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Submitted by Bill Palat

From June 1997 Publication

Minerals are as necessary to us as water and air. In fact, some are found in water and air. Minerals play an important role in every bodily function and are present in every human cell. Although the amount needed may be microscopic, without that trace of whatever mineral, dysfunction occurs at some level in the body. A zinc deficiency may appear as ridged fingernails with white spots, lack of sulfur can cause lack-luster and dull looking skin. Less obvious deficiencies may appear as fatigue, irritability, loss of memory, nervousness, depression and weakness. These are general unspecific complaints which would make it very difficult to trace the cause, especially as any number of different deficiencies may produce the same symptoms. To complicate matters, one deficiency can lead to another, which can lead to still another, and so on. One outstanding, undeniable fact emerges from what is known about vitamins and minerals. That is: they interact. Magnesium, for example, must be present in the body if Vitamin C, E, and the B-complex are to be utilized. Sulfur also works with the B-vitamins, while selenium is a partner with Vitamin E. The key is interaction.

There are many ways in which we work against ourselves and keep our bodies "off-balance". Coffee, tea, alcohol and excess table salt can rob us of minerals, or render them impotent. Many drugs have the same effect. Industrial pollutants cause toxic minerals to invade our systems These toxic minerals (or even benign minerals at toxic levels) also have the effect of destroying the usefulness of other vitamins and minerals. Once again, interaction is the answer, for when nutrients are in balance, it is more difficult for an unwanted "intruder" to upset that balance. Moreover, that balance is not only connected to what we eat, but to our general health. Exercise improves the activity of certain vitamins and minerals, while stress and fatigue work against them. Tobacco, coffee and alcohol are all toxic to the body and require the body to expend some of its energy on detoxifying them before it can get on with the business of living. So the role that minerals play in our lives is connected to the rest of our nutrient intake, whether we get enough exercise, fresh air and sleep, our emotional stability and the amount of toxic material we require our bodies to deal with.

Nature provided us with an abundance of minerals (and vitamins) in our food supply, provided we eat a well-balanced diet. In some instances, though, nature provided too much of a good thing, such as in parts of the Dakotas where selenium in the soil is at toxic levels; and areas where calcium fluoride, naturally present in the water supply, is at levels where it will discolor forming teeth. Meanwhile, we've done a bit of tampering with nature.

We have refined cereals, grains and sugar. In doing, we have robbed them of the vitamins and minerals which are naturally present. If you consider the dietary sources of these nutrients, you will find the words, "whole grains, cereals, bran and germ", appearing repeatedly. It is the bran and germ which are removed in processing. However, it is not only the missing nutrients with which we must be concerned. In order to process these refined foods in our bodies, we must supply nutrients from our bodies' store. Certain vitamins and minerals are needed to process even the most refined of foods. Enzymatic processes and metabolic processes must occur continuously as the food passes through the digestive system. Vitamins and mineral are required at every stage. If these nutrients are not in the food being processed, they will be withdrawn from whatever stores the body has, whether or not a deficiency may result.

Avoiding refined and overly processed foods is only partly a solution to obtaining a balance of nutrients. Green, leafy vegetables are an excellent source of many nutrients. Unfortunately, as with all other foods, nutrients present in the food are directly connected to the nutrients present in the soil. Mushrooms can be a good source of iodine IF the soil on which they are grown has a high iodine content. The same is true of each and every nutrient. Worse, there is usually no way to tell whether or not that vital micro-nutrient is in the food. Although lack of a micro-nutrient may sometimes inhibit a plant's growth, it seems that plants are almost as indifferent to nutrition as humans. An iodine-free mushroom looks and tastes the same as one rich in iodine. A mineral-poor human, too, many seem the same as one who has a good mineral balance, but the proof is in the vitality, good health and longevity. Our health is connected to every aspect of our lives and the quality of that health is a matter of choice. We can ignore our connection to the balance of living, or we can strive to maintain integrity, balance and awareness in every aspect of our daily lives. Note: The source of the above article is unknown. It was submitted by Bill Palat from a poor quality photocopy and is presented for it's educational value. If you know the source, please contact us so we may give proper credit.

Bill Palat lectures throughout Central New Jersey and is the owner of three natural health food stores, Everything Natural, Pond Road Center, Rt. 9 North, Freehold NJ, a 2nd location at Monroe Town Center, 103 Applegarth Rd, Cranbury, NJ, and a 3rd location at Aberdeen Town Square, Rt. 34 North, Aberdeen, NJ. Bill can be reached at (732) 431-2666.




by Doreen Levy

From June 1997 Publication

Food Addiction is a real and deadly disease. 1t has nothing to do with willpower or morals. The following is taken from literature from Food Addicts Anonymous, (FAA). Food Addicts Anonymous: The Steps To Recovery.

". . . How do we recognize ourselves as food addicts? We are obviously recognized as a person with a problem if we are overweight or underweight, because weight is the only physical manifestation of the disease of food addiction that anyone can easily see. What they cannot see are our physical illnesses, our emotional pain or our mental illness. If we consult an authority about our weight problem, we may be given solutions that include medication, willpower, lectures, special diets that work temporarily, exercise, etc. Many of us have been seen by mental health professionals for years, been diagnosed with an eating disorder, but never addressed our addiction to specific substances.

Consequently, we stayed immersed in this disease. For most of us, these temporary solutions gave us false hope and then plunged us once again into despair We have suffered humiliation, ridicule, physical discomfort and broken relations with others as well as ourselves. . . enough!"

Food Addicts Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women willing to recover from the disease of food addiction. FAA is based on the belief that abstinence is the corner-stone of recovery. It is dedicated to the belief that 1) abstinence is achieved by eliminating sugar, wheat, and flour from our diets; 2) food addiction is a bio-chemical disease causing abuse of sugar, wheat, and flour; and 3) treatment for this disease is possible through achieving abstinence and living the 12 Steps of FAA.

If you are a food addict, think you might be a food addict, or know someone who is suffering from this disease, please call for a meeting near you. There are no dues or fees, all meetings are open and free to all looking for recovery from food addiction. TRI-FAA INTERGROUP, (908) 654-6223. All calls are confidential.

Doreen Levy is an owner of Success Express, 1822 East Second Street, Scotch Plains, NJ, 07076, a store dedicated to self help, 12 step, Spirituality and more. She can be reached at (908) 322-6662,, and has a website at




by Mark Oppenheimer, C.N.

From June 1997 Publication

Anything we can do to improve our circulation cannot help but improve our overall well-being. When our circulatory system is more efficient, oxygen and nutrients become more available for uptake into the cells. As we well know, nourishing the body at the cellular level is the basis for good health. Exercise and proper diet are essential. There are also many nutrients that are beneficial to improved circulation. In this article, we will examine some herbs that can help to improve circulatory function.

Hawthorne - is known for its cardiovascular benefits. It increases blood supply and oxygen to the heart muscle, and also acts to dilate blood vessels: It has been used in degenerative heart conditions, as it has a normalizing action on the heart muscle. Hawthorne, because of its high anti-oxidant properties, can counteract the damaging effects of free radicals on the cardiovascular system.

Butchers Broom - helps to improve circulation to the extremities. In Europe, it is used to treat the discomfort and pain caused by poor circulation in the legs.

Bilberry - is used to strengthen blood vessels, especially in the eyes. The active constituents in bilberry is a bioflavonoid complex called anthocyanosides. These compounds are especially helpful in strengthening the smaller blood vessels in the body (the capillaries). They not only protect the capillaries from harmful free radical damage, but they also stimulate the formation of healthy connective tissue.

Cayenne - is believed to help prevent platelets from sticking together and clotting. It has a strong effect on circulation, i.e., as a heart stimulant. Cayenne also increases the bioavailability of other nutrients with which it is consumed, making it an important ingredient in many formulas helpful to improved circulation.

Garlic - Among the advantages garlic provides for better circulation are: lower blood cholesterol, triglycerides, and LDL-cholesterol, while raising HDL-cholesterol; reduced bloodclotting, and reduced blood pressure (as has been shown in over 250 scientific publications). Garlic is, indeed, one of nature's most potent circulatory aids.

Ginkgo Biloba - Among the positive effect:, Ginkgo exerts on the vascular system are: it helps to improve blood flow to the brain and lower extremities, helps to prevent blood clots, and has been used successfully for problems related to poor circulation such as phlebitis, Raynaud's Syndrome, and scleroderma. Ginkgo is currently being studied in patients with Alzheimer's disease.

Ginger - Like Cayenne, ginger aids in the delivery of other nutrients into the bloodstream, making them available to the cells. It has a positive stimulating effect on the muscular contractions of the heart. In a recent study, ginger proved to reduce the stickiness of platelets, reducing the possibility of clotting.

Black Cohosh - has a tonic action on the heart and circulation. It has been shown to reduce high blood pressure and also acts as a vasodilator.

As our circulation is the mechanism by which each cell in our body receives the nutrients it requires, it only makes sense that anything we do to optimize its efficiency can only lead to better overall health. Along with our diet, exercise, proper emotional and spiritual practices, these herbs can be invaluable to an overall good health program.

Mark Oppenheimer is a Certified Nutritionist and owner of Pyramid Vitamins, 449 Main Street, Metuchen, NJ, 08840, (732) 548-7904. He has over 18 years experience in the natural foods industry with a strong background in vitamins, homeopathy, and herbs.




by Dr. Michael Jonas Kahn Ph.D.

From June 1997 Publication

The body oftentimes gets sick in order to get better. This is the body's way of correcting a toxic situation---either expelling it through the lungs and nasal passages, as in colds and congestion, or by burning it up in fevers and flus.

In other words, sickness can be a blessing, especially if it is a part of a detoxifying process that accompanies an improvement in diet. For as diet improves the body, it will clean itself up and expel toxins as part of the natural healing progression towards health. Long term health cannot be achieved through medication alone. It can be attained as a part of a slow, natural process by the body, supported by a high-fiber, low-fat diet.

This will not always be a neat and pleasant process, and for one who is seeking long-term healing, it should be known ahead of time that the road to true health may be discouraging at times as the body cleans itself up by getting sick to do so. This is also why, for the most part, colds an flu's should be left to run their course and not be suppressed with drugs, if possible. Suppressing minor sicknesses in the short run leads to accumulations and greater body toxicity in the long run. Colds turn into flu's, flu's turn into sinus, bronchial and lung problems, then asthma, allergies, pneumonia or cancer.

The prescription, as far as natural healing is concerned, would be to rest, drink lots of water and eat as lightly as possible, preferably soups, steamed veggies, some grains and a little protein, if the body is able to take sustenance---the reason for a light diet being to use as little energy as possible for digestion so as to be able to use it for immune system responses.

Another understanding of sickness may be gleaned from animals. For if you observe them when they get sick, they simply sit in one place or another, drink water occasionally and wait until their sickness leaves and hunger returns. They seem to instinctively know that the body is the doctor. Of course, if the sickness is life-threatening, or too painful, then medication may be needed or even desirable. But until sickness is chronic and reaches that point, natural healing would treat it by improvement in diet and life style.

So, what is being said here is that the next time illness catches up with you, consider your body is still working, and is able to muster the energy to expel the problem or at least make the effort. And, if you have really changed to a more natural diet, think of it as a house cleaning, because when it is over you should be that much closer to being less toxic, and more healthy.

Indeed, if we didn't get small sicknesses periodically, we would most likely never make it to the age of 21. And furthermore, if medical science ever does come up with a so-called miracle drug (like interferon) that will supposedly eliminate (suppress) the common cold process, then the human race will be doomed to even greater sickness as there will be no escape from the gradual building up of toxic waste inside each individual. This over-prescribing of drugs and over-the-counter medications, in my opinion, is one of the major reasons there is probably more disease and sickness than ever before in history, as people continually seek immediate remedies for long-term life style problems.

Thus, if you really want to get truly healthy in the long run, start with what you are eating. Supply your body with the nutrients to give the immune system what it needs and the rest will take care of itself. The body is the doctor, but it can't heal itself without the elements necessary to carry out the task, namely the minerals and vitamins found in a high fiber, low fat diet.

Try and remember that the road to healing will most likely not be a "rosy path," but a retracing back through many past illnesses that were not handled naturally in the first place. This will make the road to wellness appear as a series of hills and valleys on up to optimum health. So buckle up and be prepared for the ride. If you have improved your diet, the ruts could be a blessing... in a not so pleasant disguise. Bon appetit...

Michael Jonas Kahn is a Holistic Doctor with a Ph.D. in Nutritional Science and twenty five years experience in the study, teaching and practice of natural healing. His self-evaluative health and diet education program has helped countless people over the years to take an objective look at their health, and also provides them with a simple common sense nutritional approach to bring themselves back into body chemistry balance, ...and optimum health. He can be reached by email at and also has a website that can be visited at




by Louis Trachtenberg, CRA

From October 1997 publication

Contact Reflex Analysis, also known as CRA, is a simple, safe, natural method of analyzing the structural and nutritional needs of the body. A deficiency in these areas could cause or contribute to various acute and chronic health problems. CRA is a means by which the practitioner uses the body's own reflexes to accurately determine the root cause of a health problem.

CRA reveals the root of a health problem. Many times the symptoms of a health problem are treated while the actual source of the problem goes undetected. For example, headaches are treated with aspirin or Tylenol, and coughs with cough medicine. If the symptoms persist, expensive tests are run and stronger medications prescribed. But the question still remains. What's causing the headache? What's causing the cough? There is hope. CRA quickly and accurately uncovers the root of the health problem and provides the practitioner with answers for correcting it.

CRA is accurate. It will even uncover deficiencies at a sub-clinical level; that is when the problem is so tiny that the person may not be aware of it, and many modern methods of testing cannot detect it.

Amazing Facts About your Body

The point behind these facts is that your body is a wonderful, complex creation. Like a machine, all of its parts must be in good working condition. Its electrical system (nervous system) must be carrying energy smoothly to all areas. Finally, it must be fueled with the proper nutrition to keep it functioning, alive and well. Practitioners with the tools of Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA) can help their clients achieve optimal health and well being.

Louis Trachtenberg has a B.S. in Public Health from Portland State Univ. in Portland, Oregon and trained with Naturopathic Doctors for 6 months in Oregon. He went through seminar training to be certified in Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA) and interned with CRA practitioners for about a year before starting his own practice. Louis can be reached at (908) 580-0316.




by Robert Egby, Ph.D.

From October 1997 publication

Self-talk has been around for a lot of years: it's recognition of what we say to ourselves. Many of the mind-gurus claim 80% of what the average person says is undermining, blocking and self-destructive. It's all part of the conditioned mind--the result of your life up to the present. If you feel blocked, inhibited, and feel that it's the way you think, or the things you say, YOU have the power to change this. The Subconscious Mind, your internal biological computer, learns through repetition, which is why advertisers bombard us with commercials over and over again.

You can change the way you think by changing your own self-talk, simply by resolving to do it. Talk to yourself whenever you have the opportunity, whenever you are alone. Do this powerful exercise.


Each month, select five of the most important affirmations or self-talk that you want or desire to apply in your life. (Desire is the energy you use to get things done.) Write or print the five affirmations on a card. Keep them handy...somewhere where you will see them several times a day. Do not say them in a monotone, or sound as if you are bored. Whenever you have the opportunity, repeat them aloud with gusto and desire--as if your life depended on it. Incidentally, never, never show your affirmation card to anyone else--even that special person in your life. Other people may not see the affirmations the way you do, and a simple question such as: "Why do you need to do that?" will start the de-energizing process.

Incidentally, your list of five can also be repeated while you are in your sanctuary, as suggested in my article of "Do it yourself: Relaxation." Repeating affirmations when relaxed has a greater effect.

Here are some examples of self-talk affirmations. If you need more, create them yourself. This will get you started. Good luck, and remember: Think well - be well.

A point to remember: Your goals are your roadmap to the future. Affirmations or self-talk fuel the desire to achieve those goals.

Robert D. Egby Ph.D., CCHyp., is a clinical hypnoanalyst and motivational trainer in East Windsor, NJ. As a mystic, he extensively studied ancient teachings, and shares those with people who seek. He conducts regular meditation psychic development, and higher awareness classes and workshops. Robert's Center for Success in Healing Hypnosis can be reached at (609) 448-6364, or visit his website:




"The Magic Bullet"

by Bill Palat

From October 1997 publication

I've been involved in the Health Food/Vitamins industry for many years now, approximately 20 years. From Day 1 to today, the most frequently used expressions I hear from my customers are: "If I do this for a week, will I have to continue or can I stop"; or, "If I take the vitamins, will the pain go away"; or, "Will I feel better by tomorrow"? Unfortunately, the vast majority of the public pursues the "magic bullet theory." I think this has come about because of the strength of the drug industry and the "miracle pill" or "cure" mentality that has been bestowed upon us as a population.

The truth is that good vibrant health, or homeostasis of the body, is a combination of many things. It first starts with one's lifestyle -- a good clean nutritional diet, plenty of fresh air and clean water, stretching, exercise, a good stress management program such as meditation, and of course, a good supplement or herbal protocol.

When I say this to people, I sometimes get a cross-eyed look of disgust as if doing the right things will be too much work. But good health and being vibrant is hard work. It takes a lifetime of good habits to stay in optimal health. Unfortunately, not everybody is willing to work at it. They roam from doctor to doctor, pharmacy to pharmacy, nutritionist to nutritionist, health food store to health food store, searching for that "magic bullet".

Fortunately, in the last year, lots of good information about better lifestyles, more holistic approaches to health, and the value of a good supplementation program have come to the forefront; and this information is reaching the public. This is a positive force that is now in motion and, as time goes on, more and more good nutritional information will be available. In addition, more dollars and more effort in nutritional science are on the way. This will enable our society to reap vast rewards and a better understanding of what it takes to better maintain ourselves. Maybe then, people will be more educated and know better than to look for one "magic bullet".

Bill Palat lectures throughout Central New Jersey and is the owner of three natural health food stores; Everything Natural, Pond Road Center, Rt. 9 North, Freehold NJ, a 2nd location at Monroe Town Center, 103 Applegarth Rd, Cranbury, NJ, and a 3rd location at Aberdeen Town Square, Rt. 34 North, Aberdeen, NJ. Bill can be reached at (732) 431-2666.




by Andy Lee

From October 1997 publication

Qigong is an ancient healing art, frequently closely associated with Tai Chi Chuan practice. Well known for physical and mental tension relief, it has been practiced in China for at least a thousand years. It combines breathing routines and static postures to effectively move healing energy throughout the body. Some people refer to Qigong as a meditation technique; however, properly practiced it is mindful and proactive. Practice of Qigong strengthens the mind/body connection to the highest levels. There have been many reports of Qigong masters able to perform feats that seem impossible. For example, a popular TV documentary showed a master lighting a lightbulb with the energy from his body. Seemingly incredible, the master has learned to harness the Chi energy and use it. It is common knowledge among experienced Qigong practitioners that many new mental and perceptive capabilities are developed.

To understand Qigong, the nature of Chi energy must be understood. Chi is the human life force, what makes a person alive. When Chi leaves the body, the body sickens and eventually dies. Everyone is born with a certain amount of Chi, known as "primordial chi". However, the normal stresses of life gradually deplete this store of energy, reflected in the aging process. A pattern of damage may be imprinted on the body, scars of life's history. For example, a person with much anxiety and stress may develop the habit of carrying his neck and shoulders tightly. This leads to unhealthy blockages of energy resulting from the poor body habit. Developing consciousness of the body habit is the first step in correcting it and improving health. Qigong routines are designed to refresh and bolster the energy stored within the body.

The pathways of the body that conduct Chi energy are the same meridian lines used by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). When an injury or deterioration happens to the body, it creates an area of stagnation where the body cannot move the Chi. If the stagnation is not cleared, it can result in illness. By the same token, a concerted effort to move Chi through the injury can help heal it. Specific, precise Qigong routines have been developed to move Chi through stagnated points. Regular practice of Qigong prevents stagnant Chi. When treated by a TCM doctor, the patient may be prescribed a combination of Qigong, acupuncture, and herbal therapy.

In Traditional Chinese Medical theory, illness is closely linked to the mental and emotional health of the patient. Qigong practice unites the physical and mental processes of life to achieve balanced wellbeing. Some illnesses treated effectively by Qigong include cardio-vascular disease, arthritis, balance disorders, asthma and Chronic Fatigue syndrome. Qigong is effective at treating autoimmune deficient conditions, such as cancer, because it rallies the immune system function.

In addition to the health application of Qigong, it was practiced and developed by martial artists to provide strength and force in their form. The higher the level of Chi maintained by a warrior, the more deadly his abilities.

Andy Lee's Tai Chi Chuan Center of New Jersey provides a complete course of Qigong and Tai Chi study. Instruction is provided in Qigong, Tai Chi Form, Tai Chi Sword, Tai Chi Saber, Shaolin Ten Sets, Bagua, Tai Chi Ruler, and Mulan Fan Dance. Instruction is individual, and students are closely supervised to improve their fitness level and mastery of the art.

Andy Lee is a certified Qigong and Tai Chi instructor and an international judge. Her associations include the Yang Chang Fu Tai Chi Chuan center, the Wu Kung Martial Arts association, the Pai Lum Family, the International Association of Fitness Professionals (IDEA), the Asian Culture Arts Society, The USA Wushu Kung Fu Federation and the TK Chinese Healing Center. The Andy Lee Tai Chi Chuan Center of New Jersey is located in East Brunswick. She may be contacted at (732) 238-1414.




Not a Sweet Story

by Nicholas Jouvanis

From February 1998 Publication

Recently Congress allocated a huge sum of money for medical research to find a cure for diabetes. It is my considered opinion that medicine will never find a cure for diabetes. Powers exist that will not allow it to, and these powers are not at all obscure. The significance of the pertinent medical industrial structure has transcended the importance of those it was created to serve.

The uncertain mystery that is diabetes has, within the last generation, spawned a huge world-wide industry that supports the diabetes sufferer at the level of disease, not at the level of healing. This is a multifaceted industry that derives immense revenues servicing the world's diabetic population--including, but certainly not limited to, pharmaceutical companies that supply insulin to the diabetics, and those that supply sophisticated gadgetry to facilitate taking insulin. Diabetes is a goose that keeps laying golden eggs--a source of very comfortable living for many.

If a cure were to be found for diabetes many such companies would suffer the loss of significant revenues, with the risk of failing and, thereby, creating a domino effect. This would be particularly true if the cure was not medically or drug related. The collapse of so large an industry would have economic reverberations that would be felt far and wide--with political ramifications, in all likelihood. Then, too, a representative portion of the people's representatives would surely find themselves without a reliable financial source, either because the firms would no longer exist or, within a more Machiavellian possibility, because the politicians themselves would be viewed as having failed at the task of stone-walling a cure.

If the cure, itself, was not medically rooted but found among the alternative therapies then the populace at large would have good reason to look askance at the entire medical research industry, not just the diabetes researchers. Then, too, fund raising for research, a lucrative industry in itself, would suffer a major blow. Many of these firms, along with research laboratories, would go under. To be sure, the objectivity of certain fund raising organizations bears scrutiny since they also determine which research proposals submitted to them are approved for funding.

With the advent of a non-medical cure, the initials MD and Ph.D. would lose a great deal of value--as has already occurred, considering the sharp rise in the alternative healing industry. Marketing the MD and the Ph.D. would suffer even more than it already has. The global recognition of a viable alternative-healing modality for diabetes, whether by something as simple as yoga-breathing (which, from my personal experience, heals hypoglycemia) or by any of the other emerging body-energy-tapping therapies would be devastating to medicine. Clearly, it does not behoove medicine to support research in any area other than the conventional ones that have long since proven themselves to be dead-end. Nick Jouvanis practices Rebirthing in the Middlesex County area. Nick can be reached for lectures based on Rebirthing and alternative therapies at (732) 846-4458.




by Robert D. Egby Ph.D.

From February 1998 Publication

In an age of angels, spirit guides, and near-death experiences, it is worth remembering those souls/spirits who need to be helped or assisted in their transition into the Light, into the Astral. The term is Spirit Rescue.

Occasionally, a soul departing the physical body, is unable to make the transition into the Light--is unable to complete the critical crossing into the Other Side, the astral states. They become what are commonly termed among spirit rescuers as "Earthbound."

Souls who feel an overwhelming urge to cling to their physical bodies become possible candidates for this condition. Suicides, torn between depression and the desire to escape, and staying on Earth, are one set. Others include sudden accident victims, while others have succumbed to fatal sickness, and wished to stay with family and loved ones.

A married woman with a three-year old son called one day. "My house is haunted. My little boy Michael says a man sits on the side of his bed every night and sings to him." Visiting the home, the mother said: "Odd things happen here. When we do the laundry downstairs it feels cold. My husband stays with me. We switch the light off to come up stairs, and by the time we're up, the light goes on by itself."

As she was speaking in the living room, a spirit form took vague shape behind her. A middle-aged man, heavyish build with reddish cropped hair. "That's the image of my dad," she said as I described him. "He's with you now," I said. "He says he couldn't cope with the cancer. He wanted to see his grandson grow up. He's been very happy because he can see you but he can't make contact, except with your boy, his grandson."

Departed souls who regret leaving their body, always look down back into the physical and fail to go up into the Light. Unable to make contact with loved ones or people they knew, they become frustrated and unhappy, and the atmosphere around them frequently becomes cold. "Your dad says he likes your basement. It reminds him of his workshop in the other house," I told the lady.

It was time for a spirit rescue, and it happened in the basement suite. Normally, it is a simple ceremony in which the medium explains the situation to the earthbound spirit, and offers to help them go to the Light where spirit guides and helpers, soul-family members and others will welcome the earthbound spirit. Dad agreed...and after seeking protection for us all, I embarked on a prayer to Holy Spirit, and when the time was right, I asked Dad to look up into the Light. In spite of the fact he had agreed earlier to the rescue, he was still reluctant to cross over. He was uncertain. He still clung to the physical.

After considerable encouragement, he finally looked up and the Light came down and enveloped him in this fine, delicate aura, and he started to move up. A wonderful feeling of love enshrouded the home. The ascension took less than a minute and the atmosphere in the room changed. "My God," said the woman, "I can feel it now. Dad has passed over. The room is warm." And it was, at least ten degrees warmer.

Six months later, the lady called me. "My son Michael says the man was singing to him again last night," she said. "Michael added that granddad sends his love, and says everything is fine now."

There are spirit rescue mediums working in many centers all over the world and if you feel an earthbound spirit may be in trouble around you, get in touch with a good medium who will either help you directly or put you in touch with one who does this work.

Not all spirit rescues are textbook cases like the one above. In the early 1980s, a family discovered many of their child's pacifiers were disappearing. It turned out to be the work of a 10-year old girl--earthbound for over 60 years. Her family, farmers in British Columbia, had been completely wiped out by the devastating flu epidemic of 1919-20 that killed between twenty and forty million people worldwide. I conducted a spirit rescue as described above. A few days later, I discovered the remainder of the little girl's family -- mother, father, and three brothers, all still earthbound after six decades, and concerned for their missing little girl. Working with my guides, we managed to get them all to pass over into the Light. Each rescue is a lesson for the medium.

Spirit rescue should not be compared to exorcism--removal of a negative entity--although it is easy for "ghost-busters" perhaps untrained in spiritual paths, to mistake a luckless earthbound spirit as a negative entity. Earthbound spirits need love, compassion and help in reaching the Light on the Other Side.

Robert D. Egby Ph.D. CCHyp in addition to being a clinical hypnoanalyst in East Windsor NJ, is also a metaphysical counselor, diviner and mystic. He extensively studied the ancient teachings, and shares those with people who seek. He conducts regular meditation, psychic development and higher awareness classes and workshops, and is in demand for speaking engagements. Robert's Centers for Success in Healing Hypnosis are in Rocky Hill and East Windsor NJ and he can be reached at (609) 448-6364, or, or visit his website:







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