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CODEX - ' Tampax ' for Vampires?

by Brent Rooney

Imagine that you are in Norway (and speak the language) and ask for a bottle of vitamin E, 400 IU per capsule. Sorry, the maximum dose you can buy is 45 IU! You ask for vitamin C, (1000 mg tablets). Sorry, 200 mg per tablet is the most vitamin C you can buy. Ah, but you can just take more tablets/capsules to get the desired dosages. Yes, but it will cost you much more this way. What about a supplement like coenzyme Q10 (for heart health)? It is now classified as a drug and dramatically higher in price. CODEX dietary supplement rules are in effect in Norway (and Germany). In Canada, when a 'sleep booster', tryptophan, was reclassified as a drug, the price escalated by 500%.

What is CODEX?

CODEX is a United Nations commission which wants to use miles of red tape to mummify dietary supplements (vitamins, herbs, minerals, amino acids) sold by health stores; many herbs will be reclassified as drugs and thus, have much higher prices. With whom do you side, CODEX or a U.S. founding father? One of the signers of the U.S. Declaration of Independence (a Dr. Benjamin Rush, I believe) advocated the separation of government and medicine. CODEX commissars not only want government and medicine married at the hip, they want preventatives (e.g. dietary supplements) on a leash. CODEX rules currently hold sway in Germany and Norway. Those adults in desperate need of their own personal nanny and a much higher vitamin/mineral budget, should back the CODEX commissars; red tape will make you healthy and rich. If CODEX is an insult to you, then demand that your MP:

  1. introduce legislation that cuts off all United Nations funding until the CODEX commission is dissolved
  2. all previous CODEX recommendations are withdrawn and expunged

Who is pushing the CODEX nonsense?

The U.S., Canadian and European people have been turning more and more towards safe and effective dietary supplements. How does this help the drug companies? It does not! German drugs companies (Bayes, BASF, and Hoechst) are in the forefront of the CODEX moves. How can they possibly get CODEX enforced world wide? John Hammell (email: of the Life Extension Foundation has explained the 'game plan'. It's called DOMINOES: first get the European countries into the CODEX straight jacket, then Canada, and finally the good 'ol' USA will feel that it must join its friends.

Will the Canadian 'beaver' fall for this open ruse? Beavers are great fellers of trees. It would be ironic if Canadian 'beavers' are felled by pill pushers.

Brent Rooney is an health freedom advocate and has presently written 2 widely acclaimed articles in Alive, a respected health magazine in Canada with over 500,000 circulation. Brent can be reached at





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