Banksters attack Healer - URGENT HELP NEEDED!

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Posted by Jan Rosenstreich ( on 00:37:40 04/12/2004

This is being forwarded from an email. This should be an eye opener and a plea for help. The 1st part is written by Kathy Greene Fucetola, the 2nd part by Sharry Edwards.


Funny how synchronicities work.

You think of something and it begins appearing all about you in slightly mutated ways. It is Easter weekend and so words like "sacrifice" and "resurrection" are being repeated over the tv and radio waves. Then there is "The Movie". The one about the pain of sacrifice- about the suffering one endured to honor his truth. I am noticing "sacrifice" all about me.

My husband and I have worked to help protect the field of alternative health opportunities since meeting in the late 60's. We have watched many suffer and sacrifice as they fight for the right to control their own health choices. We have seen others "disappear" in order to protect themselves and their wonderful inventions from attack and seizure. We have seen businesses fold because of the high expense of defending against the onslaught of those who want their products off the market.

I am a Human BioAcousticsä Research Associate of Sharry Edwards. I have been working with her for the past decade, amazed at her genius and dedication to serving those who need her. Her work is cutting edge and exceptional. As she develops a 3D matrix of frequency equivalents and the means and avenues to use them, she is creating a way to make our lives and our health easier to understand and control. There are some that don't like that. There are those who make their profit on the problems that Sharry deals with. They prefer to see her research slowed down. There are some that are jealous of her abilities. They will take her ideas and that which she has developed and market same as their own, diverting funds that could have furthered this new Science.

I have watched Sharry suffer the attacks of fools and thieves. I have seen her drained of energy as those who should protect this sacred work, some operating from positions of power, seek instead, to hold her back. I have seen laws perverted and language twisted to disadvantage her. Those doing this are base and ignorant. They are crippling a Science that they, themselves, may someday need. They are preventing the miracles that result from her work.

I have seen many of those miracles. I watched my sweating, retching husband s temperature drop to normal after just 8 minutes of sounds created by Sharry. He looked perplexed. The nausea had completely disappeared, and wow! He felt normal . When my son was suffering from both a virus and dehydration and his doctor was recommending emergency surgery to unclog him, I saw him unclog himself- using sounds from Sharry. I have met people who used to have emphysema and are now fine. I have worked with a young formerly frozen tetraplegic who had to blink his eyes to communicate. After four years of sound work with Sharry, he has taken his first walk around the block, he can use his hands to sign and he is beginning to taste food and make sounds. I have seen people in pain leave Sharry s office pain free. I have seen people, grey with poor circulation, walk out looking pink and healthy. How does this work? We are energy- nothing but energy. There are no solids and Einstein proved that. Each of us is a walking symphony- and when our sounds our energies- become unbalanced, it shows up in our physical beings. Sharry has been able to decipher many of those sounds and figure out the different ways that they work in the different pathways of our bodies. She has figured out why different people will use the same energy in different ways and how to adjust for that. This work is not complete, and Sharry works from early morning to early morning to fill in that growing mathematical matrix of energy frequency equivalents.

Keeping this research alive and growing has not been easy. Sharry has had to sacrifice much materially, as well as time with her family and friends. She has lived simply so that funds could be used for more and more research. It costs money to do this research, especially in a scientific way, and now what little money there was, has been seized.

You see, Sharry appears to be under attack by a Bank. I say that this is a deliberate attack, because the notice of lien she received gave her five days to answer but was mailed to her five days after being issued!! The Bank is claiming money from her on a loan that she did not make. The signature on this loan was not made by her- most likely it was created by a former employee who embezzled much from the company- and the Bank does not dispute this. Nonetheless, they are playing dirty. They have seized her accounts and a certain Mafia styled Ohio law (one condemned by other states) allows this behavior.

Rife, Reich, Tesla, Dinshah and many others were driven from their work and hounded to death or distraction by Powers who weren't worthy to lick their feet. It is Sharry's intent to "stay the course"-- but she does need help at this time. Thanks to the Bank, money is now no longer available. Research expenses must be met if she is to be able to focus on further developments. Those developments may bring about information and perhaps even cures for chronic diseases. Those developments may affect our longevity and the quality of our lives. Those developments may prevent genetic problems from ever occurring. What would having such ability be worth to you? Would you sacrifice a little bit to see this science along? If those who love and respect this science could each sacrifice a little, Sharry can move forward to do those brilliant things she does best!

Consider a world where all health information is lost to those already corrupted by ego and power. It is too close for comfort! Now consider a health session where your personal frequency equivalents, as analyzed from your voiceprint, can be fed into a computer and from there into a matrix of frequency equivalents, showing not only where your energy problems exist and what they are, but what pathway they took to get there! Follow that pathway back to harmony . Sharry is already doing this. Your contribution will help her continue to make that Matrix and the ways to fine tune it more complete- this science will become more widely available as the technology develops. You can help in that development.

The Sound Health Research Institute is a 501c(3) organization developed to further the research of BioAcoustics. Contributions are tax deductible, and are very much needed at this time. Please consider making a contribution to this Institute and please, forward this information to those you know who are also looking for better pathways . Edgar Cayce said that in the 21st century, much healing would be through the usage of sound . Sharry Edwards is the person developing this means to health. But I don t know how much longer she can do this without the support of those who will ultimately benefit from her dedication. Can you, please, contribute something?

Sound Health Research Institute, Inc. a non-profit, exempt, tax deductible organization, wants to help preserve Ms. Edwards Work. You can help us by going to, opening up the Urgent Appeal page there and donating whatever you can; every donation, no matter what amount, will help. Also, please forward this email to anyone you think might be able to help, and link to our Urgent Appeal page. There is a statement from Sharry Edwards below that I think everyone should read.



Statement from Ms. Edwards, Easter Sunday 2004

Terrorism upheld as legal by Ohio Court

This can't be happening! I'm sitting here with one sock on, my mind in an intellectual stupor of disbelief. My thoughts are racing in an attempt to make rational sense of it all; my body frozen in the simple act of trying to put my other sock on so that I can face the day. They only took things. I can live with that and I can continue to work and earn money no matter how they try to terrorize me. "How can this happen," I silently inquire on some internal level? How can a large banking conglomerate use a "cognovit note" claiming that my name was affixed to it nearly a decade ago, to seize my personal bank accounts?

I wasn't even aware of what a cognovit note was and had never been allowed to review the documents that were being referring to. When the Bank had first informed me of this debt, I had asked repeatedly for them to provide copies of the originating documents to me. I continued to ask for seven years with no results. I had provided copies of court documents to them showing that another person had already admitted, among other things, to signing my name to documents associated with the loan they referred to but the Bank still refused to provide a copy of the loan documents they claimed existed. It seemed they didn't care to help me prove that someone else had originated this debt.

The Bank claimed that a cognovit note, that was part of the loan, gave them the right to hire an attorney for me even though I hadn't signed for the loan. It gave them the right to hire someone I had never met in any way ?to go to court as my representative without my knowledge or consent and confess that I was guilty. I was notified after the fact that I must pay back a loan that was consummated by someone else using my name. Having my identify raped seven years ago was devastating but to now be faced with the fact that the bank was eager to hold me responsible when they knew full well that someone else is culpable was incomprehensible.

The fact that the statue of limitations had run out on the loan didn't stop the Court from agreeing with Big Banking that I should be found guilty without recourse, without a court appearance and without representation that I was aware of. How can this kind of terrorism exist in America? The realization that it has already existed for many years begin to creep into my awareness. Collections agencies pray on this kind of terror. That is why it works so well. Keep the person terrorized and they are more pliable, more cooperative. This ploy should be considered criminal. In reality a cognovit note on a consumer loan is a criminal offense in many states, including Ohio but that didn't stop the Court or the Bank from finding me guilty behind my back and then acting on that counterfeit guilt in a terrorist fashion.

They've taken the funds from my checking and savings accounts - all of it. Well that's not completely true, they left .01 cents in my account. They left me a penny. The amount they took wasn't much in terms of what a large bank is worth, but it was a huge amount for me. Such a large bank doesn't need my pittance of a bank account. The repugnant result was to terrorize me; to make me behave so that I would cave in and pay them in order to be free from the pain, the fear, and the dread. Terrorizing me in this manner is probably a very effective tactic for a Bank because it uses the basic need for safety to force compliance through fear.

A thought swirled through my mental space as I was trying to sort out the facts from the emotional terror. It dawned on me that I can't buy groceries or even go out to eat because they have also maxed out the overdraft on my credit card. It seems the papers they used to find me guilty state that they can have my money, my property and my credit. An involuntary moan/sigh (I can't determine which) escapes from deep inside. I just remembered that I promised my granddaughter that I would help her buy her prom dress. Another thought dances across my mind. I can't send Ben his money for his gym shoes that I promised him. Where will I get the money for a simple pair of sneakers for my beloved grandson? He trusts me. I'm his Grandma. I have always been able to come through when his parents can't provide the little extras that make a childhood just a little sweeter. I can't let him down!

I finally get it. The intent all along has been to break me, to terrorize me. To move against the one principle that most Americans take for granted. The basic need to feel safe. I can tell you from the inside of my being that it is horrific to feel NOT safe. This is a great lesson for me. I begin to realize that this attack is an unconscionable atrocity against the basic right of all humans to feel safe. What I'm going through is so small and insignificant compared to what is happening in other parts of the world but it is nevertheless earth-shattering to my well-being.

Moving through the day, through the motions of being human without feeling safe is an incredibly insidious experience especially when the terrorizing is being done by those we were are taught to trust without reservation ? our banking and court systems. I will not bow to what they expect! I know that I can't be alone in this. This must have happened to many other people if this law has gotten so much attention that there is actually an Ohio Code that prevents it from being legal for consumer loans. [2323.11 (E)]

I slowly begin to realize that at the root of my terror, is the basic fact that I've been betrayed by those who by law are charged with being impartial, judicious, reasonable and fair! I'm astonished to realize that I don't feel safe in a land that is supposed to be all about freedom and safety and choice.

But that is their target - my need to feel safe. Another fear crowds my mind. "What will they seize next," I ponder? By law, what can they take? By law they can't hold me responsible if someone else signed my name to a paper-but it happened. By law they can't hold someone responsible after the statue of limitations has run out-but it happened. It's done, I've been found guilty. The Court helped them do it, and the only way to get my property back is to go to court against them. But how can I do that with no money? Maybe that was their intention. Take my means of hiring an attorney so I can't fight back. In the meantime I'm forced to do without. Everyone that I'm responsible for is being forced to do without.

My head drops into my hands in despair and frustration. How can I fight Big Banking and the Court system? I feel like sobbing. But what's the point? It won't help. The only thing that will help is to make sure that the law that was used against me can never be used against anyone else, EVER! I know the commitment I will make. I must carefully plan a murder. I will help murder the dreaded cognovit notes that immoral banking institutions try to use against people when they are fully aware that the person they are pursing is not responsible. I will see to it that such a law that allows lending institutions to terrorize the little people, the poor, those not having the means to fight them, ends up being abolished with mandatory retroactive payments to the Americans that have been subject to such abuse by Big Brother Banking.

There is no purpose in resenting this abuse of power - it only provides energy to the problem not the solution. There is no purpose in being upset. Assigning blame has never resolved a problem. Things change only when we are determined enough to embrace change by standing up for what is right. I only need to remember that people who always follow never end up making a difference. I must be courageous enough to face those in power knowing my retaliation will be to make the world a more grace full place. I'm in good company this Easter Sunday, 2004.

Sharry Edwards

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