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by Meryl James

From June 1996 Publication

One summer I decided to make the rocky circular garden in my front yard into an AMERICAN style JAPANESE GARDEN. It was overgrown with weeds, but had a lot of potential to be beautiful with lots of hard work and tender loving care. As I would pull up the weeds I had a lot of time to reflect on my life and all the changes I've recently been through. There were many people who I had been very close to who no longer wanted to be in relationship with me for one reason or another. At first I fought this idea of "separation" and determinedly pursued these relationships. I called and wrote letters, but got no response. Finally my parents and my former best girlfriend changed their phone numbers to unpublished ones so that they wouldn't have to be bothered by me anymore. I no longer force myself on any of these people. Letting go of these dear ones was a little painful for me at first, but it seems to be God's divine will that we all move on and seemingly grow in different directions. The people I spend a lot of time with now are my nearest and dearest friends and family, my beloved ones. Maybe at some time in the future I will be in closer relationship with the ones that don't feel comfortable being with me now. But for now at least I've learned not to be hurt or angry about their choices to be distant from me. Just like I had to pull up certain weeds in my garden to make room for lovely plants and flowers, the Creator pulled certain people out of my life to make room for some fresh growth and new love.

My garden is really turning into a work of art. Now that the weeds are gone I'm left with two beautiful bushes, a moon cactus, eight shining crystals, four unique rocks, and five incredibly beautiful shells from exotic places like India, Hawaii, and Jamaica. In the middle of it all is a statue of St. Francis of Assissi attracting animals into my garden and bringing a sense of peace to it. Each day as I appreciate the beauty of my garden I also reflect on the beauty and uniqueness of all of God's creations. Every living thing is so beautiful, so unique, and so gifted - each of us carrying that divine spark of God within us.

Meryl James has been a massage therapist, natural health care practitioner, yoga instructor, and freelance holistic health writer for over 15 years. She has been published in Holistic Living, Sparrow Grass, and the George Street Coop and has won several awards for her poetry and essays. Meryl can be reached at (609) 252-1525. Meryl will be giving a playshop, "Connecting with the Writer Within" here at Mystic Gateway on Saturday, July 27, 1996. See Special Events for more information.




A New Perspective for Healing

by Dr. Wayne Rebarber

From June 1996 Publication

How Your Body-Mind Works
Modern science does not yet fully understand the innate intelligence which initiates and controls the hundreds of thousands of functions of our body-mind. In the past two decades, though, it has uncovered some of the deepest workings of the marvelous system called the nervous system.

Your brain communicates with your entire body via neuro-transmitters and neuro-peptides, minute biochemicals which transmit electrical impulses from the neurons of the brain to the rest of your body. These neuro-transmitters are carried in the cerebro-spinal fluid that flows beneath the meninges (the protective covering of the nervous system), bathing and nourishing the brain and spinal cord.

In Quantum Healing, Dr. Deepak Chopra describes the neuro-transmitters as "runners that race to and from the brain telling every organ inside us our emotions, desires, memories, intuitions and dreams." This life energy, in the form of electrical messages, travels through your nerves, out the nerve openings in the spinal column, and connects with every cell, tissue and organ in your body.

Your inner health, as well as your healthy contact with the world around you, depend on how smoothly life energy and body-mind communication flow through your nervous system.

There are two basic interference patterns that can interrupt the flow of life energy and body-mind communication.

Structural or Vertebral Subluxation
This is a compression or squeezing of the nerve opening between two vertebrae, often called a pinched nerve. It is the result of mechanical or physical stress -- an accident, sports impact, or improper lifting -- and affects a particular area of the spine.

When there is a vertebral subluxation present, your body begins to malfunction because the flow of vital body-mind communication is restricted. The breakdown begins at the cellular level, progresses to tissue level, then to organ dysfunction. This is the stage at which your body begins to manifest symptoms.

Facilitated (Menigeal) Subluxation
This is a stretching, elongation or twisting of the meninges, the protective covering of the spinal cord and its associated nerve tissue. When you experience an event that disturbs you emotionally or mentally, or when your body becomes overloaded with chemicals, your spinal cord tenses. If this stress is too intense or prolonged, your body-mind cannot recover from or adapt to it, and the subluxation occurs.

When this happens, the flow of neuro-transmitters, carried in the cerebro-spinal fluid beneath the meninges, is interrupted. The memory of the distress or upset is retained in the cells of your nervous system and you continue to react as though the upset is happening in the present. The nervous system becomes locked in what is called a dominant pattern, and you lose your ability to perceive life with clarity and flexibility.

Curing vs. Healing
We have been brought up to believe that the symptom is the problem. We learn to go to a doctor for a medication designed to "relieve" the symptom. If the symptom persists, the doctor may advise removal of the affected body part.

The problem with this approach is that the medication only covers or masks the symptom. It does not correct the cause -- the interrupted flow of life energy and body-mind communication. Your body continues to perceive itself abnormally, but you no longer have the warning sign that something is wrong. This is similar to removing the battery from the fire detector in your home because the noise bothers you.

Symptoms are body awareness. They are the way your body-mind lets you know that something is not working properly and there needs to be change. If you choose not to listen, your body-mind will scream louder and louder until you pay attention.

Network Chiropractic makes the distinction between treatment procedures and healing procedures. In treatment procedures, something is done to you, or given to you from outside you body. Healing procedures, on the other hand, remove the interference to the innate intelligence and healing comes naturally from within your body in the healthy flow of body-mind communication.

Network Chiropractic procedures are healing procedures. Network Chiropractic utilizes the best of many chiropractic techniques to address both structural and facilitated subluxations at the appropriate times. When your body is free of subluxation, life energy and body-mind communication can flow without obstruction, allowing recovery at the cellular level from old, upsetting events or injuries.

Wayne Rebarber D.C. has been a chiropractor for 15 years in the Highland Park area. He has been using Network Chiropractic since 1989. Wayne is also on the Network Chiropractic teaching staff. For further information on Network Chiropractic, please visit his office at 304 Raritan Avenue (Route 27), Highland Park or call (732) 246-4242.




by Marie Carmen Atkinson

From June 1996 Publication

Did you know that a space can be lucky or misfortunate? To the Feng Shui (pronounced Fung Schway) expert, every space is a living space imbued with "Chi", the vital life force. There are environments that produce bad Chi. Bad Chi in an environment may lead to calamities such as illness, bankruptcy, loss of job, accidents, even death is possible. Conversely, good Chi environments augment luck and success in every aspect in life. A Feng Shui consultant is trained in changing bad Chi to good Chi through the use of ancient Chinese sacred knowledge which harmonizes the life force.

Feng Shui is the art and practice of creating natural order through the principle of correct placement. When a space has been ordered and properly aligned utilizing Feng Shui principles, it follows the laws of nature. The energy or "Spirit" of the space becomes positive, harmonious and flowing with the natural rhythms of life.

You will experience an increased sense of well being and the feeling that the space is 'just right'. Often after a Feng Shui alignment and blessing, clients have reported an increase in good health, new positive opportunities, prosperity, good will and harmonious relationships.

The cures are as simple as a properly placed mirror, plant, vase or crystal in a strategic spot. Example of the results of the client who placed a large mirror in her wealth corner and doubled her sales commissions. Or, the woman who reinforced her self-cultivation corner, awakening her creativity which enabled her to write again. There is a man who placed his children pictures in the proper wall of his home and all his children experience an increase of good luck and prosperity within one month's time. (One child won a $300,000 lawsuit, one found a new job and one got interviewed by a leading newspaper about her work.)

First a Feng Shui practitioner will consult with you to determine the luck and history of your home or place of business. They will discuss your current life goals and objectives in light of the Feng Shui adjustment.

Then, the practitioner will analyze the design of your home, as it mirrors your life and affects every area of your life, including your finances, relationships, health and new opportunities, Through the use of the "9 Basic Cures" they will suggest simple and inexpensive changes that can remedy energy imbalances and blocks in your home or office. They will also analyze the use of color in your home and tell you how it is affecting you. All of the suggestions will serve to improve the overall quality of your life.

In Feng Shui, the adjustments are minor, but the results are major. Master Lin Yun, the world's most renown Feng Shui Master, calls this "One ounce deflecting one thousand pounds."

In my work, before I leave I perform a Blessing to remove negativity and blocked energy. This ancient Feng Shui Blessing is performed to create harmony and to begin the positive flow of "Chi" or energy. This is according to the principles of The Black Hot Sect Feng Shui of which I practice.

Marie Carmen Atkinson is a Feng Shui Consultant and a student of Master Lin Yun, Black Hat Tantric Sect Feng Shui Master. She is also an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist in private practice in Edison NJ, and New York City, specializing in psycho-spiritual healing process and spiritual development. Marie is a teacher and author of three published books on spirituality and has been assisting clients for over twenty years. She can be reached at (732) 248-0808.




by Mark Oppenheimer, C.N.

From October 1996 Publication

While in the process of examining underlying issues which trigger symptoms such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, etc., there are many herbal remedies that can provide relief from these symptoms, and, unlike many prescription drugs, allow us to function at our everyday tasks.

The following are brief descriptions of some calming herbs, their uses, and side effects (if any). They each can offer us symptomatic relief in our times of distress.

Kava - is a central nervous system depressant. It acts in the limbic system (the seat of emotion). Occasional use for symptoms of anxiety and/or sleeplessness is an appropriate use for Kava. High dosages over prolonged periods can be irritating to the liver.

Passionflower - is more sedative than Kava. One of Nature's best tranquilizers, its uses include anxiety, insomnia, and as an anti-spasmodic, it can be used to treat symptoms of asthma. Passionflower is not appropriate for use during pregnancy.

Valerian - is used as a gentle, safe, sleep aid. It is the herbal treatment of choice for nervous tension and panic attacks. Although it may cause headaches with prolonged use, there are few side effects other than its disagreeable smell and taste.

Skullcap - was originally used as a remedy for the symptoms of rabies. Although there is little scientific research available, it is popularly used to relieve nervous tension and menstrual cramps. Its relaxing effect makes it useful in the treatment of seizures, hysteria, and epilepsy.

St. Johnswort - is a mild tranquilizer that is safe for short term use. It increases dopamine levels in the brain (which affects emotional stability). Its uses include relief of emotional stress, anxiety, and irritability. Prolonged use may produce toxicity and may also make the skin light-sensitive. Current studies are ongoing to examine the possible anti-viral activity of St. Johnswort.

Chamomile - is a mild sedative. Its calming effect on smooth muscle tissue has made it a traditional remedy for nervous stomach and colic. It interacts well with passionflower. Chamomile is from the same family of plants (daisy) as ragweed, so people with ragweed allergies must be careful to avoid chamomile products.

Wild Oats - is a natural relaxant. It is used to treat chronic and acute anxiety. As it strengthens the entire nervous system, it is an appropriate remedy for exhaustion, when accompanied with depression and stress.

Catnip - is a member of the mint family used mainly as a children's remedy. It is a mild sedative and is commonly used for children's nervousness and insomnia. Its anti-spasmodic activity can prove effective against cramps, upset stomach, and colic.

When your next period of distress arises, you might find it helpful to look into using one of the calming herbs. They are available in tea, capsule, tincture, or extract form. Talk to a knowledgeable person at any health food store to determine which herb in what form is appropriate for you. Then, relax, and sleep well.

Mark Oppenheimer is a Certified Nutritionist and owner of Pyramid Vitamins, 449 Main Street, Metuchen, NJ, 08840, (732) 548-7904. He has over 18 years experience in the natural foods industry with a strong background in vitamins, homeopathy, and herbs.




Unlocking Your Potential

by Mary Ann Levitt

From October 1996 Publication

What's holding you back? Is it fear? Are you a world-champ procrastinator? Do you lack self-confidence? Do you freeze up under pressure? You see successful people all around you and you just know in your heart you're every bit as good as they are, but something's blocking you. If only you could get around the block, or remove it altogether.

Well you can. You're absolutely right to see the thing holding you back as a blockage. Failures and traumas experienced at an early age create learned responses. Whenever confronted with a fearful situation that seems similar to something in the past, your brain goes back to that learned response and repeats it because it remembers that the body survived the first incident.

Also, under emotional stress, the full capacity of the brain is not used, and the left brain goes into panic mode--the "fight or flight" response.

One Brain--a concept based on more than 40 years of research--is a gentle, non-invasive way of deprogramming your self-defeating trained responses, so you can face your challenges with confidence and the ability to see your options. It combines wholistic health, body energy work, modern neuroscience, and original research.

Your muscular function is influenced by your mental state -- for example, that's why people go "weak at the knees" whenever confronted by extreme danger or upset.

You as the client chooses the issue or issues to work on. What I do is test your muscles by applying light pressure to your outstretched arms. Your arms will either hold strong or go weak in response to specified words, images, or physical stimuli, providing a highly accurate indication of the type and amount of stress you are experiencing.

Then through testing, the body indicates which of a broad spectrum of diffusing techniques it needs. Flower essences and tuning forks may also be chosen.

Emotions are energy. The session includes both the release of stuck energy in the body and the conscious awareness of the underlying stressors in the present and the past. Muscle-testing is a means of tapping into the body's inner knowledge. This form of kinesiology is called One Brain because it helps the creative right brain work in concert with the linear left brain during times of stress.

If you're experiencing depression, phobias, weight-loss or weight-gain difficulties, anxiety, dyslexia, or just not living the life you want, One Brain could be the key to unlocking your success.

Mary Ann Levitt is a One Brain and Reiki II Practitioner in Highland Park, New Jersey. She can be reached at (732) 828-8990.




by Andy Lee

From October 1996 Publication

Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese discipline of health and defense. It fosters a harmony within the body that is excellent for many health problems. For the highest possible strength and endurance, the body must function with unity. The slow, gentle movements of the form integrate weight, force, speed, control, breathing, and thought.

Practice of Tai Chi is a daily art, and a lifetime of study. This exercise is important for good health, high spirits, and rational thinking. The human mechanism is trained to operate efficiently, focusing on body movement as a complete unit, and not just as an assembly of separate parts. Tai Chi Chuan helps reduce stress, high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis. Bones and joints are maintained in good condition, and the cardiovascular system is exercised. Tai Chi exercises enhance the player's "chi", the Chinese concept of life force. Theory states that a human is born with a certain amount of "chi", and that the stresses of daily existence rob the individual of this energy resource. Therefore, the person whose energy has dwindled may become ill. Human "chi" may be replenished through specific exercises and breathing techniques. Tai Chi may be practiced anywhere, at any age and fitness level.

The accounts of the origins of Tai Chi Chuan are based on legend. History has traced the origin of Tai Chi Chuan to the Tang Dynasty (AD 590-906). It is thought to have been practiced by aging warriors, who could no longer compete with the brute brawn of younger warriors. Development of the Tai Chi system implemented the wisdom and intelligence of age with a thorough understanding of body mechanics. Another theory is that an ancient pugilist observed the movements of animals in combat, and applied the principles observed in nature to his own martial art. Thus, postures reflect names such as "White Crane Spreads Wings", "Snake Creeps Down" and "Repel the Monkey".

Tai Chi Chuan is closely related to the fighting tradition of the Shaolin Temple. Every movement has logic in a practical, combative use. When an opponent strikes, a Tai Chi expert does not resist or counter the blow. Instead, he or she yields before the force, takes advantage of the opponent's momentum, and adds a pull or push. In this manner, "four ounces can topple a thousand pounds".

Most actions in the Chinese martial arts have implications of attack and defense. Without exception, the movements of Tai Chi Chuan are composed of skills and techniques of striking, kicking, throwing, and joint locking. Slow and gentle movements are usually required when practicing Yang, Wu, or Sun style Tai Chi Chuan. Chen style Tai Chi Chuan is characterized by a combination of vigor and gentleness, alternating between quickness and slowness.

Tai Chi theory is grounded in the philosophy of Taoism. This philosophy stresses oneness with nature and one's surroundings. Instead of resisting opposition, Taoism emphasizes that one should yield, or flow with the situation. Once famous story tells of the bamboo laden with snow. Because it is flexible, it bends under the weight of the snow, and then arises once the snow has melted. A stiffer plant will break under the same load of snow, because it resists the force of the snow. Another tale tells of a stick floating down a rapid stream. In the turbulence, the stick encounters a rock, and floats around the rock to avoid shattering. By yielding to the rock, the stick preserves its existence. A stick which confronts the rock smashes into small pieces. Tai Chi Chuan is "having both form and spirit", combining the inside and outside as one. While the movements of Tai Chi Chuan are derived from combative techniques, all movements should be in harmony with one's breath and conscious thought, so that unity of internal spirit and external appearance can be achieved.

Andy Lee's Tai Chi Chuan Center of New Jersey provides a complete course of Tai Chi study. In addition to the Tai Chi Form, instruction is provided in Qigong, Tai Chi Sword, Tai Chi Saber, Shaolin Ten Sets, Bagua, Tai Chi Ruler, and Mulan Fan Dance. Students participate in "push hands", the thinking person's sport most often compared to chess. A match is practiced by two players standing and facing each other. The object of the game is to uproot your opponent, causing his/her feet to leave the ground while you remain firmly rooted in place. The movements of "Push Hands" exercise the principles and techniques of the Tai Chi form, providing opportunity to practice efficient body usage. This sport, like any other, may be developed to a competitive level. Instruction is individual, and students are closely supervised to improve their fitness level and mastery of the art.

Andy Lee is a certified Tai Chi instructor and an international judge. Her associations include the Yang Chang Fu Tai Chi Chuan center, the Wu Kung Martial Arts association, the Pai Lum Family, the International Association of Fitness Professionals (IDEA), the Asian Culture Arts Society, The USA Wushu Kung Fu Federation and the TK Chinese Healing Center. The Andy Lee Tai Chi Chuan Center of New Jersey is located in East Brunswick. She may be contacted at (732) 238-1414.




by John Szczepanik

From October 1996 Publication

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to live in a community of people who held honesty as their highest value in life? It almost seems absurd to think that something like this is possible. The truth is- people like this really do exist. Many of them are around you right now and you don't even know it. People that use dishonesty as a way to manipulate others offer no real value to society. In fact they do more harm than good. And waste countless amounts of our hard-earned time and money.

Some people have a negative attitude toward business. Some people see business as destructive rather then constructive. I can definitely understand why. This doesn't mean business is bad. Most businesses are actually responsible for increasing the quality of our lives. When dishonest people get into business the end-results are often self serving and eventually self-destructive. But this is quickly changing. Honest people are taking over. They are creating a new generation of companies. Companies interested in creating real long term values in society. Companies with integrity that put the needs of the customer first. Companies that are interested in creating rather then destroying.

The Energy Center is one of these new companies for the future. Their primary goal is to assist you in reaching new levels of your life by connecting you to those people who share common goals, ambitions and values like yourself.

Most people I know have goals in their lives or at the very least, a general idea of what they envision their lives to one day look like. Some people move closer to these goals. Others move away. Some people have high aspirations. Others have vague hopes and dreams.

Why do some people succeed in life while others get stuck? I've realized one thing. Most people fear the unknown. Many people fear losing what they already have, so they sit still and try not to rock the boat. But this way never brings contentment. It only brings stagnation. The interesting part is that deep down inside, these people really want things to change, but their current environment will not allow this to happen. If you live in an environment that supports failure, how do you expect to succeed? Have you ever had a job or been around a group of people and felt your energy levels drop? Been depleted? Vanished?

On the other hand. Have you ever been around a group of people (or just one person) that got you fired up on life? What did it feel like to be around this person? Did you feel motivated? Energized? What if you could be around people like this constantly? How would your life be different? If you had a group of people motivating you to higher levels of success, do you think you'd be able to succeed? YOU BET YOU WOULD !!!

Your natural state of existence can be one of excitement, fun and high energy. I was talking to my friend who jokingly said to his daughter, "Life isn't about having fun". And his daughter said, "Well maybe it should be". This really made sense to me.

Why are little children so excited about life? It's simple. Children are constantly learning, exploring and growing. The only reason why people grow old is because they stop learning and growing, and most importantly, they stop having fun. Life now becomes a predictable routine, dull and boring. The attitude is that there is nothing new to learn. Growing "old" now becomes a state of mind. As the mind grows old so does the body. Aging is an unnatural process that stops us from living up to our true potential.

Here's an interesting alternative. As the years go by our bodies get stronger and our minds get smarter. Life becomes a new adventure with new possibilities. Thanks to new advancements in nutrition, living to 120-140 years of age (like other advanced cultures) becomes very possible. An exciting, prosperous future can be just around the corner.

Ideas like these are being accepted more and more by people like you and me. And what's even more amazing is that they are starting to be accepted by slow moving institutions, i.e. the medical establishment. Things are changing fast in this world. New opportunities are springing up everywhere. Now is the time to follow that dream you once had. Rekindle that fire. Get around a group of people that will support your vision and GO FOR IT!

John Szczepanik is Director of The Energy Center, a growing community of people interested in learning, growing and creating new possibilities. Everyone is welcome to be a part of this and contribute in some way. If you would like to get around some really dynamic people, be a part of this vision or would just like to learn more, please call (732) 968-5373.




by Mark Oppenheimer, C.N.

From February 1997 Publication

With the onset of winter fast approaching, we will be exposed to a great variety of viruses and bacteria that can result in minor ailments such as colds, to more serious such as influenza, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc. It is a time when we must pay careful attention to, and provide support, for our body's defenses. We do this by attending to our immune system.

What exactly is the immune system? Simply put, the immune system is our internal defense team. It consists of cells (white blood cells), proteins (antibodies), organs and glands (thymus, spleen, liver), and a complex system of drainage and transport (the lymphatic system). All these elements work together to protect us from damaging invaders.

White blood cells are produced by the bone marrow and thymus gland. They are broken down into groups, each of which have specific functions. Most commonly known are T-cells (which destroy foreign matter), and B-cells (which produce anti-bodies). Other white blood cells include neutrophils, monocytes, macrophages, and mast cells.

The thymus gland produces T-cells and releases several hormones that direct immune function.

The spleen produces lymphocytes (B-cells, monocytes, macrophages, mast cells). It engulfs and destroys bacteria and cellular debris. It also serves as a blood reservoir and processes worn out red blood cells and platelets.

The liver produces lymph cells and acts as a filter to rid the body of bacteria, yeast, and other debris.

The lymphatic system drains cellular waste and transports lymph to the lymph nodes.

There are many ways we can support our immune system. A balanced program would include proper diet, exercise, good quality sleep, relaxation and breathing exercises, and proper supplementation.

A diet high in nutrients and low in sugar is essential for proper immune function. Exercise is especially important in stimulating the lymphatic system. Stress is an immune suppressant, so relaxation techniques and spiritual awareness play an important role in a healthy immune system.

There are also many nutrients that can offer immune support. The anti-oxidants help protect the cells and maintain the integrity of the immune system at its basic (cellular) level. Beta-carotene, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Co-enzyme Q10, Pycnogenol, and Selenium are a few of the more important anti-oxidants.

Freeze-dried glandular extracts of thymus, spleen, and adrenal can also offer immune support. Using the theory that like cells will help like cells, freeze-dried glandulars, in regular supplementation, have proven to have positive immune-stimulating support.

Herbs are invaluable tools for use not only as immune support, but also as therapeutic relief from symptoms of viruses, bacteria, and fungi. The most commonly used herbs are echinacea, goldenseal, astragalus, garlic, and licorice.

Echinacea has potent anti-viral and anti-bacterial activity. Among other actions, it stimulates the movement of white blood cells. Echinacea is recommended during periods of infection.

Goldenseal has been shown to activate macrophages which combat viruses and bacteria. It is not advisable to use goldenseal during pregnancy.

Licorice has potent anti-viral activity and is especially useful for respiratory ailments.

Garlic and onions are important blood purifiers which have been shown to be useful in treating infections, as cooking destroys this action, the raw form or supplement form is the way to consume these nutrients.

Astragalus, shitake and reishi mushrooms, and both korean and siberian ginseng all stimulate certain aspects of immune function.

As with any aspect of our lives, proper immune function is a matter of balance. Proper diet, exercise, spiritual and emotional awareness, and appropriate supplementation can lead us through this cold and flu season unscathed.

Mark Oppenheimer is a Certified Nutritionist and owner of Pyramid Vitamins, 449 Main Street, Metuchen, NJ, 08840, (732) 548-7904. He has over 18 years experience in the natural foods industry with a strong background in vitamins, homeopathy, and herbs.




Simple Nutrient, Dynamic Substance

by Bill Palat

From February 1997 Publication

Lecithin is a fat like substance known as a phospholipid. Lecithin appears naturally in egg yolks and is a natural by-product of the process of extracting oil from soybeans. Soybeans are used as the primary source of lecithin in the supplement industry. However, lecithin is also found in other raw vegetable oils such as corn and wheat germ oil.

Over the years, nutritional research has strongly indicated that lecithin regulates metabolism and breaks down fat and cholesterol and inhibits them from sticking to the walls of the arteries. If abnormal deposits of cholesterol does form in the body, then arteriosclerosis, hypertension, and diabetes may result.

Lecithin is also a gook source of the "B" vitamin choline. Choline helps in bringing more oxygen to body tissues, stimulating greater cell activity, and cell repletion. This is why lecithin is also considered "brain food" because of its nutrient ability to stimulate brain function and cognitive ability.

Lecithin is also important in the absorption and digestion of the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K. These fat soluble vitamins are important in protecting the intestinal tract and other major organs in the body, particularly the liver.

Lecithin is a staple item conveniently found and sold in health food stores. It is found most commonly in the form of capsules and granules (granules being the preferred form). So visit you favorite health food store today and do your body a favor - add lecithin to your nutritional protocol.

Bill Palat lectures throughout Central New Jersey and is the owner of two natural health food stores, Everything Natural, Pond Road Center, Rt. 9 North, Freehold NJ, and a 2nd location at Monroe Town Center, 103 Applegarth Rd, Cranbury, NJ. For more information on this nutitional product, Bill can be reached at (732) 431-2666.




by Marty Tashman, Ph.D.

From February 1997 Publication

Stress becomes destructive when you have one more thing to deal with than you can handle and you let it eat at you . When I would get up in the morning and fix breakfast for my two children who at the time, were ages 8 and 11 they would ask me for cereal, toast, jelly, and a sandwich for lunch. I was fine until they changed their minds and wanted eggs. At that point I was stressed. I was on overload. In my professional life, I have dealt with far more difficult issues and felt less stressed. I started to think about why was I stressed in one situation and not the other. I realized - Stress is connected to perception. The way we view things causes us to be or not to be stressed. What evolved from that awareness were some rules to de-stress life.

Dealing with time pressures & stress

  1. If something doesn't get done it is not the end of the world. Too often we tell our selves that if we don't complete something there will be a disaster. To de stress our selves we have to take a closer look at that assumption. Not everything is a do or die situation.
  2. Don't be locked into a deadline. Even though a time is set, think in terms of changing that timetable. Call and ask the person who has set the time frame and ask for an extension. Do part of the project, and supply the rest a little later on. Help the person on the receiving end think of a temporary alternative. Offer something extra for their patience.
  3. Pace yourself. Push during high energy periods. Slow down or stop when you are tired.
    Organization as anti stress tool
  4. Start with an easy task if you're tired, tackle a difficult issue if you are "at the top of your game".
  5. Prioritize which project is most and least important project to do; is there a time frame? What will happen if something gets done at a later time? Too often the task in front of us is the one we work at. Or the one we like the least is the last thing to be dealt with. If you prioritize by prominence or preference you'll pay the stress price later on.
  6. Partialize - breakdown the task to smaller parts. This rule deals effectively with the problem of overload.
  7. Ask for technical help, if you are overwhelmed. Find someone who can give you insight about short cuts in terms of handling the project. Too often we try and "tough it out", or we are too frantic to stop and ask for directions and information.
  8. Allocate, see if you can get someone to help with small pieces of the task.
    Emotional issues and stress
  9. Become aware of your fear - Often times stress is fear driven. A person might feel that: if I don't press I will lose everything, I will get fired, nothing will ever get done, I will get yelled at, or during my review I get a lower performance rating.

These suggestions are designed as a check list. If you're feeling stressed, ask yourself "am I following these rules?" Distress is about what you do with what you get. Beauty and unhealthy stress are both in the eye and the actions of the beholder.

Marty Tashman has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology with a concentration in organizational development. He is a licensed Marriage and Family Counselor, and Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Marty has been in private practice as an organizational consultant and a therapist for 22 years and can be reached at (732) 246-8484.




by Scott Kalechstein

From February 1997 Publication

Song Healing is a gift that started to make itself known to me in 1986. I was at the airport, waiting for my flight to take off, when I decided to take out my guitar and sing to pass the time. Soon I was joined by two other guitarists, a woman in a wheelchair, and many assorted travelers with an ear or a voice to lend to our creation. We sang everything from the Beatles to the classic airport tune, Leaving on a Jet Plane. At a certain moment I felt an inner prompting, almost a celestial nudge, to sing Amazing Grace. I held back, not wanting to "get religious" and possibly turn some people off. But the heart is mightier than the mind, and I let go of my fears enough to initiate a powerful rendition of the song, gloriously joined by the whole crowd that had gathered in numbers and in momentum. When we were done, a man approached me with tears streaming down his face. He said "My mother's funeral was today. Her favorite song was played, which happens to be Amazing Grace. When I heard it being sung just now as I was passing by, I felt my mother's presence telling me she was safe and she would always be with me." I also had tears well-up from within me as I silently thanked the universe for using me as an instrument to touch this man's heart. I remember inviting God to use me more often!

Since then, I have enjoyed clearer and clearer reception as I have grown in my willingness to trust the impulses of the heart and let myself be used. You might say I have learned ever more deeply to let the Divine Disc Jockey on Station WGOD to guide my musical expressions! I have found that in tuning out the static of self-consciousness, I can sit in the presence of a person, allowing music to be born through me in the moment, with lyrics that often address themes and concerns that were not covered in our initial conversation. People started calling it 'channeling', but I wish to de-mystify that. It is my belief that everything creative, healing, and artistic that happens on earth is channeled from a Higher Source. We are all channels! It is a delusion that the human mind can produce anything inspiring without the Hand Of The Divine behind the scenes. The more we acknowledge it is God working through us, the more ease and fluidity there will be in the creative process. The more a person thinks it is just him or her doing it, the more laborious will be the struggle to birth one's creations. It's that simple!

1987 was the year for me to really explore this emerging gift of being able to sing spontaneously-created songs directly to peoples' hearts. One night I had some people over to my house and was informally sharing my gift with each person there. One of those people, a doctor who was traveling the world studying transformational tools and technologies for helping people change their lives, wrote me a letter that changed my life!. In it, he said "Scott, I believe that your personalized healing songs are one of the most significant tools I have ever come across. The combination of music with spiritual affirmation goes deep into the subconscious to help release old; worn out beliefs. Scott, may I suggest that you have a Divine Mission!" I was twenty-four years old when I got that letter. I remember thinking, "Me, a nice Jewish boy from Brooklyn on a Divine Mission?" You can imagine the altering my ego had to go through to allow such a thought to be embraced. It did take some time to develop both the humility and self-respect that was needed to take his words seriously.

Currently, I am sharing this gift of what has come to be called 'Song Healing' at group gatherings, workshops, and in special private sessions, both in person and on the phone! I ask; a person to tell me a bit about their goals, dreams, issues--whatever they feel comfortable sharing. Then we say a prayer, turn on the tape recorder, and give birth to a fifteen to twenty minute song. The songs are personal and intimate, with the recipient's name mentioned often, Topics usually covered are self-worth, self-acceptance, prosperity, forgiveness, healing old hurts, living our dreams, loving our inner child, and opening to the Love of God. Psychics tell me they see Jesus standing behind me, or St. Germain, or Mother Mary. All I know is that love and compassion fill my heart and move me to sing. Often when I am finished, both the receiver and I have tears flowing down our cheeks. The power of the universe, expressing love, poetry and guidance through the medium of song, never fails to amaze me!

These songs bypass the intellect and go directly to the heart of the matter. It is most difficult for even the most armored people to listen to their own personal, musical message from the Divine and not be touched. The songs are particularly helpful in transforming our negative self talk, the inner critic that is constantly "singing a negative song" to ourselves. People tell me that their song is like having a cheerleading squad on the sidelines cheering them on. Many report that they play their song every morning upon awakening, or every night before they sleep.

Music, as you well know, has the power to help heal the wounds of the heart, strengthen the will to live and add light and hope to a life suffering from the lack of celebration. We all, at some time or another, have had our moods transformed, our defenses softened, and our hearts opened through the power of music. The spontaneously created songs that I have been privileged to have come through me carry the direct intention to heal and take that power to new and expanded potential. As my doctor friend said in his letter seven years ago, "A personalized healing song will become the gift to give in the New Age." I am both humbled and deeply grateful to offer such a gift. It is a sacred blessing.

When I was a child, my parents tried to teach me to respect myself enough so that I would not be "used". Having come full circle, it is now my greatest joy be used, fully and completely, by the Love of God. "God, use me for your Muse, and let my voice sing out the songs that can escort your Children into Your Eternal Embrace. Amen."

Scott Kalechstein is a professional musician, song writer, author, and workshop facilitator. He presently has seven musical albums released on cassette and compact disk. For a catalog of Scott's music collection, or book information please write to Scott Kalechstein, 204 N. El Camino Real, Suite E220, Encinitas, CA 92024.






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