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Mandatory Vaccination Is Medical Genocide

by Dr. Grady A. Deal, Ph.D., D.C.

June 17, 1996

Taking vaccines made from blood of humans, aborted fetuses, diseased pigs and monkeys, mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde is a violation of God's law and more of a cause of disease than a cure. First Corinthians 3:16-17 and Deuteronomy 14:3 and 24:21 warns us not to defile the temple of God, our bodies, with anything unclean, which includes poisonous vaccines purposely designed to make us sick and dependent and to destroy the biological integrity and immunocompetence of the human race.

Clinton, the ultimate Establishment degenerant, is now pushing his 100% vaccination agenda - all in the name of protecting the health and welfare of the public. Setting themselves up as gods, Clinton and his toadies are forcing you to allow the innocent flesh of your children to be defiled with vaccines containing pus, filth and decaying blood of humans, unborn babies and animals, and only then, after the health of your loved ones is compromised, can they enter the sanctuary of the government controlled schools, which, continues the next step in the program of destruction of body, mind and spirit.

Eustace Mullins in his book, Murder by Injection says, "Under the leadership of the nation's two most notorious quacks, Simmons and Fishbein (directors of the American Medical Association), a gigantic nationwide drug operation was perfected....Today, we suffer from a host of debilitating ailments, both mental and physical, nearly all of which can be traced directly to the operations of the chemical and drug (and vaccine) monopoly, and which pose the greatest threat to our continued existence as a nation."

The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) operated by Dissatisfied Parents Together (DPT)...charges that they have obtained evidence through the Freedom of Information Act that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is failing to properly monitor reports of deaths and injuries following vaccination and that doctors around the country are failing to report deaths and injuries which occur after vaccination. Government burea-rats report only 144 deaths annually associated with vaccines but NVIC-DPT found an estimated 5,760 deaths each year caused by vaccines. 159 doctors' offices in seven states were surveyed by NVIC-DPT. In New York, only one out of 40 doctors' offices confirmed that they report a death or injury following vaccination. This shameful cover-up of vaccine caused injury and death by doctors around the country and the federal government is why more and more parents are losing faith in mandatory vaccination. The doctors do not want to be sued for vaccine injury; they are pressured by medical Establishment to look the other way; and government goons sanction this form of legalized murder.

In How To Raise A Healthy Child In Spite Of Your Doctor , Robert Mendelsohn, M.D. writes "The greatest threat of childhood diseases lies in the dangerous and ineffectual efforts made to prevent them through mass immunization...There is no convincing scientific evidence that mass inoculations can be credited with eliminating any childhood disease...There are significant risks associated with every immunization and numerous contraindications that make it dangerous for the shots to be given to your child...Have we traded mumps and measles for cancer and leukemia?...I would urge you to reject all innoculations for your child."

Viera Scheibner, Ph.D. in an article and in her book, Vaccination: 100 Years of Orthodox Research Shows that Vaccines Represent a Medical Assault on the Immune System charges "The fact is that many countries that call themselves free succumbed to medical dictatorship...people are sicker and less healthy...A country which mandates vaccination is not a free country...It is a country of zombies who do what they are told by vested interests who intimidate them and use them to make money.

"25,000...American babies succumb to cot deaths (crib death or sudden infant death) each year...Vaccination is the single biggest cause of cot death...When Japan moved the vaccination age to 2 years, the cot death entity disappeared in that country (Cherry et al. 1988).

"Sweden stopped administering the whooping cough vaccination in 1979 because...epidemics of whooping cough were occurring in fully vaccinated children...Not only did whooping cough become a mild disease with no deaths, but the age incidence of whooping cough returned to normal...clearly indicating that the vaccine was actually spreading the disease within the most vulnerable age group."

"Immunizations, including those practiced on babies, not only did not prevent at infectious diseases, they caused more suffering and more deaths than has any other human activity in the entire history of medical intervention...All vaccination should cease forthwith and all victims of their side-effects should be appropriately compensated.

"Vaccinated children commonly exhibit a deranged immunological response by developing atypical measles, mumps and possibly many other atypical manifestations of the diseases targeted by vaccines. It is far better, then, to allow the natural processes to proceed without harmful interference...Vaccination, by introducing viruses directly into the blood stream (thereby bypassing initial entry through the protective lymph nodes, thymus and spleen systems), far from preventing diseases, actually pushes the disease into a chronic form and deeper into the body where it then attacks vital organs. The results of suppressing measles and other infections in this manner (by vaccination) are cancer and other auto-immune and chronic disease.

"It is becoming more and more obvious that, instead of healing people, the orthodox medical system is creating more and more diseases -- all of which seem to be deadly...Indeed, after studying some 35,000 pages of orthodox medical papers, I found no evidence whatsoever that vaccines ever prevented any diseases."

Harris L. Coulter, Ph.D. in DPT: A Shot in the Dark warns us that "Between 15 and 20 percent of American school children are considered to be learning disabled with minimal brain dysfunction (directly caused by vaccine damage). And in his book, Vaccination, Social Violence and Criminality: The Medical Assault on the American Brain, Dr. Coulter writes "Developmental (learning) disabilities are nearly always generated by encephalitis. And the primary cause of encephalitis in the United States and other industrialized countries is the childhood vaccination program...A large proportion of the millions of U.S. children and adults suffering from autism, seizures, mental retardation, hyperactivity, dyslexia, and other shoots and branches of the hydra-headed entity called 'developmental disabilities,' owe their disorders to one or another of the vaccines against childhood diseases. The so-called 'sociopathic personality,' which is at the root of the enormous increase in crime of the past two decades, is also largely rooted in vaccine damage. Thus, the vaccination program...has contributed to the wave of violent crime which is turning our cities into jungles where the strong and the vicious prey upon the weak and unprotected.

An anonymous doctor in the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, Feb.-Mar., 1994, states "The medical paradigm that suggests vaccinations confer 'immunity' upon us, is, at best an economic conspiracy or at worst, a hoax...(Vaccination) unquestionably weakens the defense system of the entire human race, generation after generation...We will continue to witness plagues of diseases as yet unnamed...Childhood diseases are absolutely essential in the developmental process of the defense complex -- both individually as well as globally...The case with compulsory vaccinations is nothing more than a massive experiment on a global scale with the high potential for a deadly backlash....Vaccinations...must not be allowed to destroy the hard-won biological integrity and genetic immunocompetence of the human race."

Mandatory vaccination is a genocidal; its true function is to initiate our stupidity, gullibility and loyalty into the genocidal medical Mafia, which is then free of any restraint to misdiagnose and mismanage underlying toxicity, free radical pathology, allergy, hypothyroidism, candidiasis, cardiovascular disease, cancer and other diseases for the express purpose of making us too sick and dependent to resist the control of those who the medical monopoly from behind the scenes. The same medical Establishment gave hundreds of thousands of our Gulf War soldiers anthrax and botulism vaccines against their will; did not record their crime in their medical records; refuse to provide treatment; and destroy holistic doctors who have developed an effective antibiotic treatment -- all for the purpose of weakening our military preparedness by destroying the soldiers faith in and willingness to fight for their own sold-out government. Whose government is this anyway? Whose children are these? This is your government and those children are yours.

No one under any circumstances has the right or power to vaccinate you or your children against your will and conviction. If they attempt to do so, you can legally charge them with assault with a deadly weapon and they must accept full responsibility for any vaccine injury and death. All mandatory vaccination laws, including the military and foreign travel, contain legal exemptions and waivers, including medical and health related contraindications, religious opposition and personal beliefs, which in effect, make it voluntary, meaning that if you comply, you take full responsibility for injury and death caused by vaccines. Exemptions are included in compulsory vaccination laws to protect vaccine companies, vaccine pushing doctors and the government not you, because if the government allowed no exceptions, they must accept full responsibility for all vaccine injury and death. Intimidation is used to force compliance in order to transfer the responsibility back to you when you finally submit to deadly vaccines.

Repeal all state and federal mandatory vaccination policies. Support freedom of choice. You may order Dr. Deal's seven article series on the dangers of vaccines, which includes more detailed information on legal exemption from vaccination. May God bless and protect you.

About the author:
Dr. Grady A. Deal, Ph.D., D.C. is a holistic, nutritional chiropractor with a Ph.D. in psychological counseling. Dr. Deal is founder-director of Hawaiian Wellness Holiday, a health vacation program on beautiful Kauai, and he is author of Dr. Deal's Delicious Detox Diet, Weight Loss, Wellness Lifestyle, Dr. Deal's Delicious Recipes and Dr. Deal's Holistic Chiropractic Examination Protocol books.

Dr. Deal provides telephone and mail nutritional, health and weight loss counseling, supplements, books, teaches his methods as part of his wellness holiday program in Hawaii and lecture-workshops on the mainland, and offers distributorships for the top health and weight loss products.

For a hair analysis, send 2 tablespoons of hair (cut close to the scalp, arm pits or pubic area) along with payment of $78 and a statement with your age, any medications and health problems. Contact Dr. Deal at P.O. Box 279, Koloa, Kauai, Hawaii 96756, telephone (808) 332-9244.

Call toll free (800) 338-6977 for orders only (no health questions please). Mastercard and Visa accepted. Dr. Deal will return your call collect, if you like, to answer any short health questions. Request a free list of supplements for general use health problems and weight loss.



Troubled Teens and Children

by Dorothy Ann Cole, M.Ed.
Spiritual Healer and Shaman

Teenagers who are experimenting with smoking, drinking, and drugs are at high risk for spirit attachment on the aura and demonic possession. Behaviorally, they will tend to be angry and sometimes violent, and may engage in behavior that is either self-destructive or attacks other family members. In recent years we are seeing more evidence of extremely violent behavior in schools by teens. Why is this occurring and what can be done about it?

Auraopathy offers an amazingly effective solution that does not require drugs; and in some cases, the teen does not even have to be aware of the process. Here is one case to illustrate.

Mary, 17, had been doing drugs and alcohol for sometime. She would "run away" from one parental home to the other when the rules did not suit her. She yelled and screamed at her parents with little or no provocation. She kicked in a door and put a hole in the wall. To finance her drug purchases, she arranged for some of her friends to break into her parents' home and steal jewelry and money. She stole her younger sister's babysitting money, over $200. Mary was every parents' nightmare.

When her mother told me what was happening, I discussed various options with her. She decided that I would do the aura clearing without her daughter's knowing. I did an intake with the mother and then cleared Mary. Mary had both spirit attachments and demonic possession.

Within 24 hours, the mother called me back. Mary had come home, acted ashamed and remorseful, admitted having her friends steal, and apologized. She even promised to pay back the babysitting money to her sister. The family was astonished. Mary managed to stay in school and graduate. She is now working, living on her own.

Spirit attachment and demonic possession are phenomenon that have been known for centuries. However, traditional psychological and scientific investigations are not viable in proving the existence of such entities beyond the empirical domain. When spirits do attach to the aura, they may profoundly influence the thoughts and behaviors of the person adversely. Since the aura envelopes or houses the soul , a person with spirit attachment may lose a sense of right and wrong and a connection to the conscience. Demonic possession seems to correlate highly with people who smoke cigarettes, causing severe depression and possible suicidal thoughts. Teens unable to cope with such feelings turn to drugs or alcohol in an attempt to relieve these overwhelming feelings. Demons actually enter into the brain and go to the hypophysis. This gland is located near the pineal gland and acts like a relay station between the cognitive and emotional centers of the brain. The demons then play out through the teen, causing him to do things that would not be apart of the child's normal behavior.

When Johnny's mother came to see me, she was at her wits' end. Johnny, age 7, had tantrums, behaved violently and inappropriately toward his classmates. The mother had him in counseling and was trying various other practitioners who suggested herbs, vitamins, and a variety of different processes. Nothing was working, and his behavior was getting more bizarre. He was propositioning other little boys to have sex with him. In this case, I worked with Johnny and his mother in person, clearing both their auras and the rest of the family. At that time, I knew nothing of demonic possession, so all I did was clear the spirit attachments.

A week later, his mother called absolutely thrilled. Johnny's behavior was back to normal. There had been no tantrums or evidence of inappropriate behavior. The mother was then concerned that there were negative energies around his school and recreation center. She asked if I could do something about those areas. I again cleared the negative energies using Auraopathy techniques.

Jonathon, age 19, and his mother and siblings had been living in Europe for several years. When they returned to the states to California, the mother noticed that something was terribly wrong with Jonathon. Although he knew his name and the date, he was not functioning very well. "It's like he is not all here," his mother reported. She also told me that over the last few years Jonathon had experimented with lots of different drugs: cocaine, speed, marijuana, crack and heroin along with alcohol.

When I attempted to lead Jonathon through the aura clearing process over the phone, he kept interrupting. At a point, he told me he was "soulless." When the static on the phone line became too intrusive, I suggested he have his mother call me back. When she called me back, she said that they had talked and Jonathon had said somethings that she knew were not true. However, she wondered why he would say such things. I practice in Washington State, and they lived in California. Jonathon told his mother that I had asked him to have sexual intercourse with him. Startled, I laughed when I realized what I was up against.

"Oh, the demons are really trying to stop this clearing from happening. Fortunately, they are not very smart. They are also causing the static on the phone line," I explained. Within a few minutes of the clearing his aura and core, his mother reported that she began seeing changes. I also did a soul retrieval, bringing back in his complete soul identity which had retreated, causing him to feel "soul-less."

The next day, she said that he is back and very angry at his father who engages regularly in putting Jonathon down. Deep-seated emotions often rise up after an aura clearing. The next week, Jonathon had come to terms with his father's emotional abuse. He was managing his feelings and starting to make plans for his life. Curious about his soulessness, I determined how many demons were in possession of Jonathon. There were over 10,000! No wonder he felt "soul-less," he was being pushed out of his body, mind and spirit.

Many of the behaviors and symptoms described here are not just happening with teens. Spirit attachment and demonic possession are much more common than most people want to believe. I have worked with many couples where one spouse will call "so grateful that you got rid of my husband's (or wife's) anger." Often adults too turn to drugs or alcohol to mask the pain they are feeling, attracting in these less-than-desirable influences. It takes only two alcoholic drinks to open an aura. The frequency of the aura, measured in cycles per second (cps) drops to 800. An aura clearing will boost the cps to over 5000 which protects a person from such negative influences.

If you know of any troubled teens or anyone who is suffering from severe depression or extremely angry or who is "not himself, " please give them this information.

Dorothy Ann Cole, M.Ed., Spiritual Healer and Shaman, may be contacted at or 509-395-2427 for appointments.



Doctors kill more people than guns and traffic accidents

by Don Harkins

SANDPOINT -- Last St. Patrick's Day, Sandpoint Chiropractor Blaze Welch gave a lecture on how to "get off of the disease scary-go-round" at the Gardenia Center here. The purpose of the talk, which was sponsored by the North Idaho chapter of Vaccination Liberation, was to teach people that they are responsible for their own health. Dr. Welch also discussed figures from right out of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) which prove, through accurate interpretations of their own words, that in the last century we chose the wrong fork in the road with regard to our health care paradigm.

Most people have been conditioned to believe in what is called the "germ theory" of disease -- that germs cause disease. The truth is that germs (bacteria) are everywhere and they are attracted to and proliferate in dis-eased tissues.

Bacteria decompose dead matter. That is their job. For instance, when a tree dies, bacteria come in and eat the tree and it eventually becomes soil. Bacteria does not eat a live, healthy tree. The same thing is true in people -- bacteria are attracted to dead matter. Therefore, if you have dead matter in your body, bacteria will come in and get to work decomposing the dead tissue so that it may eventually become soil.

In the mid 1800s, western medical science had the choice of going one of two ways. Bechamp's theory of disease maintained that every living thing has arisen from the microzyma (the "fundamental unit of the corporate organism") and "every living thing is reducible to the microzyma."

Bechamp believed that microzymas secrete fermentative substances that aid in digestion in a healthy body and evolve into bacteria when they encounter dead or damaged cells.

Pasteur's germ theory of disease maintained that diseases come into our bodies and make germs that we must fight so that we may be rid of them. J.I. Rodale explained Pasteur's "germ theory" of disease by stating that, "Germs live in the air, every once in awhile get into a human body, multiply and cause illness. Nothing to it at all. All you have to do is kill germs and disease is licked."

Bechamp's theory placed all of the responsibility of disease prevention on the individual and his lifestyle. In a practical sense, there was no money in that and people would be empowered with the ability to resist dis-ease by taking care of themselves.

Western medical science went with Pasteur's theory because it opened the door which created the world's medical and pharmaceutical industries. Since the 1850s, we have been developing new drugs to attack and kill the disease invaders and the result has been epidemics of cancers and sicknesses and diseases -- and a very rich and powerful pharmaceutical industry.

"Last year," commented Dr. Welch, "the pharmaceutical industry did $182 billion in drug sales world wide." In contrast to that figure, it cost approximately $183 billion to treat adverse reactions from all of those drugs, said Dr. Welch.

Dr. Welch read off some statistics which should cause concern to anybody who sees an allopathic doctor, has medical insurance or may end up in the hospital someday. Again, the following admissions were taken from JAMA:

The top five causes of death in the United States, in order, are: Tobacco, alcohol, medical malpractice, traffic and firearms.

According to JAMA, doctors kill more people than auto accidents and guns. With that in mind, one has to wonder why gun control is such a hot legislative issue when, perhaps, we should be more concerned about doctor control.

"The number of people that doctors kill per day from medical malpractice is roughly equal to the amount of people that would die if every day, three jumbo jets crashed and killed everybody on board," commented Dr. Welch who added, in defense of his own profession, "just imagine what headlines would result if a chiropractor or a naturopath accidentally killed just one patient?"

Another JAMA statistic stated that 1/5 (20 percent) of all people who see an allopath will suffer an "iatrogenic" (doctor-induced) injury.

Again, according to JAMA, 16 percent of all people who die in the hospital are determined by autopsy to have died of something other than their admission diagnosis. In other words, the doctor had no idea what was really wrong with the patient and, therefore, the patient may have died for want of appropriate care that would have been subsequent to an accurate diagnosis.

Another trade publication, American Medical News, stated that 28 percent of people admitted to hospitals are there because they have suffered an adverse reaction to prescribed drugs.

"We are miserably losing the battle against viruses and bacteria. Antibiotics do not work. We need to take a different tack because this is obviously not working," said Dr. Welch.

Dr. Welch made numerous practical and logical observations throughout his lecture. One of them is so obvious that it deserves mention here. "When there is an epidemic of, say, pertussis in a school and 14 of 200 kids get sick, who gets studied?" he asked.

The answer, of course, is that the sick kids get studied. They get studied by the county health district and the health district accumulates its data and then tells the newspapers about the epidemic of sickness and everybody then flocks down to the health district or goes to see their doctor to get vaccinated.

"Would it not be more appropriate to study the 186 kids that did not get sick?" asked Dr. Welch.

Dr. Welch also read a quote from the British Medical Journal which states that only one percent of all scientific research papers which explore medicine are scientifically sound.

So, if that is true, then not only are allopathic doctors incorrect in their understanding of the basic nature of disease, they are basing 99 percent of their conclusions, and therefore their diagnosis and treatment of people, on flawed science.



The Dairy Industry Self-Destructs

by Robert Cohen

A new study just published in the current issue of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association intended to prove that drinking milk prevents bone disease.

However, careful review of that study only proves that the dairy industry will go to great lengths to commit scientific fraud and then continue to market their calcium milk myth.

In addition to an extremely biased bone study, details of which are revealed in this column, the dairy industry inadvertently published the most self-incriminating scientific paper in their history. Dairy scientists have admitted that the level of a very powerful hormone contained in milk, insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I), increases in the human body after milk consumption.

In the last two years, IGF-I has been identified as the key factor in the growth and proliferation of various cancers including prostate cancer (SCIENCE - January, 1998), breast cancer (THE LANCET - May, 1998), and lung cancer (JOURNAL OF THE NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE - January, 1999). However, scientists at the Food and Drug Administration have previously (incorrectly) argued that this powerful growth hormone in milk did not survive digestion and cannot alter human blood chemistry. Now that the evidence is in, the scientific community has proof of how wrong government regulators were in approving the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone (rbGH). Milk from cows treated with rbGH contains increased levels of IGF-I.


Robert Heaney, MD, is the senior author of the dairy industry-financed study. He co-published his paper with seven other researchers, including Suzanne Oparil, and Susan Barr. I first identified these three doctor/scientists by writing about them in "MILK-The Deadly Poison." On page four of my book, I reveal that this trio is listed together on the reverse of a milk mustache brochure as "dairy experts." They have very strong ties to dairy industry dollars. It is no coincidence that these three individuals participated in a new study, critical to the dairy industry. In order to continue to market their calcium milk myth, the dairy industry planned, financed, and now is promoting this study. On Friday October 1, 1999, a press release announced:


The dairy industry-financed study was published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association. The American Dietetic Association receives financing from the dairy industry.

The "scientific study," headed by Robert Heaney, MD, concluded that by drinking three servings of milk each day, older adults could improve their skeletal health.

After reading the press release, I contacted the editor of that journal and was sent a FAX containing the actual publication.


The twelve-week study included 204 men and women between the ages of 55 and 85.

There were 72 males and 132 females. It was determined (during pre-interviews) that the average participant consumed 1.5 portions of dairy each day. The 204 subjects were divided into two smaller groups. The control group participants were instructed to continue eating normally. The second group was the experimental group. These subjects were instructed to drink three 8-ounce servings of milk each day in addition to their normal diets.


There was an extraneous variable in the study that negated any possibility of fairness. The results were actually pre-determined.

When women go through menopause, the most often physician-prescribed treatment is hormonal replacement therapy. Hormone therapy successfully prevents calcium depletion.

In a fair and unbiased study, none of the subjects would have been taking hormones. The study was poorly designed by allowing experimental subjects to include a therapy that would negate the test results.

Thirty of the 65 women (46 percent) in the experimental milk-drinking group were taking steroid hormones that prevent bone loss.

Only twenty-one of the 67 women (31 percent) in the control group were taking steroid hormones that prevent bone loss.

Fifty percent more of the women in the milk-drinking group were taking steroid hormones that were designed to prevent bone loss! By this factor alone, one would naturally expect the experimental group to experience less bone loss.


I spoke to the editor of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, Betsy Crist.

When I complained about how poorly reviewed this "peer-reviewed" article seemed to be and revealed to her the critically flawed experimental bias she invited me to write a letter to the editor. I invite you to do the same.

Journal of the American Dietetic Association 212 West Jackson Boulevard Chicago IL 60606 FAX: 312-899-4845


On page 1231 of the journal article, tucked away in a paragraph titled "Skeletal Effects," these dairy scientists reveal the truth about the powerful growth hormone contained in milk:

"Serum IGF-I level increased significantly in the milk group and the difference between groups was highly significant. Serum IGF-I levels (blood levels) increased significantly in the milk group . . . an increase of about 10% above baseline--but was unchanged in the control group."


The FDA approved the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone after concluding that IGF-I was destroyed in the stomach. According to FDA, it is not possible that milk consumption would result in an increase of IGF-I in the human body.

The evidence provided by this study should forever change the thinking of the scientific community.

The evidence provided by this study should forever change the milk-drinking habits of all Americans.


By continuing to drink milk, one delivers the most powerful growth hormone in nature to his or her body (IGF-I). That hormone has been called the key factor in the growth of breast, prostate, and lung cancer. At the very best, or worst, this powerful growth hormone instructs all cells to grow. This might be the reason that Americans are so overweight. At the very worst, this hormone does not discriminate. When it finds an existing cancer, usually controlled by our immune systems, the message it delivers is: GROW!


There are four thousand mammals in the animal kingdom and many millions of different hormones. Only one hormone is identical in structure between two species. That hormone is IGF-I.

IGF-I is a protein hormone that survives digestion, and is an identical match between human and cow. Eat their cheese, ice cream, yogurt, or milk and you take powerful growth hormones into your body. The increase in blood levels of IGF-I have been measured and confirmed by the dairy industry to be ten percent!

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I rest my case.

Robert Cohen author of: MILK - The Deadly Poison
Executive Director
Dairy Education Board





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