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by Geoffrey Gordon

From October 1996 publication

Have you ever gotten into the mood when you want to watch a movie of a spiritual nature--a movie that uplifts us spiritually and teaches us a spiritual lesson-- but you just don't know what to watch!!! Well recently--this happened to me--and to me--and to me!!! For the last four months, I've been in the mood to watch a "spiritual movie", When I first became interested in this pursuit, I found that I could count my list of spiritual movies on one hand. But as I started to explore this field, names of movies that have a spiritual quality, nature, or theme began to magically appear either through unexplained thoughts, a friend's unexpected comment, or a "random" flip through my movie listing book. Before I knew it, I had a list of 40-50 movies and that list just keeps growing.

It is important to establish my criteria for classifying a movie as a "spiritual movie". All the movies listed have some or all of the following qualities:

  1. they teach or educate us on some spiritual theme, i.e. unconditional love, trust, faith, etc.
  2. they inspire us to be the shining lights that we really are,
  3. they touch our hearts(where our spirit resides) and uplift us,
  4. they may deal with spirits, angels, ghosts, and/or metaphysics,
  5. they may be what is termed a "fantasy" but those the beholder,
  6. they may deal with a higher Universal power(God, Buddha, Allah, etc.),
  7. they may deal with the "New Age" movement, and
  8. they teach us fundamental rules of the Universe such as M iracles and Universal Laws. Also, a spiritual movie will send an unexplainable surge of spiritual energy throughout my body connecting me to all things that are beautiful. And finally, a movie that involves all of me (emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually) and touches something deep within my heart possibly moving me to experience life in a different way and to act in a positive fashion is a spiritual movie.

The following movies are my Top 20 based on any or all of the above criteria. Not all of these movies meet all the criteria but all meet at least two or more of them. You may disagree with me about my choices and my positioning of these movies. That's fine!!! After all, these are my choices and your choices would be your choices!!! However, when you're in the mood for an outstanding movie to uplift you, I believe there is no disagreement. Any of these movies listed below, will open your heart and allow your spiritual energy to flow more unobstructed. So, the next time you're in the mood, please consider these movies.


And Now The TOP 10 Countdown:






by Geoffrey Gordon

From February 1997 Publication

This issue's article is divided into three sections--a smidgen of this, a smidgen of that--a potpourri of healing. Please feel free to use any or all of the below information for your highest good.

Movies that Heal

Because of the length of my last article, I had to eliminate many movies. These movies are what I would call "honorable mentions". So, here are a list of movies that didn't make my Top 20 reel spiritual list but are nonetheless spiritually oriented.

If you are just looking for some movies that make you feel good then one of the most spiritual movies of the past few years is Pocahantas (1995). Just the song Colors of the Wind is worth the viewing of this film and it will surely provoke some soul-searching activity about our planet. If animation is your thing, then also check out any of the Disney classics but especially Fantasia (1940), Cinderella (1950) and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937).

In this category of feel good movies I would also include two charmers that will definitely uplift your spirits. The first is The Bishop's Wife (1947), a romantic fantasy about an angel with an earthy mission to help a bishop but in the process falls in love with his wife. The second is The Santa Clause (1994) a warm comedy that weaves a sentimental tale of a divorced dad who slowly is turning into Santa Clause--first on the outside--but more importantly and interestingly on the inside. Both are pure delights!!! Some other fantasies you may want to view are E.T. :The Extra-Terrestrial (1982), Starman (1984), and A Guy Named Joe (1943).

If clairvoyance, ESP, and metaphysics appeal to you, the following movies are standouts. Stephen King's The Dead Zone (1983) is an outstanding non-gory account of a man who awakens from a five-year coma with the gift (or curse) of second sight--the ability to tell the future of anyone who is touched. A British import, The Clairvoyant (1934), (also known as The Evil Mind), is a three star stunner about a phony clairvoyant who finds that his predictions are becoming reality. And finally, another British import Don't Look Now (1973) is a classy occult film that revolves around the death of a child, a blind clairvoyant, and a horror-laden visit to Venice. It is based on a Daphne Du Maurier story and telling you anymore would be an injustice. Other mentions in this category are The Eyes of Laura Mars (1978), The Sender (1982), The Resurrection of Peter Proud (1975), and The Butcher's Wife (1991).

And finally, here is a hodgepodge of movies that are just spiritually oriented and run the gamut of the genre: 1) In the Spirit (1990) with Marlo Thomas and Elaine May. 2) Pretty Woman (1989) a modern day feel-good fairy tale with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. 3) Little Buddha (1993) with Bridget Fonda and Keanu Reeves. 4) Dead Again (1991) with Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson. 5) Only You (1994) with Robert Downey, Jr. and Marisa Tomeii. 6) Angels in the Outfield (1951) The Original with Paul Douglas. 7) Witness (1985) a great peek into the peace loving Amish community. 8) Beetlejuice (1988) a sparkling comedy about the afterlife with a feel good sense of humor and a nifty Harry Belafonte music score. 9) The Changeling (1979) and The Haunting (1963) both scary versions of the haunted house theme. 10) Defending your Life (1991) with Albert Brooke's seriocomic look at the afterlife and 11) The Innocents (1960) a wonderfully scary and psychological study of souls in torment based on the Henry James novel The Turn of The Screw. There they are!!! HAPPY VIEWING!!!

A Healing Technique

The following technique is a ritual that I do twice a day. Ever since I began this practice my life has changed in so many ways--all for the better. Manifestation is easier as I put out into the Universe that which I truly desire. Please share this information with two or three people (and so on and so on) so that the effects of this technique will ripple through the world and ultimately the planet will be transformed as more spirits are awakened and enlightened.

It is a very simple technique that at most takes 5 minutes to do. You can even do it at your desk at work, at lunchtime, or any time during the day or night. Anytime is appropriate but consistency is the key. Do it for 30 days/nights without missing a day or you must begin again. Afterwards, you must do the technique at least 3-4 times per week but why not just make it a part of your everyday routine and lifestyle for the rest of your life.

Begin by getting into a meditation sitting posture. Surround yourself with white or pink light. Focus on your heart--the center of your body. Internally, or externally ask for divine protection and divine guidance at all times during the day/night and at all times in your life. Open your eyes and take your favorite crystal or stone(preferably white, pink or green) and hold it directly over your heart while you say the following: "May I be at peace always. May my heart be open always. May I awaken to the light of my true nature always. May I be healed always. May I be a source of healing for all beings always." These are the words that I was given but I always ask the following, "May I live in divine abundance, prosperity, light, love, health, healing always in my life with rewarding and satisfying relationships and careers". You may add your personal requests, ex. "May I find my soulmate" but be careful. Only ask for what you are ready and capable of receiving because you may just get what you ask for. Word your requests carefully and put it out there, let go of it and go about your daily activities. You may want to add an addendum like "This or something better will manifest for me in a timely fashion when it is for my highest good and the highest good of all concerned" so that the Universal powers will refrain from invoking anything you are unable or not ready to receive at this time. Please practice and share this technique so that more abundance and prosperity can enter your lives.

Healing Inspiration

The quote below is powerful. Read it carefully and let the full power of it's words awaken you to your full potential:

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be Brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?

You are a child of God
Your playing small doesn't serve the world.
There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other
people won't feel insecure around you.

We are all meant to shine, as children do.
We were born to manifest the glory of God that is within us.
It's not just in some of us, it's in everyone.

And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give
other people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear; our presence
automatically liberates others.

from A Return To Love
Chapter 7, Section 3
by Marianne Williamson

If you would like to comment on an article, ask a question, make a suggestion for a future article, or seek information or education on any wholistic topic, please feel free to write to us at the address on the front of this publication, or email us at Address your envelope to Ask Mystic Gateway and in future publications we will answer as many questions as possible, use them as a springboard for articles or incorporate them into new class offerings. We need and would like your input!! What do you want to see in Mystic Gateway? Where should our focus be heading? How can we best serve our wholistic community? Until next time, HAPPY HEALING!!!!!





by Geoffrey Gordon

From June 1997 Publication

How many times have you gone to a physician and heard these six words that makes you wonder if it's all in your head? Well, I've heard these words so many times in my lifetime and the physicians were right. Well, at least partially right. This article is for all those people who have suffered needlessly, are suffering needlessly or may suffer needlessly in the near future. It is my hope that the readers of this article learn from my mistakes and thereby end needless suffering because there is a solution to chronic pain and chronic fatigue.

My story begins as a child. I must have come into this world with many issues to resolve because my body reflected my issues to resolve upon birth. When I began walking my right foot would be bent outward at a 90 degree angle. As someone said to me later on, "You were born walking the wrong path". And she was right. As a child of the 60's, I was sick often. I was the child who would always get the cold, flu, ear infections, etc. I had more physical problems than the "average, normal" child. Miraculously, I missed few days of school and this I attest to my strong spirit, resolve and my immune system. But I remember what it was like to live in this body of mine. I remember the constant daily headaches, dizziness, irrational emotions, emotional sensitivities, moodiness, crying spells, eye sensitivities, ringing sounds, etc. etc. etc. The list is too long to list and would always perplex my doctors. Because I had always lived like this, I thought it was normal to always have these symptoms. As an adult, I was surprised to learn that these symptoms were abnormal. But I must have been stronger than I thought because I lived through these trying times and I survived.

My parents are good parents and would take me to the doctor frequently. And even though I didn't have a bacterial infection, I remember my family doctor always asking me to bend over so that he could inject me with an antibiotic ("against life") as a preventative measure and then would write a antibiotic prescription for me to take. I guess my physician was practicing "preventative medicine" back then!!! During those years, my diet was horrible. I would start my day with a glass of orange juice, a bowl of some sugary wheat/corn cereal with whole milk and maybe a piece of fruit. At recess, I had more milk (remember paying 20 cents a week for milk in school) and at lunch (at home) I had a bologna or salami sandwich on a white roll with some kind of sugary beverage. After school, I had some kind of snack, usually cake. Dinner was the most nutritious meal because it was an iceberg lettuce salad with bottled salad dressing, chicken/fish/meat or pasta or a dairy dish entree with french fries or tater tots or a boiled vegetable. Later I would have some milk and cake for a snack or some ice cream and go to bed. No wonder I was always constipated, gassy, bloated and nauseous most of the time.

Anyway, in the 70's, my college years were more of the same. My energy levels wavered and decreased. I had strange pains that came and went. I sometimes thought that I was overly neurotic because the college doctors couldn't find anything wrong with me. I was very withdrawn at times and other times I was very sociable. Events didn't seem to be the only factor in my quickly changing moods, but hormonally something was malfunctioning as my mood could change within milliseconds. I successfully made it through my college years and I even worked 2 semesters part-time but I knew I was not well. Every other week I had what felt like a lingering cold/flu and my nose was always stuffed up. I ate a lot of junk at the college Dining Hall and one summer I came home an astronomical 165 pounds which is a lot on a 5 feet 6 inch frame.

I graduated in June 1977 and I remember the deep, deep, almost suicidal depression that began in March and finally ended in November. What I was depressed about I never understood because I was having the time of my life in college. But the bodily symptoms that accompanied my depression were a strong indicator that this was physical and not psychological. But when physicians examined me, one after another I'd hear those words that I had come to dread "There is nothing wrong with you". (A word of advice: If a physician ever tells you this and you know that something physical is occurring, don't believe him/her. Keep searching until you find the appropriate physician/healer who can help you. They are out there.)

So, upon the recommendation of my family physician, I began my 5 year stint with group and individual therapy since my mind must be psychosomatically creating my bodily symptoms. I must admit that therapy helped me in many aspects of my life but it never addressed and resolved my underlying imbalances. Instinct told me that I hadn't really found the cause of my health challenges even though there were many benefits to psychotherapy. A deep, inner knowing inside of me knew that this was a physical body/mind imbalance instead of a mind/body imbalance. If the mind is unbalanced so is the body but the corollary is also true. If the body becomes unbalanced so does the mind. The hardest challenge during those years was knowing that something was physically wrong and yet everybody told me that I was absolutely fine. I'd hear: "It's only nerves". "You need a good vacation", or the best, "It's all in your head".

I finally was appointed an elementary teacher in September 1978 and for the next year went to work everyday (except for 3 sick days) and gave 500% to my job. My stamina and strength seemed to come from a place deep within my spirit because looking back, I don't know how I did as much as I did. In June 1979, I again suffered a deep depression from nowhere that lasted five months and I thought it would never end. But then one day it just lifted like magic. I began to entertain the thought that maybe everybody was right and that this was indeed all psychosomatic. But again, my deep inner self knew that this wasn't true. I seemed to be trapped in a body and mind that were out of balance with each other. Sometimes I felt like (deep within) I was a totally different person just longing to be released.

Over the years, my physical, mental and emotional symptoms got worse. I began to miss more days of work which was very unusual for me as I was hardly ever absent. I began making the rounds of every doctor that was recommended to me looking for that one physician who would magically say "I know exactly what your problem is". Every specialized doctor gave me a different diagnosis each with it's own medication to resolve my problem. But it never did!!! At one time, I was taking 12 different medications in one day and the side effects were wreaking havoc in my body. I still can't believe that I continuously worked during this period. And teaching in the inner city was very high pressure and grueling. More stress on top of an already overly stressed body.

In March 1984, I got the "flu" again and took a few days off from work. As I got better, I decided to eat a brownie. Bad mistake!!! I'll always remember that night. It was the turning point in my life. The brownie must have caused a blood sugar drop in an already overly stressed body and within hours I became highly anxious and panicky and my heart palpitated so fast that I thought that I would explode. I called every friend and everybody gave me advice on how to breathe and calm down and relax but the physiological reactions wouldn't abate. My brother told me to go to the emergency room of a local hospital. Here, they sedated me, told me to see my family doctor and sent me home. The attack continued on my way home and I had to go back to the hospital. The attack continued on and off for the next few days. It was after this experience that I resolved to explore some unorthodox medical alternatives and decided to call a friend of my brother, who had become healthy using alternative methods of healing.






by Geoffrey Gordon

From October 1997 Publication

"Daniel" (not his real name) gave me the name of a holistic physician in NYC, and I made an appointment. Three weeks later, I arrived in the posh office of a Fifth Avenue holistic physician. Before my consultation, I had to take a food allergy test. The results of the test were explained about two weeks later when I had my first of many consultations with this physician. He explained that my many food sensitivities were causing an immune overload response and that my system was compromised allowing me to become sick very often. I was sensitive to many foods but the main culprits were dairy, wheat, soy, sugar, eggs, corn, certain beans, yeast, some grains and vegetables, and my favorite food scallops. I had to abstain from eating these foods for three months and I was placed on a high carbohydrate-eating program.

I slowly got better and got worse too. My doctor suspected hypoglycemia because of my reactions to the eating program and did a 6-hour glucose tolerance test (GTT). During the GTT, I got very sick and the nurses had to offer their assistance, which confirmed the diagnosis of third hour food reactive hypoglycemia. My blood sugar drop was remedied by again changing my program to include moderate amounts of animal protein. I found that my body didn't like to metabolize sugars-even natural sugars-and I felt much better off all fruits, starches, grains, beans, and high carbohydrate vegetables. Since the current nutritional news touted the high carbohydrate-low protein diet, my eating habits defied the current information but I was learning to trust my body and not the "facts" and listen to what my body was saying. Moderate protein worked for me, and carbohydrates didn't. It was as simple as that at this time.

I was later tested for environmental allergies and all together had improved about 40%. I was later tested for candida and Epstein-Barr in the fall of 1984. My doctor recommended that I remain on this eating program for the rest of my life. But during the next three years, my symptoms gradually got worse even with strict adherence to the eating program. I felt headachy and lousy all of the time and began straying from my program because I felt lousy no matter what I did.

Luckily, I was transferred to a less demanding position during this period. (In retrospect, I believe that luck had nothing to do with it and that I was being divinely guided and watched over.) But I remember the horrible migraine-like headaches that seemed to come and last as much as two weeks at a time. Yet, conventional tests for headaches revealed nothing.

It was the winter of 1987, and I was pretty much on the verge of physical collapse from the physiological malfunctioning of my body. I had walked home for lunch one day and as fate would have it I met my friend Shauna (not her name). I hadn't seen her in a while and she looked really good. Shauna was like me. In fact, I now think we were related to each other in a past life--that's how identical we both were in our health and experiences and philosophy. Our lives seemed interchangeable. Shauna seemed to go through things first and then I would follow and she would guide me through the process. On this particular day she told me that she found out she had TMJ and was being treated and was feeling much better. I had never heard of TMJ and called her dentist for more information. After reading the information packet they sent to me, I started to see Shauna's dentist for treatment of fibromyalgia; this was my diagnosis since there wasn't any damage to the TMJ joint except that the muscles around the joint and the surrounding areas were inflamed and very tight.

Within a month of wearing the biteplate I was given, I began to feel better. However, I felt much better when I began to strictly adhere to my moderate protein-low carbohydrate-eating program again. I was doing well when for some reason I began to read books on vegetarianism. I decided that this was the way for me to go. After all, I'm a compassionate person and the idea of eating animal flesh was mentally repugnant to me. So I went vegetarian and completely ignored all the signs that this eating program was ill suited for my body and condition at this time. My body began to rebel but I was so hung up in the dogma and idealism of vegetarianism that I insisted on following this regime even after my weight dropped almost thirty pounds and my health deteriorated. I stuck to this regime for almost a year and finally it got to the point that I was so thin and exhausted that I could hardly walk without needing a bed to take a nap.

I took a board approved two year medical leave from Sept. 1988 to August 1990 and went on my private disability insurance plan. My benefits were approved without a hassle. During this period, I reintroduced animal foods and my body thrived and rebuilt on them. I also introduced acupuncture and network chiropractic into my regime. A nutritional consultant I began to see introduced the concept of the healing pyramid and I began to see healing as multidimensional with many different facets needed to achieve the goal of health. I also studied and received a diploma in naturopathy.

A friend of mine introduced me to Insight-a national organization that held seminars on the power of the mind to create and heal any challenge that we may come across in life. I participated in all three seminars and began to apply the principles explored in my quest for healing.

Slowly I began to heal and to regain my weight and immune function. I started to frequent the NYC Healing Circle where I learned many techniques as meditation, visualization, mind control, relaxation techniques, chanting, spiritual practices, etc. I was only functioning at about 70% of my capabilities but my disability benefits were up so I went back to work in September 1990. I would go to work, come home at 3 P.M. and sleep for the rest of the afternoon on the couch.

I finished out the school year remarkably with only 13 personal illness days used. I took a personal leave of absence the following year when my position was eliminated due to declining enrollment and I was transferred to an emotionally disturbed class in the special education department. I knew I wasn't able to handle this yet so I did what I had to do-took a leave. I had become involved in a growing spiritually based organization that specialized in the metaphysical and healing. I was soon asked to be the director. I accepted but I found myself getting sicker and sicker during this period.

Next issue: Part 3: Resolution and Spiritual Enlightenment.






by Geoffrey Gordon

From February 1998 publication

My first two years as a member of the healing organization were fantastic. The people were supportive. We did many health fairs and expositions together and I felt part of something for the first time in my life. I had found a very supportive environment that combined the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of healing. But I was continually getting sicker there and I ignored the signs; this was the sickest I had ever been. I had no energy at all, yet I was expected to work for the center for a wage that was even below minimum wage.

Slowly, I began to detect an underlying current of control. This control had always been there, but now had become more apparent as it began to grow and grow. It was insidious, very subtle and destructive. Being so sensitive and choosing unconsciously to ignore it, my body reacted by tightening and the muscles knotted in response. To show you how all things are connected, my dentist fitted me with an upper plate night guard that compounded the problem. Instead of releasing my muscles, the plate actually made me clench and grind my teeth and jaws more, which intensified the problem.

I went back four times to have this night guard altered and my dentist would adjust the plate but never really listened to me. He insisted that it was an appropriate plate. Well, my intuition told me otherwise, but I chose to listen to the "expert" (the dentist)--instead of my intuition. That was a big mistake and I've learned a big lesson the hard way. I wore the plate for six months (as instructed) and by now my whole body was just one big giant muscle knot. I had given my personal power away to this dentist and refused to listen to the higher authority--the expert inside. This coincided with my growing inability to voice my feelings and opinions, which were tied up in knots in my muscles. Back at the healing center, anyone whose opinion differed from the founder would now be berated. I knew after a while that, in my opinion, they were becoming a cult. I define a cult as, "Think our way. Have no thoughts or opinions of your own. And, if you do, definitely do not voice them. And finally, only socialize within the organization." This was a very contractive mode of thinking which was being reflected in my body's own contractiveness.

There were also many inconsistencies within the organization that began to manifest, and I knew that the directors weren't practicing what they preached. The clincher for me was when the founder sat me down and told me to get my act together because I wasn't producing and there was nothing wrong with me. All my life doctors told me this and when I heard those words again from an alternative practitioner, I knew his/her abilities as a healer were limited and I needed to look elsewhere. So, a few weeks later when I was berated for something that was, in my opinion, unjustified, I went home, sat down and meditated, and the solution was very clear. IT WAS TIME TO MOVE ON AND RESIGN. That was June 1994.

That was the best decision of my life. As soon as I left the organization, I began to heal on many levels. I basically went into seclusion and isolation--went to some health expos and fairs and asked the universe for divine guidance and protection. In December 1994, I applied for and was accepted into a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Study run by a world famous alternative healer in N.Y.C. I knew most of the alternative methods that were discussed in the groups. I never completed the study because my body couldn't handle the regimen at this time.

I applied for social security disability and was turned down twice. I was going to appeal but a lawyer who specializes in social security disability told me that my case was very weak and undocumented and he advised me to "let it go". I was so sick at the time that stress of any nature had a detrimental effect on my health so I didn't appeal the decision and my rights to social security benefits soon expired. I prayed and asked for divine guidance and protection continuously because now, for the first time in my life, I was completely without any security or a safety net. I knew I had to trust and have faith or I would be lost forever. And then it happened. I received a card in the mail from an Oriental Healing facility in N.Y.C. They were offering reduced rates on their services by their student interns. Being without medical insurance, I took this as a sign to begin acupuncture. I lucked out again when upon my first visit, I was assigned to Frank, the top-rated intern at the facility. Frank was marvelous. He was skilled in so many healing techniques from other modalities and frequently tried avant-garde techniques.

At the same time my friend Debbie offered me free or optionally low-cost therapeutic massages. It was a true blessing. I'll always be grateful to her. My friend Liz offered me free game meat that she hunted in the wilds of Montana. The meat was free of all antibiotics, pesticides, hormones, etc. and the spirit of the meat was fantastic. At the same time, my friend Patti asked me to recommend a dentist in the area who dealt with TMJ and neuromuscular pain. I recommended the top-rated cranial osteopath/dentist in the area. Little did I know that Dr. M. was one of three physicians in the state of New Jersey who did the kind of work he did, and he was only twenty minutes away. Intuitively, I knew that Patti's call was no accident and my recommendation to her was also a recommendation for me. I began therapy with Dr. M. and he has been a true blessing. Besides the mouth appliance, he uses all forms of cranial-sacral, myofascial and neuromuscular therapies and is very skilled in energy healing. I could talk to him about things that most physicians would label quackery. For 1 1/2 years my progress was slow but steady as my tight musculature and fascia began to unwind. Some days, because of all the pain and fatigue, suicide seemed tempting. But thank goodness my will to survive overpowered these thoughts and I trudged forward. I knew I could heal this and that it would soon pass. As I went through the layers, I would take one step forward and two steps backward which was very discouraging. But I persisted and even when I would get it from all sides that this may be the best it gets--I kept on going; soon things got a little better which encouraged me.

In February 1997, I was forced to move out of my apartment of 15 years. I didn't know how it would all work out but I prayed and coincidentally an apartment opened up in my parent's building and I moved in. I don't know how I survived that move but I did, and felt the healing energy in this apartment immediately. This apartment is everything my other one wasn't. This apartment is white with light all day long; with access to a garden with trees and the earth for grounding; and the energy of the apartment feels like "home". My spirit wants to fly and be free here, whereas in the other apartment, I always felt like I was in a dungeon or underground prison. Healing has been rapid since I moved.

I was hoping to be at 100% by the time this third article appeared. I still have another 20% or less to go. I have resolved 80% of my challenge and I must acknowledge myself for coming this far. Positive reinforcement is a must when going through a challenge as devastating as this syndrome. It's interesting that as I sit down to write this article, I am watching a PBS special by Dr. Caroline Myss entitled "Why People Don't Heal & How They Can" followed by her lecture "The Three Levels of Power & How to Use Them". Is it coincidence or fate? At the same time, this is the first week that both my osteopath and acupuncturist have given me very favorable reports as to my progress and I am now experiencing some very good moments.

My goal is still 100% because that's a breeze while 99% is a bitch and both my healing practitioners agree that with my determination, spiritual trust and faith, I'll probably get there soon. I'm learning at this point to relinquish and forgive the past and to stay in the present. Awareness comes out of staying present. I've come to peace with many aspects of my life.

In conclusion, this journey was just my journey. I hope in some way that this narrative can help many of those who are suffering and looking for answers. But alas, everyone's journey is individual and the circumstances are always different. So what worked for me and is working for me may not work for you. But if a doctor/physician/ healer/etc. tells you "There is nothing wrong with you" and you know that they're wrong, reclaim your power and seek until you find the person who can validate what you're saying and feeling. And if they say, "It's all in your head" LISTEN !!! That may be the Universe telling you to seek out a cranial osteopath instead of a psychiatrist. So, start to listen and look for the signs and if what you're doing doesn't work for you--stop doing it and do something else. And remember what Susan Jeffers says; "if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you always got".





by Geoffrey Gordon

From June 1998 Publication

Originally, I had planned to do two other articles but in my meditations, I've been getting it quite clearly that this series of articles on alternative healing is the most appropriate and the most needed at this time. So, I dedicate this series of articles to all those in search of alternative and natural approaches to healing.

Let me state that I am writing these articles to inform and educate instead of advocating one approach over another. I may occasionally recommend highly a particular therapy for a particular condition but this is only a personal and general recommendation and may not be suitable for your particular circumstances. I have the highest regard for modern medical approaches but believe that less invasive and less toxic approaches should be explored before long-term drug therapy or an invasive technique as surgery are resorted to. In my opinion, these should be the last resort instead of alternative approaches. Alas, though, most people find alternative approaches only after modern medical approaches have failed--making it more difficult to resolve a challenge.

Alternative approaches tend to revolve around the person as a total being--spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. It seeks to discover the real "cause" of dis-ease and systematically eradicate them by making changes that affect the four realms. This is what I call the "top-down" approach. Modern medicine sees the person as units or separate systems that operate independently of each other and when put together make up the whole system. Notice the different specialties of physicians (internist, dermatologist, ophthalmologist, etc.) who limit their practice to a certain area of the body--never realizing that the cause of the eye problems may be coming from an overworked or toxic liver. This is what I refer to as the "bottom-up" approach. And finally, there is an approach that combines the best of both worlds and allows the physician to pick and choose from both realms and this is what is called "complementary" medicine.

During my healing journey, I was literally thrust into a whole new world I never knew existed without any real guidance or guide to help me understand this confusing "new field". Back in the late 70's, these new therapies were just evolving and very little information was available to the consumer. I felt very confused, overwhelmed and "in the dark" by this new field of healing. I became very fearful of this field because I felt like I was progressing by "trial and error" and I like things more structured. I learned valuable lessons because I learned to trust the Universe more and I learned that health is a combination of the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical realms, and for any healing program to produce favorable results, one must work on all four simultaneously so that the dis-ease process is boxed in and the causes that allowed it to flourish are diminished and/or terminated.

Now that I publish regularly, I receive many a call from a bewildered and confused reader searching for guidance as to where to turn. As I am not a physician, I cannot advise, prescribe, or advocate any one therapy over another. But as an educator, I can inform and educate and tell of my experiences with different therapies and share my knowledge of other therapies that are available.

So, this guide is dedicated to all those bewildered callers and anyone who is in search of healing without knowing what healing therapy options are available. Due to article restraints, the guide may omit some therapies but I have included what I perceive to be the most beneficial alternative healing therapies available today. Each description is followed by my personal comments when and only when I've had direct contact with the therapy. Hopefully, this guide will help "enlighten" all those who are "in the dark" on this intriguing but mystifying new field. If you decide to use any of these approaches, that is your choice. Use this guide to services that are available as just that--a guide. Accept responsibility for your choices.

Here then is Part 1 of my selected guide to alternative healing approaches A-Z.

***Acupressure--"Acupuncture without needles". A hands-on technique that is based on the ancient Oriental medical model of acupuncture. A practitioner determines where the vital energy force is blocked and which points need to be stimulated to move the energy and disperse dis-ease. Usually part of a shiatsu massage--but may be done alone. A wonderful easy way to move blocked energy. A good self-healing technique that you can learn and perform on yourself or others to alleviate a whole host of common ailments.

***Acupuncture--A form of health care developed in China. Sterilized hair-thin needles are inserted into certain points along the meridians to stimulate or disperse blocked energies. This stimulation can correct and balance the life energy and restore health. A wonderful way to strengthen and rebuild those with any ailment. I have found it particularly strengthening for those with weakened immune systems from candida, parasites,chronic fatigue syndrome, epstein-barr, etc.

***Alexander Technique--Consists of a series of sessions that teaches the individual to be aware of the structural integrity of the body and to move more efficiently to create the greatest possible amount of energy. The technique focuses on removing bodily distortions and has proven effective for digestive challenges, anxiety, depression, arthritis, rheumatism, etc.

***Aromatherapy--An ancient art where the practitioner uses one or a combination of essential oils and applies them to the skin and/or diffuses it into the room air. Each oil invokes a different response and addresses a specific challenge, organ, emotion, state of mind, etc. It can be combined with a form of psychotherapy, acupressure, massage, etc. I've totally enjoyed this technique and in the hands of a skilled practitioner it can lead to profound healing on all levels.

***Astrology--An ancient art that plots the position of the planets, moons, stars, etc, to predict it's effects on a particular person's physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energies. If you know the exact time of your birth and locate a skilled astrologer; the chart that is created can be uncannily accurate.

***Ayurveda--"The knowledge of life and daily living". This science from India describes the three basic body types of vata, pitta, and kapha. Health is predicated on the notion that the elements of ether, air, earth, fire and water must be balanced according to one's body type. Practitioners look for the sources of dis-ease rather than at the symptoms and diagnose using pulses, the tongue, the eyes, ears, face, etc.

***Biofeedback--A simple method of monitoring the body's reactions to stress to provide immediate information to the client. The machine registers subtle changes in the client's physiology and through guided imagery and relaxation techniques the individual can learn to exert control over his/her reactions and learn to respond more effectively in stressful situations. I've had six sessions and highly recommend this technique for chronic pain, depression, anxiety, neuromuscular challenges, tension headaches, and similar ailments.

***Chiropractic--The assumption is that appropriate structure allows for the free flow of energy. Misalignments of the vertebra along the spinal cord interfere with nerves, muscle tissues, joints, glands, etc. and interfere with function and therefore the free flow of energy. The forced or gentle movements to correct these misalignments helps the body regain its structure and its function. I've experienced both chiropractic and network chiropractic and I prefer the gentler Network Chiropractic system.

***Colonic Care--Internal Hydrotherapy that removes impacted wastes and toxins from the large intestines and the colon. Colonics are recommended for candida, constipation, parasites, headaches, malabsorption syndrome and for general health. Colonics can be an important part of a holistic detoxification program. I've had a series of colonics and highly recommend this procedure if you have constant indigestion and a bowel that is producing putrefactive gases.

***Chelation Therapy--A medical treatment that removes toxic materials from the body through an intravenous injection therapy. A synthetic amino acid is used which binds to excess free radicals and flushes them out of the system. This therapy removes many toxic metals from the system and may prevent or halt the process that leads to debilitating and degenerative dis-eases.

***Craniosacral Therapy--A marvelous therapy. The connection between the cranium and the sacrum are the focus of this therapy. This technique balances the cerebrospinal fluid which affects the central nervous system and has wide reaching effects. I've had direct experience with this therapy and I highly recommend it for anybody with headaches, TMJ, myofascial challenges, and other ailments.

***Crystal Healing--In this practice, crystals and/or stones are worn or placed on the body to create an energy environment that fosters healing. Crystals raise the vibrational level of the body so that the body draws in more light and color. Crystal healing can be very dramatic when used appropriately.

***Ear Candling--A hollow cloth candle is inserted into the ear and then lit. The vacuum that results draws out excess ear wax, Candida, fungus, bacteria, viruses, etc. from the ears and sinuses leaving one feeling very clear. I've experienced this process and it works!!!

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