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Paper presented to the International Association of New Science, October 5, 1996, Denver, Colorado


Dorothy Cole, M.Ed.

Brief Summary of Talk
Auraopathy: A New Medicine

Dorothy Cole, M.Ed. introduces Auraopathy, a new medicine that removes earthbound spirits and entities out of the aura. Dr. Edith Fiore, author of the Unquiet Dead, contends that the earthbound spirits' presence in the aura causes a person to take on the thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, compulsions and even the diseases of the earthbound spirit. The energy of the earthbound spirit acts like a blueprint superimposed over the person's aura.

Dorothy Cole clears auras using a visualization for the patient, speaking directly to the spirits and explaining to them why they must go to the Light. Cole reports that aura clearings have released the symptoms of colds and viruses, desire to smoke cigarettes, allergies, fatigue, stress, hypertension, and depression. In two cases, patients were able to stop taking anti-depressants. Bowel irritation, hemorrhoids, and swollen prostate symptoms disappeared from another patient. Bizarre, anti-social behavior ceased in the cases of two young boys. Viruses including Epstein Barr have been cleared from others. More recently, a schizophrenic male's delusional thinking behavior disappeared; he is now rationally aware of the what is real and what it not.

Cole will report the symptoms, causes, prevention, treatment and benefits. She will also highlight significant case histories to illustrate how effective Auraopathy is for empowering patients to heal themselves.


I trained as a scientist, taught in higher education in varying disciplines including science, psychology, and philosophy; and more recently, I have emphasized a bridging of spirituality and science as a spiritual healer.


In October 1993, I was hit in my car on the freeway. The accident caused a closed head injury. After the accident, I could not think clearly. This condition lasted about 21 months. My own spiritual emergence resulted in part from this car accident and the closed head injury. I was not able to think with my left brain for nearly two years, and so I learned to "think" with my right brain in new ways. I became more intuitive and meditated regularly, getting in touch with my inner knowing. Having been trained as a scientist and raised as an agnostic, I came to spirituality kicking and screaming.

One day, my spiritual counselor told me that the only way I was going to heal from this accident was to heal other people. I became so depressed because I could not imagine myself as a healer although at this point I was becoming much more spiritual in my outlook. So I became a spiritual healer against my better judgment, at least the left brain half.

Much of my work is derived from books by other practitioners and practices from other healers, and then refined by communication with spiritual guides. I also teach my clients how to connect with their higher selves and spiritual guides. As I emerged, I learned how to clear auras and began making some fascinating discoveries.



The aura is composed of seven fields within and outside the body. Each field called a density represents a specific energy range, corresponding to color, light, and sound. When densities are clear, energy moves freely through the body, unifying the physical body, the subtle body, and the causal body with a person's higher consciousness (also known as higher self or superconsciousness).


Auraopathy is a new science that treats the aura by removing earthbound spirits and entities, mending the aura if it has been ripped or torn, and adjusting frequencies within the corresponding auric fields.

In my spiritual practice, I have cleared hundreds of auras with some very interesting and stunning results. The procedure is quite easy and in fact, I have taught some of my clients to do it for themselves. Earthbound spirits are among the things that are released from the aura.

Earthbound Spirits

Earthbound spirits are people who have died or moved out of their physical bodies and have not gone to the Light. Instead they have become lost souls. They often hang out in cemeteries, hospitals, and doctors' offices. They also move around from one person to another.

Dr. Edith Fiore, a psychologist, wrote in the Unquiet Dead about earthbound spirits and their attachments to the aura. It is Dr. Fiore's contention that the earthbound spirits' presence in the aura causes a person to take on the thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, compulsions and even the diseases of the earthbound spirit. The energy of the earthbound spirit acts like a blueprint, superimposed over the person's aura.

Last May, I interviewed with a Portland, Oregon DJ named Valerie Ring on Z100 radio. She asked her listeners to respond because she needed a spiritual healer who could clear a "poltergeist" from her home. I performed the clearing live on radio. Valerie knew the name of her ghost. He was the former owner of her house, had died in the house, and his death certificate indicated that he had died of emphysema. When I released this spirit along with a few others, Valerie immediately exclaimed, "My chest feels lighter."

I explained that the earthbound spirit attached to her aura, and his emphysema was affecting her body. She told me that people always thought she was a smoker and that she hacked and coughed all the time. Earthbound spirits attach on the 3rd density just outside the body while other entities invade the other energy fields.


The other six layers of the aura attract entities from other places. The fourth density entities are the reptilian races, the mischievous, and parasites. The fifth density represent alien races. The sixth density attracts beings in a parallel universe, and the seventh is the alternate universe which are the half human, half machine beings.

The first and second densities are internal to the body. I had noticed that when I cleared the auras of people who were sick, like the beginning of a cold, the symptoms would virtually disappear. So I asked my guides if the first and second entities were equivalent to what we understand to be bacteria and viruses, and I determined this was the case.

It occurred to me that the traditional western approach to medicine is to attack these entities, putting us in an internal war. We use drugs, surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy to attack that which ails us. In releasing these entities in light and love and peace, I send them back home where they belong without hurting or threatening them. Why do they come here and attach to us? I think it is because the planet is out of balance. Quantum physicists identified worm holes to other universes. These entities may travel through or be pulled through the worm holes.

Again the medical model of disease fits. When we are out of balance, too stressed, not eating right, sleeping enough, or exercising appropriately, we get sick. This makes us vulnerable because it opens up the aura.

Causes of Spirit Attachment

Spirits are attracted into an aura when the vibrations, measured in cycle per second (cps), drop to 800 cps. According to Dr. Fiore, the aura opens when as little as two alcoholic drinks are consumed or drugs of any kind are taken. In addition, a person who was abused emotionally, physically or sexually may attract earthbound spirits. Also, any severe trauma like an accident or any strong negative emotion like rage behavior may also attract entities into the aura.

One client, an engineer, after an aura clearing, began to cough and sputter when he began telling me that he did not know how he was going to tell others about my healing work. Since entities respond to and are attracted to fear, the entities went right into his esophagus. He actually had to undo his tie and unbutton his collar as he was expressing his fear. I immediately cleared his esophagus, and all the symptoms completely disappeared. He told me that he was now a believer.

Another cause of spirit attachment are our machines. Computers are a conduit for entities to come in. One day I had a client come see me who had thousands of entities on the 5th and 7th densities. Since I cleared this man before, I asked what he had been doing. He had been living in an office for three days, setting up several computers under florescent lights. He slept and ate there. It occurred to me that the computers were the vehicle for which the entities came into our world.

I also observed that when I do computer training, my students were totally drained before the end of the day. So I shielded the computers and all other electronic equipment. After that, the students were not fading out two hours before the class was over.

Anyone can shield a machine. It is a simple process of visualizing a sky blue field in front of the computer that is 12" thick. Then see it spread all around the computer, the printer, and another peripherals. Once screened, it stays screened. This can also apply to other electronic equipment including microwaves, cellular phones, cars with computer equipment in them, stereos and televisions.

Why are we attracting entities to the planet? Mother Earth has undergone some major changes in the last 100 years. Our technology provides radio waves, microwaves and satellite transmissions. All of these new energies are bombarding our bodies and our environment everyday, and we know very little about how it affects us. The imbalance the technology has created may be attracting these entities.


The symptoms of earthbound spirits and entities correspond quite naturally to the symptoms of stress. Many people who are emotionally depressed, mentally unfocused, or physically unhealthy experience dramatic results after an aura clearing. Attachments may cause anxiety, depression, worry, and fear.

Earthbound spirits' own desires and compulsions may cause the same symptoms on the attached person. I was smoking cigarettes, and I did not want to smoke. Dr. Fiore released 16 earthbound spirit smokers from my aura, and my desire to smoke completely disappeared.

Entities may be the source of most our disease--"dis-ease". As the aura is cleared, many disease symptoms disappear. However, even people who are healthy, active, and vibrant may have earthbound spirits and/or entities in their aura.

Types of Earthbound Spirits

There are three kinds of earthbound spirits. The first group I call the benign because they are just hanging out and are lost. Although their energies may be adversely affecting the person to whom they are attached, they are innocent in their motivations. Others are less innocent.

Succubus and Incubus earthbound spirits engage in sexual activity with people, usually in their dream state. These spirits are sexually-addicted. They may have gone to the light and then returned to visit the earth plane. If a spirit stays for over 45 days, it becomes earthbound. The Incubus is the male energy form and the Succubus is the female energy. Their energy may be precursors to vaginal, uterine, cervical or prostate cancer. One client had severe hemorrhoids, swollen prostate, and irritated bowel. His symptoms all disappeared within weeks after clearing his aura and releasing the Succubus.

Two of my clients have conscious memory of having sex with their spirits. One vividly described hearing his voice, an English accent, smelling his cologne, and seeing him in the darkness of her room. The other thought she was having a dream. Both of these women experienced organism. The scary note is that children sometimes attract these spirits too, usually if they have themselves have been sexually abused. Clients sometimes feel a let down after the release of these spirits because they on some level have enjoyed the attention.

Another type of earthbound spirit is the discarnate. These are the most malevolent spirits. They manifest their energy in a person, making them on a spectrum either suicidal or violently angry. Two young boys exhibiting very inappropriate social and emotional behavior, were transformed when the discarnates were removed from their auras. In one case, the 12 year old had attempted suicide by hanging the year before. This discarnate was a spirit who had hung himself over 80 years ago in the house where the boy lived. This house had been built by the spirit's father. This discarnate type of earthbound spirit may be the cause of criminal behavior.

More recently, I discovered that smoking causes demons to enter the aura. This again may cause rage behavior or severe depression. These are tenacious beasts and must be removed by a healer and the master guides. One teenager began smoking and turned into a "holy terror" as described by her mother. Releasing the demons from the teen's aura, his behavior changed significantly for the better. However, further research indicated a need to find the source of the demon's entry which turned out to be a past life. Once the original attachment was discovered, the boy's behavior returned to normal.


Dr. Fiore's treatment modality relies on hypnosis, programming the patient's subconscious with a cassette tape over several weeks. Then the client is hypnotized again and the therapist releases the spirits. This process does not address the entities.


In contrast, my approach is to use a visualization for the patient, nesting the client safely in an aura. Then speaking directly to the earthbound spirits, I explain to them why they must go to the Light. They are released in light, love and peace. A similar process clears the entities in the same session. It is completed within minutes, and patients can be trained in a subsequent session to do the clearing for themselves.

The actual visualization suspends the person in the aura. The client participates by sending blue light through the aura. Interestingly, I have confirmed that other spiritual practices use blue light including the Hare Krishna. Roman advocates clearing the aura. Babaji and Drunvelo Mechizedek both urge the importance of having the aura cleared. I want my clients empowered to do this work for themselves; so I teach clients how to connect with their higher selves, using muscle testing techniques.

Muscle testing

There are four ways to muscle test for simple yes and no questions: swinging a pendulum, having another person check an extended arm, using your fingers, and using the body pendulum. The easiest is and most accurate is the human pendulum also known as body dowsing.

Standing, the person asks a question. If the answer is yes, usually the body will be nudged forward. If the answer is no, the body will move to the side. If the question is not a simple yes or no question, then the body will move on the diagonal. This technique allows the client to explore new realms of knowing. They can also check whether they have picked up any more spirits.


Because the whole notion of having earthbound spirits and entities attached to one's aura is scary and unsettling, I used to give my clients one free phone call when they feel they have attachments again. Then I would clear them for free. Now they call needing a clearing, they clear themselves by receiving and reading the energy by muscle testing.

In one case, I had a nurse call me. She did not feel well and had accurately determined that she had entities on her. I asked her where she was. She was working the hospital in the recovery room, right next to the morgue. So I cleared her and said that I would clear the hospital since this was certainly an occupational hazard. About a month later she called, again she had spirits attached. When I cleared her, she asked if I had done the hospital. I told yes the last time she called. She told me she could tell because the hospital was a much nicer place to work. It was still chaotic, but the extraordinary thing was that the other nurses had noticed the difference and did not know the clearing had been performed. Now, this nurse routinely clears the hospital herself. Other clients have also learned to do this themselves.



Among my cases is a young woman, referred by another therapist. Susan had lost her job, was taking medication for depression and back pain, had no romantic relationship, and few friends. She was also overweight. After her aura was cleared, her whole attitude changed. Within two months, she was working again and had found a man. Several months later she moved in within him, and then we discovered that she had been sexually abused as a child. Her body pendulum also revealed that she was not ready to work on this issue. A few months later she was and she worked with the therapist to heal this emotional trauma. Last month, she married this man and is very happy.


This young woman had had three abortions, a severe car accident, broken leg, chronic back pain, break-through bleeding, hypothyroidism, and severe depression. She commented that she had had bad luck for four years. Abortions and miscarriages may leave an attached spirit in the aura. All three aborted spirits were attached to this woman. She had earthbound spirits, entities on all six levels, both Incubus and Succubus spirits, and a discarnate. She also had a negative vortex which results from severe trauma such as a car accident.

Several months later, she reported that she stopped taking her prozac the day after seeing me and had experienced no ill effects. She was no longer depressed and was planning on moving to a new state to start life anew. She also told me that she had been feeling an attraction to women which she had not admitted to me although she knows herself to be heterosexual. Her break-through bleeding had stopped also and her chronic back pain had subsided.

In reviewing her records, I realized that I had not worked on her hypothyroidism for lack of time. This is the only area she did not show improvement.


This young man, an attorney, was the first client I cleared an aura for in person. I left him to relax afterward; and when he came out, he announced that this was the first time he had been in a bedroom and not see boogie men in the closet. Nearly a year later, he told me that he had been diagnosed as manic depressive in the 1970's and had taken medication for over 20 years. He had stopped taking his medication and was feeling great. He was not experiencing either manic or depressive phases.

Viruses and Epstein Barr virus

Many of my clients report that they have more energy and vitality after an aura clearing. At one point, I realized that the entities may get embedded into the organ of the client, so I began to clear specific organs. One client came with a diagnosis of Epstein Barr Virus. I determined that the virus was in her gallbladder and her small intestine. Afterward she went for further tests and no Epstein Barr was found.


A 49 year old man had lost his parents at the age of five. He complaints included hemorrhoids, an odor from irritated bowel, rashes around the anus and genitalia, and prostate problems. He had earthbound spirits, entities on all six densities, Succubus, discarnate energy, and a negative vortex. His childhood trauma had created the negative vortex which manifests in contrary results to positive actions. There was no area of his life where he felt successful.

A month after treatment, he called to say he felt great. All of his symptoms had completely disappeared. Later, I ran into him in a social setting and met a friend of his who regaled to me how much I had helped this man. He could not believe the changes in his friend. He had actually been referring people to me, based on his friend's experience even though he had not met me personally.


I am working on two diabetics. One is my mother who lives in California and the other is a naturopathic physician who is conducting a double-blind study with me. Both of them take insulin on a daily basis. The doctor monitors his blood sugar every day and bases his insulin doses on the level of his glucose. My mother was not monitoring everyday. When I work on either of them, I am checking or doing the same treatment for each.

When I discovered I could clear specific organs, I did both of their pancreas on May 19th. Three weeks later, my mother called and asked if I had been treating her diabetes. I confirmed I had, and she reported that she had had two insulin reactions in a week. At one time her glucose level was over 200. After this treatment it was down to 150.

In July 1996, I began working with the frequency of men and women and later of each organ. I had sent a letter to my mother and all my other clients about adjusting whole body frequency and indicated that I had moved their frequency level. My mother's had shifted from 1 to 7. The day I adjusted the frequency of her pancreas, I had called her that night. She commented that she felt she had more energy recently and did not know why until my letter came. Then she said she had also had another insulin reaction that day. "When?" I asked. "Two o'clock", she said. I had adjusted her pancreatic frequency at 7 AM. Her glucose level is now down to 140 which is considered excellent for a diabetic.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

A woman happened to see me on a television interview. She told me that her doctor (a Naturopath) suggested that she would not heal until she did her spiritual healing. She had been in chronic pain for 30 years. Rheumatoid arthritis was in evident on both her hands. She also suffered from Epstein Barr Virus and Candida, had a 90% sedimentation rate in her blood according to test done by her doctor. She had various cysts and fibroids. She also had a history of emotional, physical and sexual abuse in both her family of origin and her marriage.

This woman was what I called "maxed", that is, she had 4,999 earthbound spirits and entities on all seven layers of her aura. So she appeared ashen-skinned with no sparkle in her eyes. In addition, there was a discarnate energy on her. I also found an incubus and a torn aura. Her soul identity was at 40% and her frequency was at 1. After the aura clearing, her soul identity had increased to 94% and frequency was up to 7. I monitored her sedimentation rate. A week later is was down to 59%; three weeks later it was down to 29%; and two weeks later is was down to 6%. The medical norm would consider 35% in remission. She is no longer in pain and move her right arm from 20 degrees to 90 degrees without assistance.


I had a woman come to me and ask me to treat her 30 year old son who is alcoholic and schizophrenic, taking four medications, and participating in a court-ordered treatment group. When I spoke with him, he was very articulate but was expressing delusional thinking as the son of the richest king in Africa. I cleared his aura for earthbound spirits, thought forms, entities, and discarnates. I also perceived an additional spirit co-habitating in his body. I asked if I could clear the spirit who did not belong and did so. Then I checked to see if the remaining soul was intact, and it was not. This required a soul retrieval process which I did. I measure this in percentages and found that his soul level was at 35% and went to 88% after treatment. The next day, he was separating his delusional thinking from himself and speaking consistently rationally. Within weeks, his psychiatrist adjusted his medication levels.

Three months later, his mother called and told me that he is doing wonderfully well. He is able to work. There is no delusional voices or conversation. He is purposeful and productive in the family business.

The frustrating part of being a spiritual healer is that people do not want to admit they have seen one. In this case, the family will probably never tell the psychiatrist of my involvement. I would welcome the opportunity to work such cases.


A woman came to see me and confessed that she was a "party girl", smoking and drinking very heavily. She also had a history of physical, emotional and sexual abuse which she described in detail with a smile on her face. Her denial mechanism was entrenched.

Her aura as maxed holding 4,999 attachments on all seven densities of the aura. The release went normally, however, she commented that the light moving through the aura was hung up. This had happened on occasion before which I explained to her. The releases were always completed. Not in this case. Her body began to tremble and shake, and all of the sudden she let out a blood-curdling scream. It was the most dramatic release I have guided. After two minutes, she is sitting up, smiling and laughing about how good she feels.

The next day she called to say that her feet had swollen up and that she had a dream about a demon holding her ankles, her right wrist and left breast. I asked for the Masters to free her of this demon, and all of her pain went instantly away.

When she called the next day, she delighted me by saying that she was doing great. She did not drink all weekend and could not bear the smell of alcohol. She described the treatment as the best antibuse program in town.


The key to prevention of spirit attachment is living a balanced life style. It is recommended that drugs be avoided if possible, and the alcohol consumption is limited to two drinks a day. Smoking of any kind should be avoided. In addition, it is advisable to do meditate and/or pray each day and avoid extreme negative emotion. Once one has had an aura clearing, it is usually very easy to discern if spirit attachment occurs again. Since I provide my clients with the means to check themselves using muscle testing, they seek only confirmation from me and learn to recognize spirit attachment for themselves. I also treat people over the phone since Spirit knows where you live.


Auraopathy as a new science offers a fresh view of disease and healing. It recognizes forces beyond our everyday view of reality, allowing us to seek answers within and to release that which is not a part of who we really are. It acknowledges other life forms humanely and provides a means for compassionately returning these beings to their homeland.

Auraopathy as a new medicine encourages the patient to participate actively in the healing process. This holistic healing protocol allows the person to explore the interaction and interdependence of the mind, body and spirit, clarifying the issues of her life. Auraopathy ultimately empowers the individual to heal himself.



Dorothy Cole, M.Ed. is an educator, entrepreneur, and explorer of new thought. She began her career teaching high school science, later teaching psychology and philosophy at the university level in Alaska. She earned a B.S. cum laude from UC Berkeley in Conservation of Natural Resources and a B.A. in Language and Cognition from The Evergreen State College, won a Rotary Foundation Graduate Fellowship and studied at the University of Sheffield in England, earning her Masters in Education. She completed half the doctorate program at the University of San Francisco in Curriculum and Instruction and holds an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity.

In 1993, Dorothy was injured in a car accident, experiencing a closed head injury which blocked her ability to think for nearly two years. Her ability to think with her left brain impaired, Dorothy learned to think differently with her right brain, becoming more intuitive and aware. Through this spiritual emergence, Dorothy has become a spiritual healer, working holistically with the mind, body and spirit of her clients.

Clearing auras is Dorothy's specialty. She rids people of discarnate energies which impede people from reaching their true potential. More recently, she is utilizing spiritual response therapy and ancient Egyptian processes to help others clear blocks, obsessive and compulsive behavior patterns and disease.

Dorothy lives in Beaverton, Oregon with her daughter Maggie, age 11 and two cats, Anthony and Cleopatra.

Dorothy Cole may be reached at the following:

Address: 539 SE 39th #108
Portland OR 97214
Phone: 503-232-3695

Audio tapes may be ordered from International Association for New Science for $8.00 @ IANS Bookstore, 216 Commerce Dr. Suite #4, Fort Collins, CO 80524 USA or FAX (970) 482-3120.


by Joan Wilson

We are living in dramatic times. Massive upheavals of shifting weather patterns, earthquakes, volcanoes and personal transformations are occurring in unprecedented numbers daily. Mass media is bringing this to our attention as it happens. Explanations and predictions of future events are becoming commonplace as we attempt to explain and understand these times. We need to focus on the basics in an effort to work with the events as they unfold and avoid unnecessary suffering.

When we put a seed in the ground, we are setting in motion energies that will culminate in a future plant. The plant will erupt through the ground covering when the time of germination is complete. We can encourage the process with calculated watering and creating other conditions conducive to the plant's growth. Even without our active interference, the plant will grow in the course of its development into being what it is. Its determination to continue growth is proven as we witness plants pushing through parking lots, sidewalks and other surfaces that should inhibit its development.

Man has reached a level of growth that is pushing through the cement of his chosen sedentary life. This energy that is coming to us by way of dramatic upheavals are coming from within as we push for growth. It is not God's wrath upon us punishing our wicked ways. It is an outgrowth of our spirits reaching to grow into what we are, just as the plant will push through any substance, moving in any direction until it grows straight for the sun.

We have suppressed the whisperings of our hearts and compromised what we know we should do to further temporary gains. The man who puts his family on hold while he pursues a demanding business career may face a near death experience in an effort to wake himself up. A community that is ready for growth but fails to express it may find a tornado on its doorstep with an immediate opportunity to express that caring for each other. We are setting ourselves up for these events by ignoring challenges in front of us. It is as if the one body of which each of us is a part, is admiring a painted fingernail while the feet or foundation is rotting with gangrene. It is when we are facing amputation that we begin to give it the attention it has always needed.

Let us begin to notice loving opportunities and accept the challenge to express our awareness of each other. Let us work together remembering we are here to learn and grow and perfect our knowledge and ability to express love. Let us consider love more as caring rather than the romantic energies. Let us help each other as the elephants help each other, mid-wiving this new spiritual baby whose time has come.

Copyright 1997 - by Joan Wilson


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