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TAMPA-Two award-winning investigative reporters at the Fox-owned television station in Tampa are blowing the whistle on a story they say WTVT (Ch 13) and its corporate bosses preferred to coverup rather than broadcast honestly and accurately.

The story, documented in a lawsuit the reporters filed, reveals the widespread use of a controversial bovine growth hormone Florida dairymen have been secretly injecting into their cows.

The suit and information about use of the hormone in dairy cattle are presented in full detail at a special Internet web site. The site can be viewed at

Editors note: In a separate development June 30, Judge Robert Bonanno has set February 22, 1999 as the trial date. He has asked both sides to complete all depositions by the end of the year.

Though legal since approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 1993, the artificial hormone commonly known as BGH has been linked to cancer and is banned throughout Europe and unapproved in several other countries because of human health concerns.

The never-broadcast report also reveals how Florida supermarkets quietly reneged on promises not to sell milk from treated cows until the hormone gained widespread acceptance by consumers. All major supermarkets now admit BGH has found its way into virtually all the state's milk supply.

The husband-and-wife investigative team joined with Florida's top consumer groups-the Florida Public Interest Research Group and the Consumer Action Network-to reveal the BGH story at news conferences Thursday in Tallahassee and Tampa.

The reporters also provided details of their suit which charges Fox television, strongly pressured by BGH-maker Monsanto, with violating the state's whistleblower act by firing the journalists for refusing to broadcast false reports and threatening to report the station's conduct to the FCC. Their complaint also claims the station violated the reporters' contracts in dismissing them for those reasons and it seeks a ruling from the court to determine to what extent the reporters' contractual obligations limit their ability to speak freely about the rBGH issue.

The journalists filed the suit after struggling with Fox executives most of last year to get the story on the air. According to court papers, they were ultimately dismissed December 2, 1997.

"Every editor has the right to kill a story and any honest reporter will tell you that happens from time to time when a news organization's self interest wins out over the public interest," said Steve Wilson, the station's former senior investigative reporter who helped Akre produce the story and is now one of the plaintiffs.

"But when media managers who are not journalists have so little regard for the public trust that they actually order reporters to broadcast false information and slant the truth to curry the favor or avoid the wrath of special interests as happened here, that is the day any responsible reporter has to stand up and say, 'No way!' That is what Jane and I are saying with this lawsuit," Wilson said.

"We are parents ourselves," Akre said. "It is not right for the station to withhold this important health information and solely as a matter of conscience we will not aid and abet their effort to cover this up any longer," she said. "Every parent and every consumer have the right to know what they're pouring on their children's morning cereal."

"We set out to tell Florida consumers the truth a giant chemical company and a powerful dairy lobby clearly doesn't want them to know," Wilson said. "That used to be something investigative reporters won awards for. As we've learned the hard way, it's something you can be fired for these days whenever a news organization places more value on its bottom line than on delivering the news to its viewers honestly.

"We filed this lawsuit because it's wrong to lose your job as a journalist for standing up for the truth," Akre added. "We have every confidence that a jury will agree. And when it does, after we're reimbursed for our lost salaries and legal fees and other costs, every nickel over and above that will be donated to a journalism organization that can support the next journalist who has to choose between his job and telling the truth."

According to the suit, WTVT originally reviewed the investigative reports and scheduled them to air in four parts beginning February 24, 1997 and had even launched an extensive radio ad campaign to draw attention to the series. But virtually on the eve of the broadcast, the station pulled the reports after Monsanto hired a renowned New York attorney to complain to a top official of Channel 13's parent company, Fox television. The attorney's letter was filed with the complaint which is now posted at the web site.

Local station management again carefully reviewed the investigative reports, found no errors in any of the reporting, re-scheduled them to air a week later, and even offered Monsanto the opportunity to be interviewed a second time, the suit says. Instead, the chemical maker responded with another threatening letter to the President of Fox's network news division and the WTVT reports were postponed again.

In supporting papers filed with the court, the journalists say WTVT General Manager David Boylan refused to kill the story for fear the viewing public would learn the station yielded to pressure from special interests. Instead, Wilson and Akre allege, Boylan ordered the reporters to broadcast a version which contained demonstrably false information and he threatened to fire them both within 48 hours if they refused.

Instead of being fired, the complaint continues, Boylan offered to release both reporters from further obligations and pay them full salary for the balance of their contracts if they would only agree never to discuss the BGH story or how it was handled by the station. The reporters declined the offer.

What followed was nearly nine months of writing and re-writing the scripts more than 70 times, none of which suited Fox management according to the complaint which says Boylan then suspended both reporters but ordered them to write two final versions while suspended.

The journalists say despite being locked out of their offices and the station computer system which held some of their research material, they produced both versions. One is the version written by the reporters, the other a version they say station management demanded they produce. Both scripts are attached to the suit with the so-called "mandated version" highlighted to include the reporters' detailed objections.

"Nowhere in any of the dozens and dozens of versions we've written did any Fox manager or lawyer ever point to even one error of fact," says reporter Steve Wilson. "Also, there was never any credible claim that either of us or anyone else who worked on the story ever conducted ourselves with anything but the highest journalistic ethics in researching and reporting the story."

The original BGH investigation was sanctioned by WTVT shortly after it hired the two reporters in December 1996. Akre says she visited seven Florida dairy farms at random early last year where she confirmed use of the hormone at each and every one. A photographer videotaped the mass injections of hundreds of cows on two of the farms. The hormone is injected every two weeks to stimulate milk production and boost dairy profits.

Many scientists have expressed strong concerns about a possible link between cancer and the consumption of milk from cows injected with the synthetic hormone. Those and other human health concerns have blocked its approval in many other countries including Canada, New Zealand and every member nation of the Europe Union.

Nonetheless, Monsanto which developed and sells the product has always insisted use of the hormone poses no human health risk of any kind. The FDA, whose veterinary medicine branch approved the animal drug in 1993, agrees.

Scientists who oppose the use of BGH argue that while the drug is said to shorten the life of the cow by speeding up its metabolism and causing certain infections, it also leads to changes in the cows' milk. Dr. Samuel Epstein at the University of Illinois says, "There are highly suggestive if not persuasive lines of evidence showing that human consumption of milk from treated cows poses unnecessary risks of breast and colon cancer."

Epstein, an acknowledged expert on the environmental causes of cancer, has three medical degrees, is the author of nine books, and is frequently called to testify as an expert before Congress. Other respected experts share his position. Some like Dr. William von Meyer have stated further concerns about whether BGH milk may cause other long-term health problems in humans. All the critics and even some BGH supporters agree the possibility has never been thoroughly investigated.

Consumers have also expressed concern about how use of the drug can lead to high levels of antibiotic drugs in milk. Many farmers are forced to inject their animals with powerful drugs to fight infections and other side effects experienced by cows injected with the BGH.

No labeling law in Florida requires milk producers to tell consumers when their milk or other dairy products come from cows treated with the controversial hormone. In fact, Monsanto has fought efforts by dairies that do not use the product from saying so on their labels. Ben and Jerry's ice cream, which buys only from farmers who do not inject their cows with BGH, just won a legal victory in Illinois to allow them to label their products artificial-BGH-free.

In Wisconsin, Vermont, and elsewhere, consumers have demanded grocers stop carrying BGH milk or at least give shoppers a choice at the dairy case.

"This is precisely what this is all about," said reporter Akre. "Yes, I'm an investigative reporter but I'm also a mother. I and every other mother and consumer deserve to hear all that is known about what I pour on my daughter's cereal every morning. Only then can any of us decide for ourselves if there is any risk and whether it rises to a level we are willing to take."




by Joseph Hu Dalconzo

Many spiritually awakened beings, including holistic practitioners, have a tendency to SEPARATE their spiritual life from their financial life. What we need to do is UNITE them! We need to make ALL of life a meditative process! In the East they call making all of life a meditative process… Karmic Yoga. Life then becomes one continuous, serene meditative act. No matter if you are driving a car, making love, walking the dog, or creating financial independence!


When taught the Laws of Wealth Accumulation many students have become negative, uncooperative and resistant. WHY? One reason why is it unconsciously triggers beliefs rooted in… "Money is the root of all evil!" On a subconscious level they have bought into a false belief that "Poverty is holy and money is evil!" And as a result there are many "broke" holistic practitioners trying to earn a living as healers. The truth is that… "Only the WORSHIP of money is EVIL!" In other words, to use money as a tool for manipulation and external power is evil… not the money itself!


Money only makes you more of what you already are! If you have an abusive personality and you create money you'll have the financial power to be VERY abusive. But, if you're a spiritually based, loving being and you create money, the money will allow you to be generous, benevolent and altruistic. Money in and of itself is neutral, just like a TV. Do you think of a TV set as being good or bad?

Many negative money beliefs are rooted in low self-esteem and a lack of self-confidence. These beliefs surface as "I don't deserve money!" and "I'm not smart enough to earn a lot of money!" Your CORE money BELIEFS were modeled (copied) after your parent's beliefs about money. If your early experiences were with people who used money as a tool to manipulate and abuse people, then your money beliefs are tainted with pain, poverty and sadness. These factors will negatively influence your opinions and beliefs about money.

What most people confuse as righteousness about money, is actually FEAR BELIEFS! The Ego is a master at camouflaging unconscious, negative money beliefs. These FALSE beliefs unconsciously terrify individuals to such a degree that their EGOS have to make earning large sums of money wrong! And anyone who earns a lot of money must be greedy, selfish or both.


The Spiritual Triune of Creation is… Thought, Word and Deed! When you properly express your WORDS, consciously or unconsciously, you create energy that will manifest your desires through the Law of Attraction. How are you expressing your creative energy? Are you resonating Fear thoughts of what you don't want or don't have? Or are you consciously expressing your creative energy to focus your thoughts, feelings and words to visualize frequencies of love, joy and thankfulness? Are you combining those expressions into a daily program of meditation, prayer and visualization?


Your Yang Energy (creative power) which when properly expressed, returns to you as legal tender (money), to be used in exchange for goods and services! Money is simply a medium of exchange. It's your Love Energy manifested! To quote Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul, " MONEY is the consolidation of the Living Energy of Divinity!"

Remember that the spiritual journey is an infinite, multi-dimensional, evolutionary process, but financial wealth accumulation is a finite objective and therefore much easier to obtain. FEAR ENERGY creates the lack of MONEY!

The Universe ONLY recognizes INCLUSION! The Universe DOESN'T recognize EXCLUSION! Exclusion is when you consciously or unconsciously resonate fear-based vibrations of negative energy into the universe! One example of how exclusionary thoughts leak into your consciousness is you think… "I want a new, expensive, red sports car!" But within a few minutes you have a thought, "But I can't afford it!" The Universe hears… Create Nothing!!!

You need to DIS-CREATE (stop creating) your fear-based money beliefs in order for you to achieve financial self-reliance! You'll learn how to create financial self-reliance the same way you learned how to read… Study-Practice-Study-Practice-Study-Practice! I support you on your journey to financial self-reliance and spiritual self-empowerment! Namaste!

Joseph Hu Dalconzo is the Founder of Holistic Learning Centers (HLC) Inc., an organization dedicated to assisting those seeking empowerment. He also taught and coached Emotionally Handicapped people for 8 years in New York City, and developed and teaches the L.I.F.E. (Love-Integrity-Freedom-Esteem) training course. Original Belief Methods (OBM), The Clean Mind Process, Loving Relationships Intensive and A Course for Holistic Practitioners called How to Create a Abundant Clientele Base are facilitated exclusively at Holistic Learning Centers, Inc. Located in Princeton, Forked River, Toms River, Whiting NJ. For more information call (609) 693-7897.




By Joan Arnold

The Alexander Technique is an intelligent way to solve body problems. Many people are mystified by their own back pain, excess tension or lack of coordination. They often see problems in their joints or muscles as structural, unchangeable. As an Alexander teacher, I hear clients say things like, "I've always walked like a duck," or "My posture is just like my father's." But, as they learn the Technique, they are surprised that they really can make lasting changes in the way they walk, their degree of muscular tension or the shape of their posture. They learn how dynamic and changeable the body really is. They find that, by learning the Technique, they can improve their overall movement and achieve optimal health for both body and mind.

We all have unconscious movement habits. Without realizing it, we put undue pressure on ourselves. We use more force than we need to lift a coffee pot or a weight bar. We slouch as we sit, unaware that our way of doing things gives our bodies a certain look. We blame body problems on activities -- carpal tunnel syndrome on computer work, tennis elbow on tennis. But often it is how we do something that creates the problem, not the activity itself.

An Alexander Technique teacher helps you see what in your movement style contributes to your recurring difficulties -- whether it's a bad back, neck and shoulder pain, restricted breathing, perpetual exhaustion or limitations in performing a task or sport. Analyzing your whole movement pattern -- not just your symptom -- the teacher alerts you to habits of compression in your characteristic way of sitting, standing and walking. He or she then guides you -- with words and a gentle, encouraging touch -- to move in a freer, more integrated way.

The Technique's basic idea is that when the neck muscles do not overwork, the head balances lightly at the top of spine. The relationship between the head and the spine is of utmost importance. How we manage that relationship has ramifications throughout the rest of the body. As the boss -- good or bad -- sets the tone for an organization, the head / spine relationship -- compressed or free -- determines the quality of the body's overall coordination. Our neuromuscular system is designed to work in concert with gravity. Delicate poise of the head sparks the body's anti-gravity response: a natural oppositional force in the torso that easily guides us upward and invites the spine to lengthen, rather than compress, as we move. Instead of slouching or holding ourselves in a rigid posture, we can learn to mobilize this support system and use it wherever we go -- in the car, at the computer, in the gym.

Young children have this natural poise. If you watch a toddler in action, you will see an erect spine, free joints and a large head balancing easily on a little neck. A healthy child walks and plays with regal posture. Barring birth defects, we all began that way. But over the years, we often lose that spontaneity and ease.

Using the Alexander Technique, you can learn to strip away harmful habits, heighten your self-awareness, and use your thought process to restore your original poise. In a way, you are learning something that, deep down, your body already knows. With the Alexander Technique, you come to understand much more about how your body works, and how to make it work for you. You can tap more of your internal resources, and begin on a path to enhancing your comfort and pleasure in all your activities.

Joan Arnold, certified teacher of the Alexander Technique, has a private practice in New York City. She has performed and taught dance, yoga and exercise for 25 years and has presented the Alexander Technique at fitness clubs, spas, colleges, drama schools and on television. Her work was featured in the November '97 issue of Esquire. Also a writer for national magazines since 1987, she has written for Self, Health, Fitness and Shape magazines and has been a contributing editor and columnist for New York Woman and New Woman. Office: (212) 691-3941 - E-mail:

Suggestions for further reading: Bodylearning: An Introduction to the Alexander Technique by Michael Gelb (Aurum Press, l994), Fitness Without Stress - A Guide to the Alexander Technique by Robert Rickover (Metamorphous Press, l988), Back Trouble: A New Approach to Prevention and Recovery by Deborah Caplan (Triad Publishing, l987), How to Learn the Alexander Technique - A Manual for Students by Barbara Conable (Andover Press, 1996)

The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique Web Site at provides links to all Alexander Technique resources.




by Geoffrey Gordon

This article continues the glossary of popular alternative healing modalities. My opinions and experiences with the modality are in italic print. Enjoy!!!

***Feldenkrais Method--A popular technique that is useful for a wide variety of chronic pains, and neuromuscular, structural and orthopedic challenges. It is said to improve structure and posture, reduce pain and increase energy. It is usually taught as a series and is intended to educate the client in holding the body in such a fashion as to allow for maximum flow of the energy field.

***Feng Shui--The ancient Chinese art of placement. It is said that a house, office, or other area that is designed by someone who specializes in Feng Shui can increase abundance in many different areas of our lives. These areas can include income, sleep, relationships, health, emotional stability, etc. Feng Shui insures harmony and prosperity through the proper design and placement of rooms by allowing the energy of a room to be matched to specific furniture and objects and their relationship to each other.

***(BACH) Flower Remedies--Dr. Edward Bach developed a marvelous system of 38 preparations from flower essences to alleviate different stressful conditions that may manifest in the body, mind, and spirit without the damaging side-effects of drugs. Each remedy helps to relieve the emotional and/or physical stress that is affecting the body thereby bringing one back into balance. I've used many of these remedies including the popular Rescue Remedy and they are marvelous.

***Guided Imagery & Visualization--This technique uses either a tape or a personal practitioner who through a series of relaxation exercises allows for deep and altered states of relaxation. During this state, one can be guided to visualize and image positive scenarios and effect positive changes in the body and mind. Research shows that his process is very beneficial to the client and can indeed effect profound changes.

***Herbology--An ancient healing art that uses the medicinal properties of herbs as a preventative and/or curative. Each herb has different healing properties and is used to strengthen the natural functions of the body without the uncomfortable reactions attributed to many prescription drugs. Herbs can be prepared in many ways but the most popular forms are teas, powders, tinctures with or without alcohol, extracts, ointments, and compresses. The correct herbal solution at the appropriate time can do wonders for the body on all levels.

***Holistic Physician/Practitioner--A medical or non-medical practitioner who looks at his/her client from the perspective of being a whole human being with all organs and parts connected to each other and to one's sense of well-being. A holistic physician/practitioner evaluates on how the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms are being affected by the "dis-ease" or syndrome and devises a plan of action as how to balance these realms to achieve a wholeness that is individual for his client. I highly recommend these physicians and/or practitioners. Healing becomes a cooperative effort with the practitioner acting as a guide in his/her client's self-healing process.

***Homeopathy--Based on Samuel Hahnemann's science, the motto for this modality is "like cures like". The remedies are culled from minute doses of natural remedies that encourage the body's innate intelligence to rid itself of the offending elements and/or toxins instead of suppressing them. This allows the body to expel the toxins and become balanced and strong again. I've had only minor experiences with this modality so I reserve my comments until more appropriate first-hand experience is available.

***Hypnosis--A marvelous technique whereby the therapist induces a state of deep relaxation in the client in which most or many of the resistant barriers or walls are in a state of total suspension. This allows the therapist to help the client resolve many deep troubling issues. Avoid worrying--your innate intelligence will not allow you to do anything that you are not ready to do or that goes against your moral fiber. I've only had good experiences with this modality and if used by a competent and ethical therapist it is excellent for achieving results with stress, addictions, and a whole host of personal challenges.

***Iridology--The art and science of evaluating one's health by "reading the eyes". The iris is the mirror of the body and can tell a competent reader much about what is going on in the body without any invasive tools.

***Jin Shin Jyutsu--"Jin" means knowing compassion, "Shin" means Creator and "Jyutsu" is art; the Creator's art through being compassionate. Another modality that operates on the energy pathways of the body. A competent instructor will use direct pressure on certain points of the body to help unblock pathways that have been clogged or blocked. This helps free the energy, releases stress and tension, reduces pain and creates a feeling of deep relaxation.

***Lymphatic Drainage--Used mostly to treat lymphedema which is a condition that causes body-part swelling. The essential goal is to move the stagnant lymph fluid that circulates and removes wastes from the body.

***Macrobiotics--Not just a diet but a total way of living, macrobiotics centers on becoming whole through a whole foods diet, and by following a holistic, healthy and balanced lifestyle. One eats with the seasons and adapts to the environment balancing many different factors as yin/yang, food categories(protein/carbohydrate ratios), etc. I tried macrobiotics because the theory sounded plausible. However, the low protein formula and the emphasis on grains and beans caused too many allergies in my body so I had to eliminate this procedure from my repertoire. Feel free to try it and make your own judgements but please listen to your body very carefully when doing so.

***Magnetic Theory--This theory is based on the science that our bodies are electrical and chemical by nature and these energies regulate the glands and organs in our bodies. Magnetic Energy facilitates healing by supporting the electromagnetic fields of the body and surrounding it with the proper energy field that encourages haling. Magnetic therapy is used for many conditions such as: pain relief, reducing inflammation, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, healing wounds and burns, reducing swelling and infections, increasing energy, reducing stress and alleviating insomnia.

***Meditation--An ancient art that develops the art of focusing one's mind and reduces the constant self-talk and chit-chat of the mind that continually seeks to wander. Deep relaxation can be achieved through proper posture, breathing, mantras and imagery. Meditation can be used to attain higher levels of consciousness as in transcendental meditation. A marvelous technique to focus the mind, quiet worries, anxiety and to reduce stress.

***Naturopath--A general term for a practitioner who uses non-toxic and natural therapies for the purposes of healing. Course work may include any or all of the following: iridology, herbology, homeopathy, reflexology, nutrition, alternative cancer therapies, juicing, massage, etc. Course work can include home/correspondence study, independent study, and/or workshops/seminars/conferences.

***Naturopathic Physician--A person who has received education and been licensed to practice naturopathy by one of two accredited naturopathic medical schools in America. These physicians have been educated in conventional medicine and received clinical and academic education in natural medicine mentioned above under naturopath and more. They have passed all licensing requirements and practice in their state if naturopathy is recognized there. Not all states recognize and license naturopaths and so naturopaths aren't allowed to practice in all 50 states. N.J. is one of the states that as of this writing does not recognize and license naturopathic physicians.

Part 3 of this Article







by Gerald H. Smith, D.D.S.
Langhorne, PA USA

The song, "The head bone is connected to the neck bone; the neck bone is connected the shoulder bone" and so on reveals functional anatomic relationships that led this researcher to search for the functional links between the dental complex (teeth, jaw position) and the craniosacral system (skull and spine) and its relation to chronic headaches, neck, facial and low back pain.

The one big common denominator that exists between chronic pain and the human frame is a lack of parallel relationships among body parts. The main parallel planes that are involved include the ear, eye, shoulder, and pelvic planes. A key contributing factor within the entire system is a distorted upper jaw or maxillae which literally represents the foundation of the human skull. When this foundation is crooked so goes the rest of the body.

The architectural design of the human body has structural balance as its basic theme. When parallelism is lost, imbalances result with potential debilitating symptoms that can occur in various parts of the body. From a clinical perspective, patients who do not respond to traditional therapy for chronic complaints of headaches, cervical pain, low back pain and leg pain frequently have a faulty alignment of their upper jaw. This misalignment causes tension within the covering of the brain and spinal cord (dural membrane system) which triggers off the pain receptors.

Patients with premature loss of molar teeth with tilting of adjacent teeth, narrowed jaws, deep bites, worn down partials or full dentures offer prime examples of jaw misalignments. The jaw misalignment generates a mechanical problem every time the patient chews or when their teeth, partial or full dentures contact during normal swallowing. The upper and lower jaws must work together with the muscles of the mouth, head and neck. If the upper jaw plane is not parallel, the muscles will not work as efficiently. Often the first signs of this imbalance are sore teeth or sore spots under partial or full dentures that will not go away, and tightness of the low back, upper neck, shoulders and facial muscles.

As the imbalance persists, micro-traumas occur to the soft tissues, nerves and tiny blood vessels surrounding the teeth or in the gums and can result in muscle spasms. It is these muscle spasms that trigger off the chain reaction causing the spine, shoulders, pelvis and legs to be out of alignment.

The domino effect of these chronic imbalances cause additional tension on other muscles, nerves and blood vessels. The pains that develop often do not respond to steroid injections, pain and anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy, chiropractic or osteopathic manipulations. This researcher has found that only when the structural imbalance has been corrected can the symptom of pain be resolved.

Several case histories are provided to support the validity of this concept:

Case 1. Twenty Year Migraines and Low back Pain

J.G. is a 68 year-old female who has suffered severe migraine headaches and lower back pain for 20 years. This patient received a multitude of therapies over the twenty-year period that included various medications, manipulation and physical therapy. Unfortunately these approaches only provided temporary relief at best. The patient's underlying problem was an old set of dentures that were severely worn down in a distorted horizontal plane. The structural imbalances set up by the misaligned denture was the direct cause for the upper neck muscle spasms that entrapped the nerves and blood vessels to her head. Within several weeks after new full dentures were inserted that corrected the misaligned horizontal and vertical planes, the patient's migraines and low back pain disappeared.

Case 2. Ten Year Facial, Neck, Shoulder, Lower Back Pain and Leg Weakness.

A.C. is a 46 year-old female patient who was referred from Ottawa Canada by her orthodontist. This patient had suffered left side pain from the top of her head to her toes. Ten years of traditional therapy by medical and dental practitioners did not produce any lasting relief.

The patient was presently undergoing orthodontic treatment for a poor bite and was wearing upper and lower removable appliances. The upper dental appliance and model of the patient's mouth were mounted on a special instrument to analyze the parallel planes. The upper appliance was corrected by grinding down the plastic material to establish a horizontal plane. Within five minutes after inserting the corrected appliance, 90% of the patient's left sided pain pattern disappeared. Additional nutritional and manipulative treatment was provided during the next several days and it increased the relief to a 98% level which the patient has maintained for the past three years.

Case 3. Four Years of Incapacitating Facial Pain

Mrs. B.G., a 44 year-old female, suffered severe incapacitating facial pain for a four-year period. Mrs. G. was a registered nurse in Pittsburgh, PA. She had become gradually affected by facial pain to a point where she had to stop working. The pain affected not only the left side of her face but caused her left eye to completely close. The patient was treated by numerous medical doctors including a complete evaluation at a prestigious pain clinic. As a last resort the patient was put on the new miracle drug, Immitrex, for migraine headaches. At $40 per injection, this treatment brought only partial relief. An evaluation of the patient's problem revealed that her pain was caused by nerve entrapment from a spastic muscle. The patient's 15 year-old ill-fitting upper denture wore down to a point which reduced vertical support for the main chewing muscles. The resulting spasm put pressure on a branch of the trigeminal or 5th cranial nerve causing facial pain and closure of her left eye. Resolving the muscle spasm and correcting the denture brought permanent relief.

Resolving chronic pain involves an in depth analysis of the potential underlying sources. To better understand the causative factors, the patient must be evaluated in five major areas: Skull, Dental Complex, Pelvic Complex, Physiological (nutritional deficiencies, heavy metal toxicity, poor digestion, acupuncture meridian imbalances, geopathic stress, acid-alkaline imbalance, environmental sensitivities) Complex and Psychological Complex. Since the body is totally integrated within these five systems it, is extremely important to know which areas represent the major distortion and which represent the compensatory changes. Most often treating the patient's symptom is equivalent to constantly changing the front tires on a car that has a front-end misalignment. Until physicians learn to diagnose the major underlying problems and make corrections with appropriate therapies, health care will continue to be non-existent.

The neuro-anatomy of the head and neck region is extremely complex and closely related to one's jaw position. Dentists trained in this specialized field and utilizing state of the art technology can now offer a non-invasive approach to resolving the age-old problem of pain.

Doctor Gerald H.Smith is a recognized international authority on craniomandibular somatic disorders with a focus on resolving chronic pain. He has authored four books that have integrated a multidisciplinary approach for the treatment of pain. He is presently on the board of the Holistic Dental Association and recent past president of the Pennsylvania Craniomandibular Society. His office is located in Langhorne, PA and can be reached at (215) 968-4781.



How Bio-Magnetic Touch HealingTM Relates to Other Healing Techniques

by Paul Bucky
President/CEO International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics

I am always asked how Bio-Magnetic Touch HealingTM (BMTH) relates to other healing modalities like Reiki, Shiatsu, Acupuncture or Therapeutic Touch, to name a few.

At first, the answer is difficult because essentially all healing originates from the same inexplicable source of life. As it is impossible to discuss healing at its source, systems are made that can be understood by the intellect and which address the laws of the body as they are perceived by the originators of each particular technique. It is at this level that these tools or techniques of healing become distinguishable or different or separate from one another. If we are willing to admit to this level of the healing process, we begin to notice that BMTH has begun to blaze its own trail as a rebirth of healing tradition.

Healing is not only a tradition, it is a birthright that should be available to all people. This is the very core of the BMTH philosophy: Anyone can perform this technique regardless of belief or awareness. There are no special gifts necessary to be effective, no special forms of knowledge one need acquire, no secret formulas, no long hours of study and no high costs for initiation and training.

The effectiveness is as simple as the philosophy. The very first time one touches a loved one with this technique there is an effect. That effect, of course, may not always be what we desire to see, but none-the-less there is an effect. The question then is, on what level is that effect experienced -- the physical, mental or spiritual level?

BMTH addresses the physical body and meets people at that level. The butterfly-light touch utilizes the middle and index fingers of both hands in touching a series of points called "sets." Beyond the always performed "Greeting" there are only 12 other sets each possessing 2 to 6 points of which a practitioner may choose to use in addressing any particular problem. The sets are designed for areas of the body rather than for specific problems. For example, problems that manifest in the lungs like emphysema, asthma, bronchitis, etc. are all addressed by performing the "Lung" set.

Usually, a session is only about 20 to 30 minutes in length, with recipients being treated 1 to 3 times a week. Yet, very acute problems might be ministered to 2 to 3 times a day. Many masters of other healing traditions have said they are thrilled with the simplicity of BMTH and see results in people's conditions that they themselves were not able to obtain in such a short period of time. Does BMTH address the emotional or spiritual parts of people? The answer is no! Does it have an effect on those parts? Of course! For how can one separate oneself? Many times we find that by working on a physical level, through touch, a door is subtly opened that allows the recipient to change emotionally. The beauty of this technique is that this sacred process is spontaneous without any desire for changes on that level. That is why we gladly profess that there is no need for faith or belief in order for someone to experience results. As practitioners of this technique we can just allow each person to go through their own growth without attempting to change this very personal, sacred territory. Each of us must do our own work on that level. BMTH merely opens the door.

By taking the responsibility to work on others, practitioners are making a practical application of the Golden Rule: Love the neighbor as thyself. In essence, it is a type of extension of ourselves! That is why neither the practitioner nor the recipient needs to believe in or have faith in this system - it simply stands on its own.

How does it all work? We just don't know. Of course, science is beginning to investigate the nature of humans as an electro-magnetic unit. Possibly, these points activate a natural process inherent in the living organism which triggers healing to take place. But we have yet to come to any conclusions.

As we can see the technique is a kind of extension, thus it is best when performed on another. There is no transferring of energy, no mental gymnastics or visualizations, no getting of somebody's "stuff." It is very simple and to the point. As a self-healing technique it is through the giving of this simple method that one receives the most benefit. Hence, we come to understand the basic philosophy of BMTH: Just Touch.

How can one learn this technique? The International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics was created as a non-profit, tax exempt educational foundation to pass on this simple, effective technique to as many people as possible. They have centers in Honolulu, Hawaii and Tucson, Arizona. All Instructors and Certified Practitioners at the Centers are volunteers and only wish to share all they can with other happy learners. Sessions at a Center are strictly on a donation basis, while classes and workshops have a nominal tax deductible donation request. There are also speakers who will gladly come to your group to present BMTH, as well as Instructors who are willing to go anywhere on the planet to teach this technique to others. If you are interested in learning the technique, or having classes set up in your area you may get more details on their web page or contact them at

So how is BMTH different from other techniques? Maybe it's just all the same: words, words, words! Maybe we've just forgotten to accept our birthright. Bio-Magnetic Touch HealingTM is a small step one can take to regain it.




by Jan Rosenstreich

As a holistic health practitioner, I speak to many people, both clients and alternative practitioners. Some of the discussions center on why a person did not get better after healing sessions. This is more complicated than it seems.

Each person is an individual and there is nobody exactly alike with the same mix of genetics, experiences, spiritual purpose, etc. This immediately brings the number of variables into the trillions or above - making it nearly impossible to explain using the current scientific model.

First thing we need to do is separate the terms healing and curing. Healing is becoming whole again while curing is recovery from a disease or ailment. The two are not the same. A person can recover from a disease and not make the necessary changes to become whole. They may continue their destructive behavior and habits and never gain that inner peace and understanding that comes from healing. Conversely, a person who heals may come to terms with their life, heal relationships, and have an inner peace before they die. Survival and death have very little to do with the actual healing process. Either one is possible within the healing framework.

Let's get back to the question, why a person did not get better after the healing sessions. With the many personal variables mentioned earlier, there are probably just as many answers to this question. I will share some of the reasons I have experienced, discussed or read about to present some food for thought. Keep in mind there are lots of other reasons and may be a combination of factors.

  1. Genetics plays a large role in the predisposition of disease. A person's lifestyle, emotional makeup, and/or belief system may act as a trigger for the disease. Their illness or disease may have progressed too far to be able to offer a physical cure.
  2. The person believes deep down that they are unworthy and undeserving of any healing. Unless that belief can be changed, there is little that can be done for this person.
  3. A person receives a secondary gain from having this condition. This means they are getting something positive from their condition. For example, a person may be receiving a lot of attention, visitors, or be able to manipulate others because of their condition. Unless this secondary gain issue is resolved, healing will not progress very far.
  4. This illness is a spiritual lesson that needs to be resolved purely on the spiritual level.
  5. The person is unwilling to make the necessary lifestyle changes to assist their healing.
  6. The person, at some level, has given up. They may have bought into their medical prognosis.
  7. The person has deep rooted beliefs that only modern medicine offers all the answers and complementary medicine is useless.

As you can see, this list can go on and on. Hopefully, you will be able to recognize a pattern in yourself, or others that leads to a breakthrough in the healing process.







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