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Attunement Therapy

Sacred Bodywork, Sacred Mind

by Jaclyn Stein Henderson, LMP, RC

© 1996 Jaclyn Stein Henderson, LMP, RC

Peg's Attunement Experience

"It felt really peaceful. I traveled to places...I don't remember... lot's of colors-blue and gold, but towards the end there was pink, gray, green and I was traveling towards a bright golden light. I was flying to a mountain top... There was a presence, not of myself, but felt like someone else. " This is what love feels like," the Higher Source told me...There were other messages-I don't remember what they were."

These were Peg's immediate words following the completion of our first attunement session together. We were beginning a one day attunement training seminar, and I always started a day of training with an attunement experience. Though Peg was a willing pupil, I knew there were going to be challenges to our time together. Peg and I had history--she had been one of my massage students, in the recent first term Practicum class I had just finished teaching, and like most sensitive first-termers, Peg had begun to learn that the massage trade was as much about self-healing and self-knowledge as it was about learning the craft.

From our months together, I had seen Peg's reactionary response to her buttons being pushed, and her common defensive posturing. I knew that Peg hadn't really faced herself yet, and was still hiding. Self-learning, amidst constant peer pressure, competition and review was a hard environment to prove one's worth. Spouting on about other alternative techniques they had learned as a lay-people, I had witnessed continual one-up-manship between the students, and had left that teaching position when my cries about providing a spiritually-based learning environment fell on deaf administrative ears. I had looked forward to being with Peg now, one-on-one, to let her learning experience be one held continent within a sacred setting, and to give her the opportunity to let her guard down without watchful eyes witnessing or commenting on her experience.

Objective Findings

I charted Peg's subjective responses as she spoke of her initial attunement experience, but knew that there was a vast difference between these and my objective findings. Objectively, I had noted during the attunement session that the earth of her being was screaming for attention: already diagnosed and operated on for cancer of the left breast, and living with an expressed anorexic-bulimic condition, Peg was still in denial about seriously facing the realities of her situation. Her left axial area was vibrationally hot, and her body looked noticeably undernourished. Her shrunken form seemed doll-like to my touch, and her head region seemed too large to support her small frame.

I also noted that Peg had continually shaken her head during the entire attunement session. I saw that this was her way of deflecting the goodness coming her way through the session. I hadn't said anything to her about this, nor had I asked her to stop shaking her head during the session, knowing that this pattern would clear when she established her own clarity of being.

Peg liked "living in her head," and prided herself on the wealth of spiritual and health-related knowledge she could store away. Sharing her knowledge was another way for Peg to deflect energy--as long as she was talking, she didn't have to listen to her body. A smart and talented massage student, Peg had discussed with me her health situation, when massage class first started, as she was concerned that her limited use of her left arm and lack of upper body strength would hinder her massage training. With attunement, I knew Peg now had a chance to let go of that which was holding her back, namely the deflecting techniques she readily used to circumvent goodness seeking to come to her.

Risking Sacred Trust

I usually liked to discuss, with the client, the vibrational patterns I felt during a session, but stopped to wonder if this was a good idea with Peg. I knew that because she was in denial about circumventing her goodness, that if I pointed this out to her, this would cause inner conflict, and she might get angry and leave. I felt out the situation, and decided to risk speaking the truth. I had never done this before--taking off the kit-gloves, and approaching the counseling piece with a "no holds-barred" attitude. This felt scary for me too, because the end result rested in the response expressed by my student, and I had no control over the outcome. I was banking on the trust relationship which had been built between us over the last few months. I also knew that Peg was a fighter, and I had a hunch that her inner strength and passion to know the truth would pull her through the darkness which was about to envelope her.

When we were again sitting side-by-side, I began. "Peg, I'd like to share with you my objective findings from this session, and I'm banking on the trust we've established between us over the last few months to see us through, because my findings aren't pretty. My sensing is that the earth of your body needs you--more than you've been willing to acknowledge. Your body is rebelling, obviously so, look at your recent illness. You seem shut off, almost completely, from your body, with little conscious relationship to it, like you think that living in your head and heart is all you need to do in life."

"You have a very strong heart pattern, emotionally speaking, and I know you are absolutely set on discovering the truth for yourself. That is a beautiful thing, and I am counting on your strong passion to see you through what I am saying to you now, because you're going to need it. I know you have the strength to see yourself, your whole self in the light."

"I want you to look honestly at yourself--you've lost weight, the skin on your face and neck is drawn taut because there's no underlying fascia there, nor on the rest of your body. You are recovering from a serious disease pattern. That distortion pattern is still vibrationally set in your left axial area--the distortion pattern was strong and hasn't dissipated yet because you are still holding that pattern in your consciousness, by reason of how you see yourself and your life, and your behavior towards your body. Your body has no other course but to manifest itself along those distorted lines of force."

"Your earthly capacity is shut down--you've shut it down by refusing to interact with it. Your stomach is crying out to you--"feed me!" and I'm not just talking about the physical substance of food, but the spiritual nourishment which the stomach, this vessel, represents to you and the rest of your body. Your body requires physical substance to nourish and protect you from other negative health-related problems. You seem to be in denial about this. I see you thinking that you can float through life. I'm sorry, but those laws don't apply to you without serious repercussions."

"You need to open up to the earth of your being. The earth is not the enemy. I know you love spiritual qualities, but these can't find meaning to us as humans unless we let them have meaning in the earth of our capacities. Spirit needs to come into the earth so that the earth can be recreated with the beauty and kindness of spirit. Let love have its way inside you. Feel its presence. Open to its power. Love will transform your situation with creative intent if you let it."

Peg sat stunned, a pretend smile plastered on her face. She didn't say anything. I decided it was time for a break, so she went out to her car to smoke a cigarette. After a few minutes, I moved to the window and watched her arguing with herself. She stood in the doorway of her car, speaking angrily into the air in front of her, justifying her reactions to my words. I heard her loud, angry cries, disowning what I had said to her. I heard and saw a negative vibrational response pattern set in, and sensed that the rest of the day would be a challenge.

The Healing Outcome

My sensing turned out to be correct. For the rest of our morning sessions and throughout the afternoon, I continued on with the lesson plan, sensing her resistance. I showed her attunement hand positions, contact points and different exercises which composed the vibrational healing technique. My husband joined us for a couple of hours, acting as the practice client so that Peg could practice her hand positions. Throughout it all, I sensed her negativity and inner anger, but I acted as if it were a sunny day. I chose to intercess Peg's energy pattern, no matter the form it took. Receiving without judgment through prayerful intercession was the hallmark practice of an attunement practitioner.

For the last session of the day, I offered to share a "Representational Object" exercise attunement with Peg. I asked her to look outside for a hand-held object which represented to her the essence of something to which she wanted to bring the healing power of love. Because our Northwest healing arts center and home was situated on four acres of woodland trees, Peg walked through our property, and returned with a small stone.

We spoke about what her representational object meant to her before I shared the attunement. Peg said, "This stone is white and black. See here, this is where the colors meet. To me, this stone represents the power of integration. I want to bring to light my shadow self and begin to own it." I smiled when I heard these words. The invisible magic, interweaving attunement energy, was beginning to work. Peg had let go, and was letting come love for herself. Love would heal everything. Her passion for the truth of love had seen her through this dark time of confusion.

I shared the attunement with Peg as she held the small stone in her hands. Her head remained stationary throughout the entire session. The energy currents now had a clear chance to work because her consciousness was open for this positive outworking to occur. Peg left soon after, smiling and newly attuned. I was glad the day had turned out as positively as it did.

The History of Attunement

This story is one of many I have witnessed first-hand, under the wondrous, healing influence of attunement (at-one-ment) energy. Created by Lloyd Arthur Meeker, pen name Uranda, in the early 1920's, attunement was developed as an adjunct spiritual practice to realign consciousness, for those who were drawn to be with Uranda and his spiritual ministry. He used the attunement technique, a hands-on method of balancing vibrational energies in the body, to help people live in constant attunement with God's life force, as he helped to facilitate their spiritual awakening. Uranda had a vision of restoring humankind to their original garden state consciousness, and along with his followers, he devoted his adult life to the spiritual regeneration of the human race. He established the Emissaries of Divine Light Ministry, a legal church, in 1940, to accomplish that goal. Until his death in 1954, Uranda offered weekly services, public talks, classes and written literature to the thousands of followers who flocked to be with his spiritual focus.

In the early 1950's, Uranda met George Shears and Albert Ackerley, Chiropractors associated with B.J. Palmer and his Palmer School of Chiropractic. Palmer College advocated a spiritual approach to healing and taught the student to adjust the spine in order to release the flow of "Innate Intelligence," or Positive Center, from any interference in the nervous system. This approach coincided with Uranda's perspective on healing, and soon after they met, the three men began offering attunement classes at Sunrise Ranch, the Emissary International headquarters, in Loveland, Colorado, under the name of "The Server's Training School." For many years following (even after Uranda's death), many Palmer students and graduates attended the Emissary Server's Training School to learn attunement and its surrounding spiritual cosmology.

With the addition of Dr. Shears' non-touch technique, attunement changed its focus from being a hands-on technique to a non-touch technique. Dr. Shears had developed Palmer's approach into a principle he referred to as the "One Law of Life." He stated:

"The one law is the law of positive action and negative response. The law controls the universe and everything in it, including man and the healing of what is called illness. The healing process is set in motion by the positive expression of the power of God's love and the response to it by the one served. The main contribution of the spinal adjustment is that it helps increase the response in the one served in compliance with the requirement of the One Law." 1

Shears discovered that he could effect changes in his clients without the need of forceful manipulation, and began to base his treatments on the One Law and the flow of radiant love energy moving through his client's body, and through his hands. He stated:

"I realized that there was something else in the picture which was producing the results. Many people started improving after the examination period before I got the first adjustment. To find out what it was, I started a research program as follows: I decided to take the first 25 new cases which came in, regardless of the nature of their trouble, make my usual examinations and then only stimulate the giving of an adjustment, being careful not to contact any specific vertebra of the spine."

"I used this procedure with these 25 cases three times a week for thirty days, then took new x-rays and repeated then examination for comparison. At the end of the thirty-day period, 24 of them had received results as good or better than we had ever experienced before."

"Then the time came when my co-researcher, Dr. Albert Ackerley, and I wanted to start a school to teach this wonderful truth to others, so that the blessings contained in the principle could be preserved for all mankind." 2

With Uranda's death in 1954, the training school and Emissary ministry continued under the direction of Martin Exeter and later his son, Michael Exeter. Over a forty year period, thousands of people attended attunement classes and sessions, experienced deep and long lasting healing results, and learned about the divine design of human beings, which Uranda and Martin Exeter shared with them.

At present, individual Attunement Mentors facilitate their own attunement practices and training classes. There are also two new attunement organizations: the Emissary International Attunement Guild and the Professional Attunement Practitioners Association, both of which are in the planning stages for membership and certification.

How Attunement is Different

Other energy medicine modalities (such as Reiki, Polarity, Therapeutic Touch, Touch for Health, Healing touch) share similar features with attunement, and may use attunement terminology, but none of them are attunement, as created by Uranda, and developed within the Emissaries of Divine Light Ministry. The key differences between attunement and other non-touch techniques are that attunement practice:


              DIVINE SPIRIT OR      HUMAN
===========   =================     ============  =================

Pineal        Love                  Love          Hate

Pituitary     Truth or Womb of      Wisdom        Lies/Ignorance

Thyroid       Life                  Radiance      Death/Tarnished

Thymus        Purification          Assurance     Defile/Insecurity

Islets of     Blessing              Realization   Cursing/Spiritual
 Langerhans                                       Blind Spots

Adrenals      Single Eye            Tranquility   Double Eyed/
                                                  Straddling Fences/

Gonads        New Earth             Patience      Impatience/Infertile
                                                  Ground for Creation

Defining One-on-One Attunement Practice

In the client-practitioner relationship, attunement therapy consists of two parts. One part focuses on the systematic, non-touch technique, based on Vibrational Gateway Points, their corresponding anatomical systems, the endocrine glands (portals of light), and the cervical pattern, streams of radiant energy moving up and down the spinal cord through the nervous system. The spiritual cosmology surrounding the work constitutes the second part. Through practice of morning and evening sanctification, daily radiation times (long distance attunement practice), and daily purification of heart and mind, an Attunement Practitioner can offer his/her clientele a holy consciousness, aligned with personal inner God Being, and focused on positive spiritual expression. Combined together, the hands-on modality then receives the proper sacred surround it deserves and requires to elicit the consistently seen, deep parasympathetic response, in the client.

To begin a session, the client lies comfortably in a supine position, on a massage table or suitable alternative. The practitioner then begins the attunement by balancing the cervical pattern. Placing one hand on either side of head, at the base of the neck, the practitioner balances the energy flow coming up the spine. Normally, at the outset of a session, the cervical pattern will be felt in one hand more than in the other. The practitioner balances these energies until a single pulse is felt running through the practitioner's hands. This usually takes a few minutes. With the pulse, the practitioner then knows that the cervicals have been balanced, and may continue on to the next part of the session.

Next, the practitioner will open the "portals of light," by working singularly with each endocrine gland. Placing hands in a systematic fashion, the etheric body substance of each gland "comes up" into the practitioner's hands, stimulating their presence more fully in the body. For the entire attunement session, hands are placed 1 - 1 1/2 inches above the skin. The practitioner's consciousness of his/her touch is light, with an intent to simply open the spiritual pathway. This portion takes about five minutes.

The attunement session now shifts to the anatomical systems of the body. The practitioner begins with the digestive system: ascending, transverse and descending colon, small intestines, stomach, liver and gall bladder, then moves to the excretory (kidneys), circulatory (heart), lymph (spleen and major lymph node collective spots), respiratory (lungs), and skeletal systems. One finger is placed at the contact point on the face or hands (or feet, if two attunement practitioners are sharing a "Team Attunement"), and the other hand is placed over its corresponding anatomical part. This portion of the attunement constitutes the main portion of the session, and may last between 10 - 15 minutes. The practitioner then finishes with a full body scan (to dissipate any leftover energy pockets), and returns to the nervous system to work for a few minutes with the contact points located in the Fissure of Rolando (Central Sulcus). For the last portion, the practitioner returns to the cervical pattern, in order to bring to focus and rebalance these energies. Simple and complete, a 20 - 30 minute attunement session touches every system of the body. If the client is a surgery patient, or has specific needs, more time may be taken with a particular area in need.

Overall, an attunement elicits an intensified and vivid experience of the life force felt by the practitioner as a vibrational flow. The practitioner works to clarify, balance and intensify the energy pathways in the body by placing one finger over a vibrational contact point (reflex point) and the other hand over its corresponding system. The complete attunement system is quite easy to learn and enjoyable to offer to oneself or another. Sessions evoke a sense of peace and well being in all concerned (both practitioner and client) due to the commonality of spiritual flow present in each. An attunement session will harmonize the vibrational field being touched, and establish a new energy pattern behind the form being worked with, whether this is in a person, place or situation.

Long Distance Attunement

Long distance attunement, or non-local transference of love energy may be shared by and for oneself, or within a group format, with conscious non-directed prayer thoughts focused on a single person, grouping of people, place or circumstance. This form of attunement utilizes hands placed gently in one's lap with focused attention to the flow of vibration through the hands. The practitioner consciously brings to mind the person or place to receive the flow, and establishes a creative energy field from that contact. Non-local transference can be shared at anytime with any life form. Long distance work may cover a specific area in the world, or one's personal creative field of endeavors. There are several exercises which may be given to a client, or shared in a prayer circle format, or class setting, to stimulate a greater feel for long distance attunement practice. Radiant gatherings (prayer circles) have been practiced as a consistent part of Emissary attunement gatherings for over 60 years. Participants have known these radiant times to be positive points of light, providing a vibrational homeostatic beacon for many people and places around the world.

Client Response to Attunement

Attunement is a powerful modality to offer those who suffer from long term or terminal illness. I have offered attunement on a volunteer basis for People Living With AIDS at Adult Day Health Programs at The Bailey Boushey House in Seattle, Washington, and at the Denver Nursing Center for Human Caring in Denver, Colorado. I have also shared attunement in my own private practice with people who have: geriatric concerns, cancer, mental disturbance, sexual abuse issues, lupus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Anorexia/bulimia, and post-surgical clients, all with positive results. Positive results include: deep relaxation and parasympathetic response, meditation stated elicited and enhanced, stress reduction, clearer thinking and feeling, peace, stillness, subjective feelings of increased centering, increased vigor, being more in touch with one's inner purpose, increased attitudes of thankfulness and forgiveness, and a stronger harmonious approach to facing life's challenges. Over the years there have been cases of spontaneous remission of cancer, but these have never been clinically recorded. Most clients who return for frequent attunement visits experience a gradual or immediate decrease of physically-based symptomologies, along with their increased positive mental and/or emotional state.


Attunement Therapy is viable alternative therapy to use in practically all client situations. The only situation where attunement may not be as readily received would be that situation wherein the client refused to change. However, where there is one small iota of openness to change, spirit will find this crack and fling wide the doorway, releasing vital re-creative energy. In situations where deep uncreative attitudes reside, long distance attunement may be offered outside regular client visits, which may stimulate change at the subconscious level. It should be noted, however, that attunement stimulates creative change at all levels of being. The power of this spiritual modality should not be underestimated. The main attunement adage states, "Let love radiate without concern for results." As the practitioner takes a non-directed prayer approach to session work, consciousness in both practitioner and client may be focused on the cause, on letting love express in thought, word and deed, and not in the resultant effects. Clarifying and maintaining identity with Source (cause) is attunement's sole purpose. The resultant positive health results are viewed as secondary.

Attunement Therapy is a new and insightful spiritual healing arts modality which practitioners from many genres may readily utilize. Hopefully, more practitioners are interested to offer a sacred healing touch through their own personally sanctified lives and practice styles. Attunement Therapy is one such style, which may be individually owned and practiced within the sanctity of one's home for personal positive change, and/or within the openness of one's professional practice. Either way you choose to practice attunement, creative changes will come to you and yours, recreating lives and reshaping lifestyles along love's invisible lines of healing force.

Jaclyn Stein Henderson is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Registered Counselor, and Certified Attunement Therapist practicing out of her home-based business, The Right Touch Healing Arts Center, in Port Orchard, Washington. She lectures, travels, writes, offers private attunement sessions, and teaches Attunement Therapy in a variety of settings. Through her Attunement Certification Program, she trains (for Continuing Education credits) Licensed Touch Providers and lay-people in three intensive weekends and two home-study modules. Watch for her new book due out in 1998, Attunement Therapy: Creative Change within the Spiritual Landscape. She may be reached at or, or call (360) 895-8589 for training times, locations and to schedule an on-site or long distance attunement.

1 Gary Diggins, Introducing the Attunement Process (Toronto: Toronto Attunement Center, 1989), p. 4.

2 Ibid.


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