotics, nine out of twelve months. At one point in 96 I was taking eight different medications. I am still experiencing cleansing and have gone through many retracings. I have lost over twenty pounds, without trying. As our bodies are balancing, things continue to change for the better. Both Diane and I are experiencing a heightened sense of well-being.

Please read the following, Victor's words can explain this much better than ours. We can explain how we feel, and how those we have shared Intrasound with feel. But Victor 's experiences can only be shared by Victor. If you would like more information just e-mail me and I can get it right out. This is about two women who feel they have been given a gift and they must make as many people aware of it as they possibly can.

Diane and Linda


The History of Intrasound


The history of Intrasound goes back to 1957. Itís developer was living in Minnesota, a college student, when he discovered he had a considerable gift for so-called "hands-on-healing". By "hands-on-healer", we are referring to individuals who practice chiropractic medicine, acupuncture, reflexology, iridology, massage therapy and other forms of complementary medicine. Through the course of time he began to suspect and become aware of what is often referred to as the "universal energy" that is everywhere around us. It became the object of a life-long pursuit to attempt to identify the nature of this energy; was it magnetism, was it radio waves, was it spirituality? In time, while studying a regular Liberal Arts curriculum at college, he began to study on his own a separate and parallel curriculum; self-education at the University of Minnesota.
There were many fragments of the whole truth collected from researchers throughout history that collectively suggested, always, that YES there was/is a force out there, probably beyond the material dimension of space-time from which issues the signals, much like a TV or radio signal, that when focused produces a material "picture on the screen" or "radio program."
The thought always was that, perhaps, the strength of this intangible force could be gathered and focused - sort of the way you would focus a magnifying glass on a tiny spot of the sun.
Through the intervening decades he continued to study acupuncture philosophy and practice reflexology therapy and a large number of healing techniques that seem to have the common theme that there is an energy force that supports human, animal and plant health and vigor that transforms disorder into order.
It was only in 1990 that, after abandoning years of working with alternative healing techniques that, merely by intuition, revelation or accident, he stumbled upon the system of Intrasound .
Intrasound is based upon an enormous geometrically perfect array of passive resonators that resound (or reflect) each as a single voice (note) and huge choir of unbelievably high frequency sound. These sounds are inaudible to any ear and most instruments because the notes are all close to a frequency range of 10 to the 43rd per second. A picture of these elements would look like a giant TV antenna dish pointing at the stars. Each note is in perfect harmony, although different from all of the hundreds of other notes. Together they produce a sound we call Intrasound that seems to have a miraculous ordering and organizing effect on all material substances including human, plant and animal DNA.
Most inventions in history seem to fall into the category of the serendipitous, accidental trial that works, i. e. James Watts inventing the steam engine while watching his tea kettle boil; or the addition of sulfur to a small ball of rubber to vulcanize it, etc. It was discovered that pieces of copper, pieces of fiberglass containing silicon molecules, pieces of computer grade silicon dioxide used to make chips, could all be permanently programmed to reflect this harmonious signal by focusing this high-frequency sound chord on them - sort of the way a computer chip is programmed to semi-conduct or microprocess a signal. This led, not only to the creation of topical gels and other devices to eradicate disorders in living structures, but also led Intrasound into unexpected pathways, working with computer chips to make them faster and more efficient in their performance.
Physicians in their practices have used Intrasound devices successfully, and by friend and acquaintances of the discoverer successfully since 1991. Intrasound has been scientifically proven and the frequency has been demonstrated to be present and effective using laboratory instruments that measure energy fields.
Finally, during the past seven years that it has taken to field test the results of using Intrasound and in the development of the present day methods of producing a large supply for a world market, there has been no dissipation or loss of energy activity potential in the gel, powder or other modalities. They are just as strong today as they were when they were made seven years ago, and this seems to be truly the miracle of the power of the energy grids of the universe.


Intrasound Basic Concept

Intrasound is a new and unique technology invented by Victor D. Roehrich. It consists of a means of reordering disordered genetic organization in living systems that have DNA as their basic governing means. If one were to think of DNA as the program of a computer system running an organism, then Intrasound would correspond to the computer language. It consists of a nexus of super-holographic fields of phonons, i.e. fields of sound energy that resonate at frequencies reaching into the quintillions per second. As the developers of Intrasound, we have perfected a means of imposing a perfect array of these signals upon a very simple formula of a co-polymer gel, that can be applied topically, and a Kaolin Clay powder, that is ingestable. Intrasound can be applied topically to various areas of injury or pathology on human, plant or animal systems or the powder can be ingested. This has resulted in a very high success rate with a wide variety of medical challenges.



There have been many discoveries through the centuries reflecting this idea and Intrasound is the serendipitous synthesis of ancient and modern healing techniques. Seven years ago the first array of passive resonators was constructed by us. It allowed us to perform very successful alternative relief on high caliber racehorses that suffered injuries and disorders at California racetracks. This experience encouraged us to begin working with friends and acquaintances; successfully assisting in the relief of a number of disorders. We were most encouraged to discover a means to scientifically measure the results of a sick or injured person being in intimate contact with an Intrasound modality. This measuring device is a vacuum volt-meter. Testing the relative balance of nerve-tone in a human or animal body allowing us to feel secure that at least we were causing no harm, and indeed doing great good for the patient.
The next seven years involved the increasing of the potency of the product, judging its duration as an active physiological agent and developing the means of manufacturing very large supplies of potentiated gel and powder for an international market. All Intrasound products are based on very hypoallergenic, physiologically inert approved substances that are merely carriers or vectors permanently programmed to resonate the universal genetic balancing signal. We have products in our possession produced five years ago that have not lost or diminished their strength or balance. These specimens have been experimentally exposed to very high temperatures and electromagnetic fields such as radiation, radio frequencies, etc. They continue to microprocess a powerful, balanced Intrasound life supporting signal. This is a gift from God.
Diane Marsh and Linda McGregor
(509) 734-9993
Kennewick, Washington

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