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Posted by Peter M. ( on August 07, 2003 at 10:53:21:

Hi Jan,

How are you? It's been a while. I hope you guys are well. Glad to see your site is still going strong!

Peter M.

Check out this article:

Sen. Durbin's Vitamin Bill
Termed A Diversion
By John Hammell

To B Vaughan
From: John Hammell
Subject: Re: URGENT - STOP Senator Dick Durbin's War On Vitamins!

Hi, John. I saw this on Jeff Rense's site early this morning- you may
know about Dick Durbin already, but I knew it couldn't hurt to send this
anyway. Thanks for the newsletters!

Best regards,

I will NOT send this out because it is a RED HERRING. Durbin's bill only has 3 co-sponsors. 96% of all bills that are introduced are KILLED and are NEVER PASSED INTO LAW. This bill does NOT have a head of steam behind it, and a far BIGGER threat, a REAL threat is if ANH is not able to get the donations they need to sustain their lawsuit to overturn the EU FSD. They have to file their lawsuit by mid September, and far too many people are getting all up in arms about a bill that is going NOWHERE.

I watched the ephedra hearing that just took place recently in the House. FDA Commissioner McLellan was grilled by Congressman Greenwood and others who tried hard to get him to say that "DSHEA ties FDA's hands keeping them from protecting the public, and FDA needs help from Congress to rectify the situation." But McLellan refused to give them that. He would not say what they wanted him to say, and THAT is going to make it EXTREMELY UNLIKELY that this bill will move. ...

Article continues at


You wrote:

: Hi everybody,
: Your rights to obtain dietary supplements of your choice are eroding away unless you take quick action. Pharmaceutical interests are working hard to destroy the supplements industry, since it competes with their drug industry. What you need to understand is that this assault is on a worldwide level, and as such, will be able to "bypass" protection laws of individual countries. Please read the following except about the problem and follow the below link to read the rest of the article and get more information on how you can help. I also welcome any discussion on this topic.

... etc. ...

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