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Posted by BLANTONfoundation on August 04, 1999 at 23:02:02:

Free Alternative Healing

We, the BLANTON foundation, would like to share some information with you that may be very valuable to
you and/or your friends and family. We hope that you will read and consider our offer. Here, before you, lies an
invitation like none other. Our proposal is simple and genuine; for without honesty success is short lived.
If you will, imagine living with the chronic pain or fear from any of the volumous diseases currently
plaguing the human body today. Aids, arthritis or cancer to name a few. While this daunting image is in your
mind, imagine receiving effective healing principles, applying them to your life and beginning to see your body
and mind conform to the condition of health. All this and not one doctor's bill, insurance bill or any other
demand for payment to ever dampen the flame of your new found health. As the words "yea right" doubtfully
slip into your thoughts- dare to hope, dare to believe, dare to try!
Please permit me to make the point again. You have before you the invitation to receive healing
guidance at no cost or charge to you whatsoever. You will be led step by step through a personalized plan to
bring your mind/body into a condition of health. After submitting some information about your particular
condition, you will be supplied with the guidance and counsel ideal for your personal healing plan.
All that you will be recommended to take for your illness is drug free and can be found in your local
supermarket or health food store. As you evolve toward your state of healing or upon reaching your desired level
of healing, decide for yourself the degree of worth of our service provided for you. If, and I repeat if, you believe
that this service has benefited you in health, then, it is asked that you willingly consider offering a donation
comparable to the worth of benefit that you have received, according to your personal blessings. In doing so you
will become instrumental in the healing cycle of others.
Your donation will be used in the development of our education and child development program that is
forcasted to become a paradigm of excellence in the world of education. We believe that we also have the
answer to the violence rampant in our school children in this nation and we want to demonstrate and educate
any parent and/or child and of course, the nation, of the solution. You will become instrumental in this free
offered service concerning the healing of minds and the development of intellect in the academic arena but more
importantly in the development of ethics.
Essentially, as you will have received healing physically, you will have the opportunity to assist in the
healing of our nation's children's minds. The choice will always be up to you! As freely as you will receive, it
will be your decision to freely give to the needs of others, so they may also partake freely.
We know not of a natural healing service such as ours. One that offers its service for absolutely no
charge, is highly effective and gives you an opportunity to in turn help with the healing and educating of others.
I encourage you to accept our invitation and begin to enjoy the creative potential of health that already lies
within you and has waited for quite some time for an opportunity such as this to be stirred to action. To start, all
you have to do is request our help. We will send you a healing application that will require your honesty about
you illness. After you fill it out, please return it and we will send you your free therapy for restoration.
If you don't need or may not know anyone needing healing at this time, but you are moved to help this
foundation, because you believe that the healing of our children's minds as well as the nations as a whole is a
noteworthy cause, we welcome your contribution.
We look forward to working with you as a team as you journey toward a life of health and joy.

Bring Love And Nourishment To Our Nations Foundation
Motto: Make this a disease free nation
help the BLANTON foundation.

Try this, it works. Please send this email to your friends who need healing and have them respoond to

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